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How to find the best Halloween and Christmas inflatable decorations

For most families, the holiday season is the most festive time of the whole year. And once Halloween rolls around, Christmas won’t be too far behind either — which is why you should start preparing for both right away!  

While each holiday has its own batch of fun traditions and activities, they have one important thing in common — decorations. From scary Halloween skeletons and spiderwebs to merry Christmas lights and holiday wreaths, there’s a ton of stuff that you can use to make this holiday season as memorable as possible — but why not go a step further in bringing the festive atmosphere to your home? 

If you want to have the scariest house on the block once kids start trick-or-treating and the most festive home full of Christmas delights a couple of months afterward, there’s one kind of decoration that you can’t go wrong with — inflatables!  

There’s a reason why there’s a wide range of inflatable decor for every major holiday — they’re incredibly varied and versatile, simple to install, and even easier to store. No Halloween setup is really complete without a bunch of ghosts or spooky skeletons — and your Christmas decor will definitely benefit from inflatable reindeers and a sled!  

Plus, you get to pick and choose exactly what kind of inflatable decorations you want for any seasonal holiday — there’s something for every aesthetic style, budget, and space. From huge, complex scenes to smaller inflatables you can combine freely with others — you have a wide range of options. Plus, a lot of them also have their own internal LED lighting; ensuring no one will go past your home without noticing the work you’ve put into the holiday display this season!  

Of course, with so much stuff to choose from, it can be hard picking the best holiday inflatables for your yard. There’s no need to worry, though — Aosom is here with a bunch of helpful tips for doing just that!  

Different types of Christmas and Halloween inflatable decorations 

As we’ve mentioned above, Halloween and Christmas inflatable decorations are quite varied — you’ll find them in all shapes and sizes. And if you’re going to choose the ones that fit your home the best, there are plenty of factors to consider in the process. Among these, there’s one that stands out as particularly important: size. 

The last thing you want is to go overboard and clutter up your front yard and home with too many huge inflatables — instead of adding to your decorative efforts, you’ll just obscure them. Instead, it’s ideal to have a couple of larger inflatables acting as centerpieces for your scenes, and then surrounding them with a bunch of smaller pieces.  

So, what kind of sizes can you choose from when it comes to Christmas and Halloween inflatables?  


Most inflatables are more prominent in terms of vertical height than horizontal length — though, as you’ll see below, there are exceptions. However, keep in mind that the smallest Halloween and Christmas decorations are between 3.5 and 5 feet tall. These are your smaller inflatable pumpkins, undead tombstones, Christmas penguins, and Santa scenes.  

Generally, people tend to place their inflatables outside — but this size category is the only one you can comfortably fit inside the house as well. However, most folks still use plastic and wooden decorations inside because they take up less space, and keep the inflatables outside.  

If you’re planning on putting a lot of work into your Halloween and Christmas scenes and using a bunch of different inflatables, these smallest ones will probably be the ones you’ll use the most — and place them all around a couple of biggest setpieces.  

Still, always have the scale of these decor pieces in mind. These “smallest” decorations are only that relative to their larger cousins — even a 4-foot zombie or Santa won’t really be unnoticeable, especially if it’s got LED lighting; it’s just small in comparison with the huge 10-foot versions.  


These are your slightly larger inflatables, in the 5ft to 7ft range. It’s the best option for people who are mixing inflatables with other types of holiday decor, or they prefer a few mid-sized inflatables to one or two gigantic setpieces.  


These are the real behemoths in the world of inflatable holiday decor — the blow-up pieces that are 8 to 11 feet tall. When you pair these with internal LED lighting, you’re practically guaranteeing that no one passing through your neighborhood will be able to miss your amazing holiday display.  

Horizontal pieces 

As we’ve mentioned above, height is the main variable you’ll consider when picking the size of your holiday inflatables. However, there are some horizontal-oriented pieces you can find as well. 

For instance, an inflatable vampire sitting in its coffin won’t take up much space in terms of height — it’s only 5ft tall, making it a medium-sized inflatable at best. On the other hand, it’s 6 feet long.  

How to pick the proper Halloween and Christmas decorations 

With all the choices we’ve mentioned above in mind, how should you choose which inflatables and other pieces of decor to buy? 

Before you settle on anything, we urge you to measure the space you’ll be using precisely — you’ll need an idea of your surface area size so you know how many (especially horizontal) decorations you can fit in your yard.  

It goes without saying that buying models with automated inflation will be a huge time-saver. For bigger models, this is a given, seeing as you can’t inflate a 9-foot spooky tree with the power of your lungs.  

Finally, don’t forget to find some additional lighting to complete your aesthetics, and some other kinds of decorations to complete the holiday scene!  

Don’t forget to 

  1. Measure your space before buying anything 
  1. Make sure your larger pieces have auto-inflation 
  1. Accentuate your holiday scenes with other decor pieces 

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