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6 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture this Year

Sometimes you just want to get away from the social experience and hang out by yourself poolside, in the shade or while sunbathing. Or maybe you are looking for a better way to host your barbecues when guests come over. However, it’s hard to do this with cramped aluminum chairs or other regular patio furniture made out of low-quality materials.  Great patio furniture should serve to bring out the best in comfort and function to your outdoor space.

When done properly, your outdoor living space can be transformed into a peaceful backyard getaway or a swanky outdoor area for your next get-together with family and friends.

Measure your Available Space: This is probably one of the most important tips on this list. Don’t be afraid to pull out your ol’ tape measure and find out the dimensions of the space that you have to work within your patio redesign. Trust us, a little bit of math will go a long way! Save yourself of headache of returning a piece of patio furniture that may not fit within the allotted space. Also, be sure to measure enough space in your outdoor space to give your guests enough space to navigate around your new patio furniture.

Make a List: After you measure your available space, you’ll want to start putting together a plan to determine exactly what you want to do to your patio space. Do you want to transform the area into a peaceful oasis where you can catch up on all of your reading? Or, would you like to create an inviting outdoor area for you to host your next dinner party or cocktail party?

Allow your creativity to really excite your imagination so that you have many more options to choose from in your outdoor redesign. Whatever you do decide on, make sure that you allow for things like ample seating, several small tables, and maybe even a fire pit.

Go for Low Maintenance: Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing low-quality outdoor furniture for your outdoor patio area. Otherwise, you will spend mod of your time outdoors doing constant upkeep on your furniture that has become either water logged or brittle from sun exposure. Instead, consider purchasing easy-care patio furniture made from materials such as cedar, teak, and weather-resistant rattan wicker.

Patio Furniture

Go for Versatility: Nothing says versatility quite like a covered swing that also turns into an outdoor bed. This comfortable hammock-like bed allows give you the ability to gently rock as you read outside, while giving you enough leg room to kick your feet out for a well deserved mid-day nap. Check out our video below:

Always search for a way to really maximize the space that you have. Things like an outdoor ottoman are no longer a clumsy piece of patio furniture when it also serves the purpose of converting into a small table during a get-together or even doubling as extra seating when your guests +1’s become +2’s.

Watch your Colors: It’s important to stay true to a central theme from start to finish. Nothing says “lost focus” than walking into a friend’s outdoor space that started modern but then took a hard turn into Hawaii-territory. Even if you are considering to a fusion of two different styles, make sure that you marry them with the right balance so that the end result is harmonious in its presentation.

Patio Furniture Colors

That being said, don’t be afraid to move away from the neutral colors of wood and metal outdoor furniture. A splash of color in, or well-placed accent pillows, help to make a bold and creative statement.

Find Functional Accents: Imagine gathering your friends and end the day on a high note by the warming glow of any one of our Outsunny Patio Fire Pits. Transform your own backyard space into a camping destination and experience serenity under the stars tonight. Use it for heat, use it for atmosphere. It’ll make you appreciate those priceless summer nights even more.

Patio Furniture Fire Pit

Brighten your backyard and make the exterior of your home just as inviting as the inside. Outsunny believes that you can change all that with a simple, budget-friendly investment in one of our many designer outdoor collections. Decorative and functional, they create an inviting setting that you and your family will want to use all throughout the year.


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7 years ago

Omg. I’d love to win the beautiful 7PC rattan seating for my deck! In fact I’d love neatly anything on this site! It’s amazing & stylish products I’m working hard to own!