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5 Affordable Fitness Tools to Leverage Free Classes

Leverage the power of free classes on YouTube to bring excitement and variety to your 2021 fitness goals. has 5 surprising sporting-good picks that will keep you working out.

Research says about 92% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by January 15th. There are a lot of goal gurus out there with great advice on increasing your success when it comes meeting your goals. We took a moment to digest some of that advice, and chose one that resonated with us: make goals fun!

Using weight-loss or performance metrics, as a fitness goal,  seems to work as a motivational factor for some. But for many people (like us, here at Aosom), this type of goal-setting quickly becomes “impossible” and far-reaching. A great way to keep goals exciting, is to make your goals more oriented toward learning a new skill, developing a hobby, or finding variety.

In this blog, we’ve selected 5 products we think you should pair with user generated content (aka, YouTube, in this case). Some experts offer free content as they aspire to share their skills and build their channel; online instructors often share introductory fitness lessons to entice subscriptions or new applicants to their fee-scale so you can keep sustaining their hard work.

Time flies when you’re having fun, so here are some fresh exciting and ways to put fitness-hours under your belt. With enough hours might just notice your belt a little looser.

1.Footloose and Dancing, Free

Saturday morning fever

Q: What makes you sweat, feels good, and you get to chose the music? A: Dancing!

Try cutting a rug on a Soozier dance mat! This nifty interlocking puzzle-piece-style mat transforms any space into a ballet, hip-hop or jazz studio. Have you ever wanted to learn to tap dance? Now’s your chance. A whole world of classes and instructors await you. Here are some of our favorites:

Hip hop dance tutorial for beginners 

Hip hop dance work out

Beginning ballet lesson 

Jazz Beginners lesson

2. A New Year to Bouncing Back

Not a steering wheel or a periscope, that’s a helpful stability handle.

There is a reason why the character Tiger, from Winnie the Pooh, is never in a bad mood. Take a tip from Tiger and embody the joy of the bounce. It’s also one heck of a workout. Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes can burn the same amount of calories as a 30 minute run. The Soozier small folding trampoline is quite affordable, and great for inside or outside use. It folds up so it can easily be stowed away till next time. Did you know there are trampoline work out videos? Check out a cool one below to get you started:

Trampoline HIIT workout

3. Comfortably Ground Yourself

From full lotus to pole position

A Soozier yoga/pole dancing mat provides a place to park your palms, feet, or posterior. This mat is here for any part of your body that needs a firm but comfortable place extend, bend or land. Transforms your space into a home studio. YouTube is a boon of free yoga and pole dancing classes, that are a blast to explore – find just the right personality and fit for your level. Check out some of our picks for beginning yoga and pole dancing, below:

 Beginning pole dancing lesson

30 days of yoga with Adriene

4. Spin to Win

“We’re on a road to nowhere.” -The Talking Heads

Cycling class is in session! Bring your own sweat towel and strap your feet into this comfortable home-cycle. If you’ve checked out the hype or been exposed to some of the substantial ad campaigns for big-name fitness cycles, you might have done a double-take on the price and then raised your eye brows, when you realized there are additional monthly subscription fees for content. Enter: Aosom life-hack 2021. Hop on to the soozier bike, add a convenient lap top cart for our computer, or stream to your TV, and check out some of the excellent free content, FTW. Try searching for rides based on the type of music you like. Here’s a couple picks to get you started:

90s pop ride

Old School Hip Hop Ride:

Don’t Try This at Home, at Home, Ride???

5. Set your Own Benchmarks

Be your own Cap’n crunch

An adjustable and customizable workout bench, like this excellent offering from Soozier, may not have the same novelty as a trampoline, we get it, but when it comes to customizing workouts and capitalizing on content available on the world wide web, the bench is is king. We love the Soozier adjustable bench for its affordable price, adjustable positions and the included tension cord exercise functionality. The amount of workouts and exercises you can find online are practically limitless. Variety is the spice of life. Good luck and happy exploration!

Five Minute Ab Routine 

57 Ways to Exercise with Just a Bench 

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