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Outdoor Bistro and Bar Furniture Buying Guide

Since the pandemic, rules for seating spacing are still being followed. Many people have turned to the versatility and ease of moving bistro-style furniture for outdoor dining.

Are you inspired to create an outdoor living space that celebrates your style and love for the outdoors? Ready to update the outdoor dining areas for your restaurant? 

From large gatherings to intimate settings, there are so many options for creating an outdoor bistro. Let’s have a look at different styles and functions for creating a great outdoor experience.

Types of Materials

The type of material you choose for your outdoor furniture will depend greatly on where you intend to place them. Rain and intense sunlight can damage certain materials if they are not protected.


Rattan is a natural fiber woven tightly into patterns. It creates a long-lasting structure for furniture. Rattan does well in the sun. 

Rain can be a problem for rattan furniture if it is not protected with a sealant. The Rattan material of today is typically coated with a waterproof lacquer.


Advertising for wicker and rattan is often confusing. Many people use these words to describe furniture, but there is a difference. What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

When shopping for outdoor bistro furniture, wicker often refers to the weave. Wicker furniture is often made of synthetic materials such as PVC. It is highly durable and will resist harsh outdoor elements.

Wicker patterns can be woven into traditionally intricate designs and contemporary patterns that offer simplicity or a global feel. 


For many people, there is just nothing better than the warmth of wood. It is a style preference. Even though there are many advancements made in materials for outdoor furniture, wood remains a favorite.

Cedar and redwood have traditionally been used in outdoor furniture. Acacia wood is a little-known hardwood that is finding its way into outdoor products. It is a sustainable wood and offers superior water resistance from natural oils that wick away moisture.

When choosing wooden outdoor furniture, look for a style that offers air circulation, such as slats or breathable fabrics paired with wood.


The benefits of aluminum are its rust resistance. It is often used in outdoor furniture exposed to high humidity and salt. It is lightweight and can be moved around easily to change seating patterns for large gatherings.

There is a difference between aluminum and cast aluminum. Unless it is labeled as cast aluminum, the material will be hollow and very lightweight.  Cast aluminum is also a lighter weight compared to steel, but it is solid and offers more support for body weight.

Aluminum is also great for creating circular designs that can be difficult to achieve with wood and wrought iron materials. Today’s aluminum outdoor furniture offers a sleek design that works very well with industrial themes and modern spaces. 

Heavy Metal

Wrought iron has been a longstanding material used for its durability and intricate patterns. It is very heavy and beneficial if you have seating that you do not want to be moved easily. 

Powder-coated steel is a beneficial material because of its resistance to chipping and peeling. The coating also gives a fade resistance surface.

Products We Love

In this section, you will find recommendations for outdoor bistro seating. Here are a few favorites to consider.

Outsunny 3 Piece Outdoor PE Rattan Wicker Patio Conversation Table Set 

Not only is this an attractive set great for neutral decor, but it is also highly durable.

This set boasts quality weather-resistant PE wicker. The anti-slip feet create enhanced stability and floor protection.

It’s not often that you find outdoor furniture that includes cushions in its price. This set includes easy-to-care-for cushions! The seat cushions are water-resistant olefin fabric and unzip for easy cleaning.

Outsunny 3 PCS Webbed Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Conversation Bistro Set 

This is such an affordable and attractive set. Comfort is taken to a whole new level from thick cushions with fully enclosed armrests and back support. The large winged chair style makes it easy to enter and exit this chair.

This set is made of a sturdy steel frame and wrapped in PE wicker. 

The tabletop features tempered glass for safety. Adjustable foot pads beneath the table offer stability in uneven ground or flooring. It’s easy to clean and unique.

Outsunny 3 Piece Folding Acacia Wood Patio Bistro Set Table and Chairs

This casual set is easy to move and store. It is an affordable option for cafe-style restaurants that are looking for seating that can be moved quickly and easily during floor cleanings.

The set is made from naturally weather-resistant acacia wood and varnish painted for easy cleaning. The slatted design keeps guests cool and comfortable outdoors.

Outsunny 3-Piece Outdoor Patio Bistro Table Set with Aluminum Frame, Woodgrain-Style Tabletop & Clean Modern Design

This is not the aluminum outdoor furniture you may remember your grandparents using. It’s so modern!

Aluminum continues to be a great choice for outdoor furnishings. It is sleek and offers superior weather resistance. 

The ergonomic support in the design of this chair makes it comfortable without being overly cushiony. Combined with wood grain slats and armrests, guests will remain cool and supported during their stay.

The rollers on the table legs make this a great option for setting up quick seating. Lightweight aluminum makes arranging and rearranging seating easy.

Outsunny 4 Piece Folding Outdoor Patio Pub Dining Table and Chairs Set with 6′ Adjustable Tilt Umbrella

Keep cool with this bar height set with an easy-to-adjust tilt umbrella. The seats offer ergonomic support and armrests in a classic design. The sling fabric is quick-drying and easy to clean.

The entire set features powder-coated steel for durability and weather resistance. Chairs fold for easy storage and moveability. 

Design Ideas

Let’s look at inspiring design ideas for your outdoor seating. In this section, we look at the atmosphere you may want to create and your options for using outdoor bistro furniture and accessories. 

Evening Elegance

Sunsets and cool breezes in the evening offer an opportunity to create an elegant retreat for your guests. 

Consider a Covered Gazebo Patio Bar Set that encourages your guests to linger longer. Add outdoor string lights to the gazebo’s canopy to create a soft glow. 

Coordinated seating arranged around a stylish fire pit will provide comfort on cool evenings and encourage conversation.

Old World Flavor

Wrought iron is often associated with Old World European design. Today’s metals mimic this style with superior weather resistance.

Choose outdoor furniture that reflects this style and pair it with attractive outdoor planters. A metal arbor planter is perfect for guiding your guests into your seating area. Consider planting aromatic herbs and vines found in European gardens.

An elegantly draped pergola is an accent that provides comfort and reflects the history of European design. Quality fabrics and a sloping design will shade and protect guests from the rain.

Romantic Garden

Wooden seating is a natural complement to gardens. Wooden outdoor bistro sets are lovely tucked into the nooks of bordering gardens. 

Outdoor decor that reflects the same style and patterns as your outdoor wood furniture can create a mood of mystery and romance. Consider a wooden bridge over water sources that enhance the mood of this style.

Plant scented flowers that climb a wooden arbor placed at the entrance of your garden or over seating. Jasmine and gardenia are often associated with romantic gardens.

Coastal Escape

The Tiki bar is often thought of when hitting the beach or lounging around the pool. Choose a bistro bar set that reflects this style and is resistant to corrosion from coastal air. 

Have fun with your coastal escape design ideas! Decorate your Tiki bar with tropical-themed lighting. Serve your guests using a rolling wicker cart filled with island favorites. 

For a relaxing poolside dining experience, choose outdoor bistro sets with breathable materials that can withstand wet bathing suits. 

For locations that offer an incredible view of the coast, experiment with offering relaxing seating that can be easily spaced on large patios along the seaside. Comfortable seating with a rocking motion is relaxing and mimics the gentle rhythm of waves.

Shop For the Best Outdoor Bistro Furniture and Accessories

Whether you are looking to create the ultimate experience in your backyard or searching for seating options at your restaurant, outdoor bistro and bar furniture offers versatility in spacing and moveability. 

Start designing your outdoor spaces today with quality and affordable outdoor furnishings that offer weather resistance and stylish design.

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