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Make Your Memorabilia Shine!

Show Off Your Sports Memorabilia in Style with this Shadow Box Display Case from HomCom

Hey sports fans! It’s game time once again, as the NFL, NBA, and NHL all kick off their 2018 seasons this month. High school and college sports also start up in September. If you’ve got a graduating senior at home, or tickets to see your favorite pro team this season, get ready to preserve that sports memorabilia with a shadow box display case from HomCom.

Here in Portland, we’re getting ready to say goodbye to the Timbers for the winter, and hello to the Trail Blazers and the Winterhawks. Soccer and hockey have both been gaining popularity across the U.S. in recent years. That doesn’t mean American staples like football, basketball, and baseball are going anywhere, though. Our Oregon State colleges are gearing up for another year of fierce competition, too. Whether you’re a part of the Duck Nation or a Beaver Believer, it’s time to get excited for some crisp afternoons at Autzen or Reser stadium.

Display Your Favorite Sports Gear at Home or in the Office

Whatever your favorite sports team, if you’ve got a special piece of memorabilia, you’ll want a way to display and protect it. This display case from HomCom is the perfect way to show off your signed jersey, ticket stubs, or other items. Available in matte black and lined with a felt backing, this case also features an interior hanger to make displaying your jersey a breeze. The door is made from UV resistant acrylic to help protect your memorabilia from fading in the sun and latches closed to keep out dust. Hooks are included for quick and easy installation in your home or office.

This case isn’t reserved just for professional jerseys. Have a young athlete at home? If your little Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm made varsity or is graduating this year, preserve their high school jersey for future nostalgia in this easy to use display case. Framed jerseys make a great addition to any trophy shelf, and this attractive case with magnetic closure will complete your home’s hall of fame.

Keep Your Keepsakes Safe and Sound

If crafting, music, or comics are more your speed, this versatile shadow box is a great choice to display a variety of items besides sports memorabilia. Use this shadow box to create a meaningful collage as a gift or home decoration.

Make a memorial display for a loved one by crafting a collage of personal items inside the box. Layer items such as recipes, quilts, handkerchiefs, fishing lures, or other objects of significance for a 3D effect. New parents can create a cute decoration for their little bundle of joy by combining onesies, footprints, blankets, and pacifiers in the shadow box and displaying it in the baby’s room. No matter what theme you choose, this case is perfect for making and displaying personal collages.

Love music? If your child is in the high school marching band, or you still love going to shows and rocking out, this case is a perfect way to display your music memorabilia. Frame your signed album covers, t-shirts, and tickets together in this shadow box to create your own piece of musical decor. Or keep your child’s band uniform looking fresh for years to come in this easy to install case.  The UV resistant acrylic door keeps your items from fading.

It’s not just sports season right now- it’s also convention season! While San Diego’s Comic-Con is undoubtedly the most well-known, the popularity of smaller specialty conventions is spreading. Most major cities now host cons for a variety of genres. For those of us that lean more towards nerd culture than sports culture, this display case can help protect your most prized possessions and one-of-a-kind items. Whether you dig comics, anime, or video games, preserve that signed or limited-edition memorabilia and keep it safe from your cats and kids in this stylish case.

Flaunt Your Favorites

No matter your passion, display your favorite collector’s items in this stylish, modern case. With an interior depth of almost 2 inches, this case is large enough to hold sports jerseys, hobby kits, photographs, tickets, comic books, or just about anything else. Make a statement at home or in the office with a tasteful display of your finest memorabilia. Protect your important keepsakes and memories in a felt-lined, UV resistant shadow box display case available from HomCom for years to come.

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