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Five Rooms in Your Home That Need a Recliner

Finding the Perfect Recliner:

Usually, when you talk about furniture, you don’t talk about needs. It’s all about preferences, budget, and design style. However, when it comes to a piece of furniture that’s as versatile and relaxing as a recliner, it’s easy to consider this piece of furniture a need, more than a want.

If you’ve been wondering where you might be able to integrate a recliner chair into your lifestyle, read on! We’ve got a collection of great ideas for rooms in your home that might need the added luxury, comfort, and style of a modern recliner.

What Are Recliners?

Recliners, sometimes also known as recliner chairs or even recliner sofas are usually comfortable and stylish chairs that have clever mechanisms built in. Those mechanisms allow you to adjust the position of the chair or sofa, reclining it to a more comfortable angle.

Many recliners have built in footrests or come with matching ottomans, so you have somewhere to put your feet up.

The good news is that recliners come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and design styles. You can get one that looks like a classic wingback if you have a classic style or choose a gaming style recliner for a man cave or game room. The options are almost endless, and there’s almost certainly something to suit every taste.

There are smaller, more compact recliners, and larger recliner sofas. You can get good, old fashioned lever operated recliners, or choose modern recliners with electronic controls (and maybe even a built in massage function!) They are available in every kind of fabric and color you can imagine too, so you can really choose something that matches your style and décor perfectly.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best rooms where a recliner can make a big difference:

1. Your Living Room

Recliner Sofa Bed from
Recliner Sofa Bed from

Even if you live in a tiny loft apartment, a recliner (or two!) can transform your living room. The best thing about recliners is that they can be a regular chair when you have people over for company and conversation. Then, when it’s movie night, they transform the same space into the most luxurious home theater room, all with the flick of a switch or lever!

2. Man Cave! (Or Lady Lair!)

Red and Black Gaming Chair from
Red and Black Gaming Chair from

If you have a man cave or lady lair, it’s probably been designed to be a space where you can relax and enjoy the things that matter to you. Whether that’s listening to your favorite music while you sip some chardonnay or watching the game with the boys, the experience can only be enhanced by doing it in a recliner!

3. Library or Reading Nook

Plush Recliner from
Plush Recliner from

Whether you have a whole room that serves as a library (lucky you!) or just a nook in your home where you keep your books and spend time reading, a recliner is a great addition. What better way to get into your favorite books than snuggled on a recliner, covered with a blanket, and sipping some hot cocoa? This is one of those situations where you can definitely say a recliner is a must have!

4. Your Bedroom

These days, a main bedroom (or master suite) is more than just somewhere to sleep. It’s a haven. An escape from the world, and a refuge from day to day stress. Many master suites include sitting areas these days, and if yours does, why not add a leather recliner or even a loveseat recliner? It’s the ultimate comfort seating choice and will definitely make your master suite that much more comfortable and flexible in use.

5. Your Home Office

Office Recliner with Heat and Massage Functions from
Office Recliner with Heat and Massage Functions from

Lets face it, if you work from home, you need a comfortable reclining office chair, as you could spend up to eight hours a day or more, or over forty hours a week, in your home office chair (I know I do!). Want more comfort and rejuvenation while working to keep your productivity and spirits up? Get a recliner with heating and massage functions!

How to Choose a Recliner

Purple Recliner Chair from
Purple Recliner Chair From

Now that you have some great ideas about where you might “need” a recliner in your home, you might need some help choosing the right one. Here are our top tips:

  • Do your research and set a realistic budget. Recliner prices can vary quite a bit, so you really need to know how much you’re willing to spend before you start looking.
  • Choose the right fabric. A good recliner will last many years, but if the fabric gets ruined by pets, kids, or some other kind of wear and tear, it won’t look good! If it’s going in a high traffic area, choose something that’s easy to keep clean, or opt for a leather recliner.
  • Decide if you want a manual “glider” style recliner or something with all the electronic bells and whistles. Manually operated recliners are usually cheaper, but electronic ones have a whole lot of extras, like heat and massage!
  • Measure your space! You can get all kinds of recliner in every size you can imagine. However, it’s important that the recliner you choose fits the space. Measure before you start shopping and consider style and scale when you’re planning. Even if the recliner fits, it might not look right if it doesn’t match the style of the room.

You may not feel like you need a recliner – but there’s no denying your home will be that much more comfortable if you get one. So, consider where you might be able to add one to your space, and then go to to find the perfect recliner, at the right price, for YOUR home!

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