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Elevate Your Holiday Entertainment

The holiday season is fast approaching and bringing with it gatherings of family and friends.  Nothing ties an event together like a great bottle (or ten) of wine. Don’t get caught digging through the pantry or running to the corner market to grab that last-minute bottle, though. Set yourself up for maximum entertainment with a fully stocked wine rack from HomCom. Entertain your guests in style this year!

Choosing the Right Wine Rack for Your Home

Get the most out of your wine collection by using a wine rack to store your bottles. Storing your wine bottles horizontally will help your wine maintain its quality and flavor. Keeping bottles in a horizontal position keeps the cork from drying out and getting brittle; because constant contact with the liquid keeps the cork swelled while helping it maintain its seal, reducing exposure to outside air, your wine will maintain its flavor profile longer. Wine racks keep your bottles safe and easy to access.

Wine racks offer a convenient and easily accessible storage space for wine bottles. Bottles can be awkward to store, as they are often too tall for kitchen cabinets and can take up valuable real estate on your kitchen counter. Corral those wayward bottles with a tabletop wine rack. Have a serious wine collection? We also carry stand-alone wine racks to house all your bottles in one place. Need a little extra storage in the kitchen? Our kitchen cart wine racks give you the space and versatility you want.

For the Casual Connoisseur

Do you like to keep a modest collection of bottles on hand? Check out these convenient, modern tabletop wine racks. Small enough to fit any kitchen space, these stackable racks will keep your wine bottles within reach while out of the way.

Need a basic, no- frills wine rack to keep bottles from crowding the counter top? The HomCom 12 Bottle Rack Modern Wooden Stackable Tabletop Wine Bottle Organizer Box will certainly fit the needs of almost every casual wine drinker. This modern wine rack holds 12 bottles of your favorite wines. It features a solid top for added storage, while the simplistic design and dark wood finish fits with most home decor. This case is perfect for storing a few bottles for holiday parties.

Looking for something with a little more character? Check out the HomCom 24 Bottle Natural Wooden Stackable Tabletop Wine Bottle Organizer Box. This rustic wine rack is made from naked pine wood beams, which can be finished to match your existing decor, or left raw for a natural country look. The rack holds up to 24 bottles of wine in its large triangular sections. The minimalist aesthetic of this wine rack coupled with the raw pine will bring a touch of nature and simplicity to your kitchen. Also, it smells like trees!

For the Serious Sommelier

For those who take their wine collection seriously, you may want to consider a larger stand-alone wine rack. These durable racks hold dozens of bottles and can be used in your personal wine cellar or wine room. They can also act as a statement piece in your entertaining area.

If you’re an amateur or professional vintner with a growing collection of bottles, check out the HomCom 72 Bottle Rustic Solid Wood Storage Display Fancy Wine Rack. This extra-large wine rack holds a whopping 72 bottles. The all wood construction of this rack makes it super easy to assemble. The pieces fit together like Lincoln Logs, with no nails or screws needed. Due to the stackable nature of this rack, you can use all 6 tiers together, split them into two 3 tier racks, or set a tier aside for later. Also made from solid unfinished pine wood, this piece can be finished to match existing decor, or left raw for that natural, rustic look. This rack is a must have for anyone with a private wine cellar.

Looking for a way to combine your wine collection with your love for Gothic inspired decor? Take a peek at this HomCom 45 Wine Bottle Organizer Decorative Wrought Iron Wine Rack Jail. This nearly 4 ½’ tall wine rack jail complete with lockable door is a striking addition to any entertaining space. The rack holds 45 bottles and features wrought iron in an antique stylized filigree and rosettes pattern. Whether your collection consists of your own labels or ones you’ve purchased from local vineyards, these stand-alone racks provide the storage you need.

Love these designs, but don’t drink wine? There are lots of alternative uses for wine racks. Use them to organize crafting supplies such as yarn or fabric, or fill mason jars with buttons and beads to stock on the rack. Maybe you need some structure in your closet? Keep socks, leggings, or denim organized in the separate compartments. Wine racks can be easily re-purposed into shoe racks; smaller racks can help tidy up your closet, while a bigger rack can go next to the door for easy access to your favorite sneakers and slides.

Love wine, but don’t need a full rack? If you just don’t have enough wine bottles to fill your kitchen wine rack, rather than leaving empty spaces, add bottles of cooking oils, vinegar, or sherry to fill the rack out.

For the Gregarious Gourmand

Do you love cooking with wine? Do you even put it in the food sometimes? If your happy place is in the kitchen with a glass of wine and your favorite cookbook, then you’ll love these kitchen carts with built in wine racks. Our carts give you extra storage and work space in the kitchen while providing a perfect place to keep your wine and accessories. Check out these stylish carts from HomCom.

The HomCom 35″ Rolling Kitchen Trolley Serving Cart with Wine Rack is available in white, black, or brown finishes. This kitchen cart with enclosed sides holds 9 bottles of wine and features a stemware rack, so all your wine gear stays together. Enclosed cabinets and drawers give you a place to store accessories like your corkscrew and bottle stoppers. Because it’s constructed of solid pine with a bamboo block top, this stylish cart works well in the kitchen as a prep station. It also looks great in an entertaining space as a wine bar. This versatile cart is perfect for any home.

Searching for something a little more rustic to match your country decor? Check out the HomCom 34″ Rolling Drop-Leaf Kitchen Trolley Serving Cart with Wine RackThis open design pine wood cart with a white finish features wooden crates for a farmhouse feel. The cart holds 7 bottles of wine and the bamboo drop leaf provides another surface to maximize your counter space. Add a touch of simplistic elegance to your kitchen!

Do you live in an apartment or older home with a small kitchen? A kitchen cart can provide much needed extra storage and work space. The HomCom Rolling Tile Top Wooden Kitchen Trolley Microwave Cart with 6 Bottle Wine Rack is versatile enough for any kitchen. It features a 6-bottle wine rack, open shelves, and two wire baskets for storing fresh produce. The ceramic tile top is durable and easy to clean. Because this cart is so lightweight, it’s a breeze to move around the kitchen, while being sturdy enough to give you the counter space you need. Perfect for small spaces!

For the Vivacious Vintner

If you’d rather have the storage space without the mobility, our kitchen islands are a stylish and versatile choice. The HomCom 44″ Wooden Butcher Block Kitchen Island with Wine Rack features an enclosed cabinet and drawers, and open shelving. The island holds 8 bottles of wine and also includes designated stemware storage. This elegant cart looks great in the kitchen as an additional work station, or in your entertaining space as a stand-alone wine or bar cabinet. Made of solid pine with a rubber wood table top, the dark espresso finish will certainly complement any space. If you love planning and hosting parties, consider this island as a functional statement piece for your entertaining area.

Upgrade Your Entertainment this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for friends, family, and fun. Get your wine rack ready before the holiday rush and impress your guests with a chic accent piece that will compliment any kitchen or entertaining space. Cheers!


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