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Keep Kids Active Outdoors This Spring

Fun outdoor activities for your kids are priceless, especially as we head into the spring and summer! We bring super affordable kid’s products to add to your patios and backyards. Keeping your little buddies engaged and moving is key to their physical and mental health, as well as to yours too! Studies show a clear link to children who engage in physical activity, to kid’s bodily health, success in academics and feelings of well-being.

You don’t have to be outside to get some exercise, but if you spend time with children then you know how  plentiful indoor distractions can lead to sedentary hours activity and screen time. In recent times, many people felt the squeeze of public health concerns with many staying indoors more than they were used to. Movements such as 1000 Outside have provided tools and encouragement to get children outside and staying active. In that spirit, we encourage you to keep your kids active! Keep reading to find some of our kid’s outdoor products that you can integrate and set up on a budget in your own back yard. Get outside and play this spring and summer!


Get your spring into full swing with a play set that features three different activities to keep things interesting for munchkins of various ages. A classic swing, fun climbing ladder and two-child glider, are all connected to this sturdy and affordable playset. Each activity in the set works out different muscles and requires different skill sets to operate. The gilder is a fun friendship builder and requires cooperation between two children; once they master the back and forth motion, they’ll be swinging together to their delight.



Turn your backyard to into a camping trip! This all-in-one kit includes tent, sleeping bags, chairs and a rolling carrying case! Check out our fire pits selection if you want to add a marshmallow roasting station (highly recommended!).



The giggles come easily with this fun 4-person version of the teeter-totter! Build balance and coordination while having a blat. A great addition to any backyard! Don’t forget to invite a friend or two… or three.



Our monkey disk swing is fun for the young AND the young at heart! With a sturdy branch it can be easily set up under your favorite tree or connected to a support pole like on a swing set. Keeping the swing rocking will engage the core muscles and requires balance. The wide oval seat also offers a nice place to relax after some hard play.


For the ultimate play-date, plug in the electric inflator and watch your very own bounce-house playground appear before your very eyes! With dual slides, bouncy zone and trampoline, the fun won’t end until everyone needs a break from bouncing and sliding. We going to be sleeping well tonight!

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