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How to House Train a Puppy in Less than 2 Weeks

Because most new dog owners will want to know how to house train a puppy, we’ve created a guide that will set you on your way to household bliss.

I want to take a moment to highlight the power of using a crate to help potty train your pup. Since your dog’s natural instinct is not to pee or poop where they sleep, purchasing the proper crate will make your life A LOT easier. Once you’re all setup and prepared for the arrival of your new pet, follow these steps and you’ll have a house broken puppy in no time.


How to House Train a Puppy Tips from AosomHow to House Train a Puppy Tips from Aosom


Step 1: Make sure that your pet is at least 12 to 16 weeks old. Any earlier and they simply won’t have the ability to control his or her bladder. Otherwise, be prepared to set an alarm for the middle of the night to encourage your pup not to use the bathroom in their crate.

Step 2: Always feed your pet at the same time each day. Sticking to a schedule will make it easier to predict when bathroom time will be needed. I suggest a firm routine of: outside, pee, poop, praise and then supervised free time.

Step 3: Similarly, you should take your pet out to the same spot every time to ensure that the scent will remind them what to do and where.

Step 4: Go outside with your pet and stay with them while they do their business to reassure them that what they’re doing is correct.

Step 5: Reward your pet and offer them extra attention and treats after they go. This will provide positive reinforcement and association with good behavior.


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[alert type=”success” close=”false”]Quick Tip: If your new pooch is regressing and soiling their crate, go ahead and place their food dish into their crate. Dogs, being the smart creatures that they are, will not want to use the bathroom where they eat. Use this to your advantage to encourage better potty habits.[/alert]

Looking to teach your puppy specific commands?

Click on the image below to help your pup master these basic commands:

Learning how to house train a puppy, while difficult at first, can provide a great opportunity to bond with your new pet. It can teach patience and responsibility and is a great first step to lead you on a road to a lifetime of companionship. Best of all, if you’ve followed our steps you’ll have a house trained puppy in as little as two weeks’ time.


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