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Poker Table Buying Guide

When buying a poker table, most people assume that there are only a couple of options. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

There are many different makes and models that you can choose from to make your playing experience as comfortable as possible. Customizing your choice to suit your needs is a great way to show your personality and give you and your guests the best playing experience possible.  

Why buy a poker table? 

There are many good reasons to have your own poker table. The most common reason is simply that you love the game and want to play it regularly and with your closest friends. Perhaps you live in a place where there are no casinos or where gambling is illegal in a public setting. Or maybe you just want to play for fun, with small amounts of money or none at all. 

Another reason is buying tables for an event. For example, many organizations throw casino or poker nights for charity or fundraising purposes. In that case, playing on real tables instead of plastic folding tables elevates the guests’ experience and will ensure that the event is a success. 

You might even have watched Molly’s Game and decided that you want to become a poker player too. If that’s the case, you definitely need a table to practice your poker face on before taking it to the big leagues.  

Any way you slice it, there are many reasons for someone to be looking for a poker table. Fortunately, we have a bunch of great options for you to choose from right here at Aosom

The Poker/Blackjack Combo Table  


Unless you’re a purist, sometimes a change can be fun. A combination poker and blackjack table will offer you double the fun by allowing you the option to hold a poker night one week and a blackjack party the next.  

This table is perfect for events, as it allows a standing dealer to make the game easier for the players and make it feel more professional. This particular table is 72 inches long but less than half as wide as a 48 inch closed table, making it a space-saver in certain situations. These models tend to be premium options and usually are priced between $250-300. 

Fully Outfitted 48-Inch 8-Person Table  


This is a perfect example of a regulation 8-person table with all the extra features you could want. For instance, it has deep cup holders to ensure there is no spillage of drinks. In addition, inbuilt chip organizers keep all your chips in the right place. There are even card outlines indicating where to keep your cards and where the cards should be dealt.  

This version comes in green or blue felt, and its folding legs make it suitable for easy transport and storage. Prices for models like this one range between $200-300.  

Tabletop Poker Table  


The tabletop poker table is an excellent way to save both money and space while still getting the full playing experience. This particular 48-inch tabletop set with built-in cup holders can be placed on any existing surface in your home – allowing for poker nights whenever the mood strikes. It also folds, making transport and storage more manageable than the more traditional full table options.  

Another great feature is the casino-style padded armrests, which ensure that your arms remain comfortable no matter how long your game goes into the night. This type of model is also much more affordable. Tabletop options range between $70-150.  

Poker Surface Mat  


If affordability and ease of transport are your primary concerns, the poker surface mat is the way to go. With a durable rubber gripping surface on the bottom and a spandex surface on top, you can simply place the mat on any surface and start playing.  

These mats feature a white betting line to separate the playing cards from the dealt ones. While it works great as a poker table, it is also versatile enough to play other games like blackjack. After playing, just roll it up, throw it in a bag, and you are good to go.  

The poker surface mat is the most affordable professional poker playing surface, with prices starting around $40. 

Four tips for choosing the perfect table 

  1. Measure your space and find the table that fits the best. If you choose a table that’s too big or too small, it won’t provide a comfortable playing experience. 
  1. Be honest with yourself about your budget. Find the table that is the happy middle ground between having all your desired features without getting to the point of buyer’s remorse. With all the different combinations at Aosom, there is definitely a table for everyone. 
  1. Consider what table features are most important to you. Between cupholders, card outlines, padded armrests, chip organizers, and different color felt, there are tons of options out there to suit your fancy. Figure out what is important to you from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint to feel satisfied in your purchase. 
  1. Consider versatility. If you are a big poker fan and know that you’ll be spending a lot of time at the card table, then go for a full-featured option to get the most out of your investment.  If you only pull out the table occasionally for game nights with friends, then consider a more portable option that you can stow away in the closet during most of the week.  

Above you’ll find an overview of the offered tables at Aosom, but be sure to check back regularly for updated products. Each playing surface is unique, and we hope you find the perfect table for whatever your needs may be.  

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