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Hop into the Spirit with these 6 Fun Easter Crafts Ideas

As a child, I really loved Easter. What kid wouldn’t like a day full of Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and egg decorating? However, now that I am an adult I think of Easter in a different way. I’m excited with the additional sunlight that comes with Daylight Savings which prompts me to get back outside and start working on my outdoor projects in preparation for Easter.

Whether you are putting together a list of activities to get the kids outdoors or if you are completely at a loss for what to do this year, these 6 Easter crafts ideas will help you shake off the last little bit of winter and celebrate the beginning of the spring season.

1) Bake some Easter Themed Treats:

This Easter themed craft idea is fun for both the parents and the kids. In middle school, I felt so proud to come into class with my tray of homemade cupcakes that I helped my mom bake. It made me feel great knowing that these were better than just store bought cupcakes. With a little bit of buttercream frosting, some shavings or either chocolate or bacon and some mini chocolate egg candy, you can make some beautiful Easter themed cupcakes.

Easter Cupcakes - Easter ideas

2) Make an Easter Wreath:

No, wreaths aren’t just for the Christmas season. This Easter craft idea takes a new spin on wreaths. With a quick trip to your local crafts store, you can create a wonderful home decoration to place on your door, window or kitchen table.

Easter homemade wreath - Easter ideas

3) Get in the Garden:

Take some time on a weekend afternoon to head over to your local plant nursery and pick up some Easter Lilies and Daffodils. Each of these flowers are quintessential to celebrating Easter as they each bloom in the spring and will add colorful new life to your yard. Get the kids involved and have them help you dedicate a space in the yard to place your new flowers.

Planting daffodils - Easter ideas

4) Decorate a Birdhouse:

Greet the birds that are coming back from their long migration with a nice little birdhouse in your backyard. This Easter crafts idea doesn’t need to be technical. So don’t worry about having to build your own birdhouse from scratch. You can get a fairly inexpensive basic wooden birdhouse at your local craft store. Also, don’t forget to grab a small can of paint that matches the color theme you are going for this Easter. Since I am a big fan of keeping my project color themes consistent, I want my birdhouse to match the new yellow daffodils and the white Easter Lilies.

Decorate a Birdhouse - Easter ideas

Decorating multiple bird houses is another great Easter crafts idea that you can involve the kids. After you’ve applied the paint, it’s important to let the paint dry for up to 24 hours in a dry place before your new feathered neighbors move in.

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5) Get a Little Crafty:

Making a functional pinwheel is a snap. Using the instructions below, you not only entertain the little ones with this fun project but you can place the finished pinwheels out in the yard next to your new flowers.

Image from Zedomax
Image from Zedomax

This Easter crafts idea only gets better if you decide to use quality patterned paper at your local craft store.

Homemade paper pinwheel - Easter ideas

6) Gussie up some Eggs:

Every year we continue the tradition of decorating eggs. Try and stretch your imagination in planning your Easter crafts this year and try something new besides just using regular food coloring dye. A really neat thing to try is to cut out a design on a small piece of paper and taping it to an egg. Once attached to the egg, take two or three different colored marker pens and make little dots around the design. After you are finished, peel off the piece of cut out paper to reveal your snazzy new egg.

Sharpie Easter Egg - Easter ideas

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Meg Tucker
Meg Tucker
7 years ago

I’m completely inspired by those adorable Easter Cupcakes!