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5 Solution to Work and Study From Home With Less Space

If you don’t have a dedicated office, den or library in your home, but still want a place work or study, check out these space saving solutions that will work in any home or apartment.

Open a cupboard to get yourself… a laptop! This murphy desk folds up and you’d never know it was there. Great place to store books as well.

“The swivel” isn’t a dance from middle school, it’s your new way for you to say, “let’s get ready to rumble”, when it comes to work or school. It looks like a book shelf as it innocently beautifies your home when not in “desk mode” (beast mode) and seamlessly integrates with your home décor. You’re never too old to play with transformers.

Don’t cut corners, fill them. Corners offer a boon of space potential that can be efficiently utilized with a corner desk or corner bookshelf. This corner desk adheres to the Goldie locks formula: not too small, not too big. The kind of desk that sits out of the way but is large enough to be functional and comfortable; kind of like a good work-life balance.

Why does a quality, sturdy office and gaming chair save you space? Because, this seat is just as comfortable in your work space as in your living room or TV area*. Like a double-agent, the chair provides support and comfort if you are running spreadsheet formulas, writing the next great American novel, gaming with a controller, or holding a bowl of popcorn while watching your favorite flick. Having versatile furniture like this will save you space and money. *The extendable leg rests is key, here.

Have you ever worked from home…in bed? It’s a rhetorical question. Don’t answer it. We also recommend not setting “working from bed” as your chat availability status. We do recommend making your life easier by adding a mobile laptop cart that wheels over a bed or couch. Pro Tip: Turn on your virtual background and dress business casual from the waist up. Also, doubles as a breakfast in bed unit on the weekends.

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