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How to choose the best inflatable Christmas decorations for your home

Is the holiday season your favorite time of the year? Most people would agree with you — especially when it comes to that most festive holiday of all: Christmas! After Thanksgiving, pretty much everyone starts counting down the days until it’s time to start preparing for Santa Claus’ arrival.  

Along with getting thoughtful and loving gifts for your friends and family, decorating your home is one of the most joyful Christmas traditions. Festive garland, wreaths, and the ubiquitous Christmas lights are all part of the usual decorative course — but you can always go a step further at Aosom

For people that really wish to show off their holiday cheer, there’s no better way to upscale your holiday decorations than with Christmas inflatables! This kind of decoration has become a staple of every outdoor holiday decor — they’re easy to store because of their foldable nature and just as simple to install. They’re all the rage these days; no Christmas display is truly complete without a sparkling, larger-than-life snowman or a friendly Santa.  

And the best part is, there are Christmas inflatable decorations for any kind of space, budget, or style — from basic, smaller blow-ups to huge scenes. Many of them also come with their own LED lighting, so everyone can see them as they pass your house at night. But with so many options out there, how can you choose the perfect inflatables for your yard? Don’t worry — we’ll give you some helpful tips for picking the best inflatable decorations in our guide!  

Different kinds of Christmas inflatable decorations 

Christmas inflatables come in all shapes and sizes. And if you want to pick the best ones for your home, their size will definitely be one of your main deciding factors. Let’s face it — you don’t want to cover your house with half a dozen huge inflatables. Instead, you’ll be looking to have one or two bigger centerpiece inflatables surrounded by smaller decorations. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different sizes you’ll be choosing from while picking out your Christmas inflatables! 


When it comes to inflatable decorations, you’ll find the smallest ones in the range between 3.5ft and 4.5ft. These are the kind of decorations you could comfortably fit inside your home as well — though most people prefer having inflatables outside and decorating the interior with wooden or plastic setpieces and smaller items.  

If you want to put on a huge display of inflatables and other decorations in your yard, these smallest inflatables will be the most numerous ones — surrounding your larger setpieces. However, you should keep the scale of these items in mind; we’re using “small” as a relative term here, considering the fact that a 4-foot Santa Claus isn’t exactly unnoticeable. However, it’s still small compared to a similar-looking but 11-foot version.  


Some people like to mix up inflatables with other kinds of Christmas decorations, or they prefer having a couple of mid-sized pieces rather than one huge centerpiece — you’ll find that both approaches can draw the attention of passersby equally well. That’s why there are plenty of inflatables ranging from 5ft to 7ft that will fit your needs perfectly.  


Finally, you’ve got the true behemoths of Christmas inflatable decorations — the inflatables that are between 8ft and 11ft high. The largest ones, especially when paired with LED lighting, are guaranteed to be the envy of the entire neighborhood — no one will be able to miss them for miles.  


You’ll notice that we’ve mostly focused on height while categorizing the different inflatables with which you can decorate your home for Christmas. However, while most inflatables are vertically oriented, there are some horizontal ones as well.  

For example, a blow-up decorative scene featuring Santa in his sleigh being pulled by reindeers won’t take up a lot of vertical space; going by its 4.5ft height, you’d think it’s quite small. However, it’s also around 10ft long — so make sure you’ve got enough space in your yard to fit this kind of piece in with the rest of your decorations.  


While inflatables have become some of the most beloved kinds of holiday decorations — it’s worth keeping in mind they work their charm best when they’re combined with other stuff, such as Christmas garlands, door wreaths, Nutcracker and Santa figures, and snowy lanterns. Creating an authentic Christmassy atmosphere is easier when you combine different decor elements.  


When choosing inflatable decorations, you’ll also be able to decide between inflatables that have their own LED lighting and those that you need to cover with lighting yourself. Usually, the former gives off a more authentic vibe because the LED lighting strings don’t cover up the surface of the decorations.  

How to choose the right Christmas decorations 

Considering all of the choices we’ve outlined above — how can you decide what inflatables and other decorations to buy?  

Before you start browsing, we recommend measuring your yard if you’re not sure about its size already. This will give you a rough surface area you’re working with if you’re going to buy horizontal inflatables. And even if you’re just getting the vertical ones, you can still only stack up so many of them next to each other before your decor is too cluttered and crowded. 

In terms of size, it all comes down to your personal tastes, though an 11ft, LED-lit Santa Claus won’t leave much room for other centerpieces. Also, to make things easier when installing the bigger inflatables, make sure you choose the ones that come with an automatic inflation mechanism.  

Finally, we recommend combining the inflatables with additional lighting and other pieces of decor for the ultimate festive atmosphere!  

Don’t forget to .

  • Measure your yard before buying inflatables 
  • Plan out the scene before buying individual elements 
  • Get inflatables with auto-inflating 

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