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Quick and Easy Guide for Getting the Right Artificial Christmas Tree for this Holiday Season

Your Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday decorations. It’s your Magnum Opus– the ultimate showcase of your Christmas spirit.  

There is no better feeling than getting the praise of having the best tree in the family. Family members stare in awe at your creation.  

But no great things come easy. Getting a Christmas tree can be a very time-consuming process and almost always takes multiple car rides, a trailer, a few helping hands, a prayer to Santa, and cold hands and feet.  

But what is the alternative? 

Artificial Christmas trees are the cream of the crop when it comes to Christmas decorations. There is no mess, no trudging through the snow and cutting down a dirty, sappy tree, and certainly, no hauling it into your living room, only to find out it’s either too small or too big. 

Many Christmas enthusiasts have been turning to artificial trees to meet their decoration needs. A few reasons why they have made this choice are: 

  • Saving time and money that can be better spent on time with family and Christmas shopping 
  • Easier set up and easier to take down and put away 
  • No letting it sit until Valentine’s day because you dread the needle clean up

And the best part,

  • Buy it once and re-use it every year! 

Of course, artificial is just that, artificial. You might just enjoy the look, the smell, of a real pine– despite the hassle that comes with it. But this isn’t the 80’s. No longer do artificial trees look tacky, fake, or smell like a bounce house. Designers have gotten extremely good at creating trees to look so real, you wouldn’t even notice unless you were close enough to steal a candy cane. And for the smell, many trees have the option to add real pine scents.  

You might ask, 

I want an artificial tree. It would be one less thing I would have to worry about this Christmas, but I need to make sure I am getting the right one! 

Lucky for you, this article will turn you into an artificial tree-buying expert. By the end, you will be able to make an informed decision on what will make you stand out and impress your family and friends with your expert decoration skills. 

Consider the Artificial Tree’s Size 

The size of your tree should be the first thing to filter out. What’s great about getting an artificial tree is that it can come in lots of specific sizes. 

Do you want a centerpiece for your dining room table? Or maybe a giant statement piece in your foyer? Or how about a blank canvas for the living room that you can decorate as a family? 

All these things are what to consider when deciding the right size for your tree.  

Pro tip: Be aware of the diameter of the tree itself. You might get a tree that is the perfect height but could be too skinny or wide for your intended space. 

Small trees, under 36”, are great for small spaces such as nooks or tables. They can add a festive aura to your space without making it feel cramped. 

Medium-sized trees are what you would traditionally imagine when putting up a tree in your living room. They make for a great centerpiece for your whole decoration parade.  

Large trees can still be placed in the living room, but are more suitable for larger spaces such as foyers or office spaces. These can stand out and be a statement piece when decorated correctly. 

Choose the Perfect Color 

Color is also a crucial element of artificial trees.  

“But Christmas trees are green!”– I hear you thinking.  

True, but when it comes to artificial trees you can be more free and creative with your options. 

It all depends on the theme of your space as a whole. Are you going for a traditional rustic Christmas theme? For this, we would recommend any tone of green to go along with the mainstream idea of Christmas trees. 

For a more modern, clean, and fancier than usual approach, a white or light pink tree can fit in better than Santa down the chimney. It can be an eye-catcher!  

A light blue-ish tree can give the same feel as a white or pink tree, but it can change its tone depending on your theme. Blue can be associated with cold and mixed with a warm atmosphere, which can add balance to your decoration theme.  

Then Choose the Right Look and Style 

Artificial trees can come in many different styles, just like many real trees.  

Artificial trees can have a randomized look, with branches that are not uniform and sprawled out, giving it a natural look. This ties in with having a more rustic theme within your space. Or maybe it can help to blend the artificial nature of the tree within the area you have it set up. 

They also can look very manufactured, very clean, and trimmed. Their branches are uniform, a perfect pyramid to the top star. This relates to the modern and clean Christmas look.  

The look and style of the tree can also relate to the pro tip in the size section of this article. A wider diameter is going to take up more space, and vice versa. 

A wider tree is going to fill a space more. A skinnier tree is going to fill the space regardless, but this can leave room for other decorations that can complement the tree can give spectators some diversity in their viewing. 

Use Lights and Decorations to Spruce it Up 

Since these trees come pre-packaged, they have the option to also be pre-decorated. 

Many artificial Christmas trees come with built-in lights. This can save extra money and time when it comes to decorating your new tree. This lets you focus more effort on the homemade decorations, candy, and pictures.  

But there are other decoration options also. Some trees come equipped with an artificial snow dusting on the branches. Immediately this brings a layer of realism to the tree, giving it that much more of an effect on those who enjoy tree watching. 

You can, however, choose to get a tree with no decorations. This can be less expensive, and also give you full creative control over the outcome of your prized holiday centerpiece. 

Some Extra Tips 

Consider the type of base you are getting. Does this base allow the tree to stand securely on the surface you are putting it on? Will it hold up against animals that like to jump on Christmas trees?  

A pro tip is to know what type of packaging the tree comes in. One of the many benefits of an artificial tree is that it is reusable! Try to get a tree that has a handle on the package, and it is easy to set up and take down. This makes storage a whole lot easier. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, these tips and advice will help you make an informed decision on what type of artificial tree to purchase this holiday season from Aosom.  

Remember to make a mental checklist of your goals as the decorator for this important piece of Christmas tradition. Not all artificial trees are created equal, but that’s a good thing! More options for you to get creative and blow the stockings off anyone who lays their eyes upon it! 

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