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Console Tables: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying the Right Console Table for your Home

If you’re taking on a decoration project and are looking for the perfect finishing touch for your living room, dining, room, or entryway, a console table might be just what you need. They help by providing additional storage, can bring a great aesthetic to any room, and help fill that space that just seems like it’s missing something.

Because there are so many variations of console table based on size, shape, purpose, and design, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. But not to worry — today we’ll be discussing which type of console table might fit your needs, as well as some of the ways they can make your space look and feel like home.

What Type of Console Tables Fits Your Personal Style Needs?

Sofa Table

Sofa tables are perfect for that little something extra behind the couch. They’re narrow, rectangular, and typically shorter or around the same length as the couch itself. They look great between your couch and the wall or window, and can be a great place to put lamps, candles, or other decorative items. Sofa tables can be useful in providing additional storage for smaller items, as well as a surface for putting items down temporarily when you’re too comfortable to get up.

This model is a great example of a sofa table that can easily look great in any living room. Its dark taupe finish is elegant yet simple, the tapered legs are nice and sturdy, and the extra storage shelf on the bottom could be a great place for plush blankets, books, or magazines.

Sofa console table
Sofa Console Table

Bar Table

A bar console table is a great option for entertainers. They can be placed in any room you like and can either be stationary or mobile (if you choose a model with wheels). They’re beautiful display pieces for your wine racks, glasses, or bottles, and can be equipped with whatever materials you need for the perfect happy hour thanks to the storage they provide. These console tables can be any size or shape you like; it all depends on your taste.

This bar console table is a beautiful example of how you might like yours to look. It’s sturdy and built with high quality materials, has ample storage for bar or coffee shop supplies, and displays bottles and glasses stylishly through the see-through cabinet doors!

Sideboard Bar Table
Sideboard Buffet and Bar Island Table

Buffet Table

A buffet table is one of the most versatile of all the console table options, given its multi-functional nature. It can be a storage option for your silverware or China, just as well as it can serve as a buffet line for dinner or lunch gatherings in your dining room. Buffet consoles are typically narrow and rectangular, given that they’re designed to be placed along a wall or in a corner. Their varied storage options and styles help them to easily fit in with your existing theme, whatever your style may be.

This gorgeous piece is a great representation of the buffet table. It has multiple storage options, is elegantly designed, and is sure to bring pops of light and color to any dining room, kitchen, or living room!

Entryway Table

The entryway console table is perfect for that little something extra that you’ve been missing. The purpose of these is to add style and organization to your entryway, with many options having drawers, cubbies, and shelves to keep that busy area neat and tidy. They’re great for decorating, too, and will surely brighten your entryway when you place pictures, flowers, or sculptures on them. They also make a great location for a key holder, mail organizer, or a pin board to leave notes for other members of the household!

This entryway table is a beautiful way to decorate the entryway of any home. Its dark wood is easily blended into any color scheme, while its many drawers allow for both a vintage look and multiple options for small item storage. The lower shelf adds to the sturdiness and offers even more storage if needed!

Situations Where Your Console Table Could Come in Handy

Now that you know a little more about the different types of console table, how could you use them in your home? Here are a few tips for how to use your console table:

Sofa Table

Sofa tables are for those of you that either feel like the living room is missing something or lack the space for end tables. They’re also great for simple decoration; displaying vases, candles, or framed photos are all great ways to make use of a sofa table.

Bar Table

Bar console tables are perfect for entertaining or simply having easy access to your cocktail or coffee supplies. They bring everything you love together in one place and look great while they’re at it — while also providing various options for storage, display, and placement.

Buffet Table

Buffet tables can be used for pretty much anything you like; they’re that versatile. However, most people have them in the dining or living areas as storage, display, or serving pieces. Thankfully, they can be all of those depending on what you need them for!

Entryway Table

Entryway tables are for the first part of your home that anyone sees; but that usually gets the least attention in the decorating department. If you’re feeling the need to jazz up your entryway with a little personality or need a little help keeping things tidy, an entryway table might just be what you’re missing!

Tips for Selecting Your Console Table

  1. It’s not always necessary, but looking for a console table that matches your existing décor can be helpful.
  2. Look for a console table that’s constructed with quality materials and is sturdy.
  3. Be sure to measure your space and the console table before bringing it home.
  4. Bringing a picture of the space you’re planning for your console table may help to determine how it will look once you place it.
  5. Search for color schemes that match or otherwise work with your colors at home.


So, there you go — all you need to know about console tables. Hopefully this has helped you to narrow down your options and you’re excited to start shopping!

If you’re ready to find your perfect console table, don’t forget to check out for a variety of beautiful pieces at great prices. Enjoy your new table, and the way it brightens up your space!

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