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What is the Best Console Table for your Home?

Buying a Console Table

When designing your own personal living space, the only limit is your creativity. There are so many different kinds of furniture, decorative pieces, and accents to consider, and as long as you can fit them in the confines of your space and your budget, the sky’s the limit. The great thing about decorating your own home is that you can make it your own in style and feel — and having your own personal touch helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed at home.

One great way to add a little stylish accent in your home is a console table. These pieces can be neutral and calm, or bold and bright; it all depends on how you want them to fit in your home. They’re great options for the storage and organization of smaller items and picture frames, can be any shape, color or size, and can be the center of attention or fade into the background depending on what you prefer. This post will answer any questions you might have about incorporating a console table into your home.

Types of Console Tables

Let’s talk a little about the different possibilities for your new console table and how you might like it to look. There are several different types of console table, of which a few are listed here:

Sofa Table

A sofa table is generally found behind the couch — true to its name. They’re designed to be narrow so as not to stand out too far from the couch itself, and sometimes have cubbies, shelves, or drawers for extra storage. They’re great for displaying decorative items like vases, candles, or smaller sculptures, and can be useful for placing items temporarily (when you don’t feel like getting up just yet).

Traditionally speaking, a sofa table shouldn’t be longer than the couch, and is usually rectangular, though there are some variations on shape being made available as these become more popular.

Bar Table

For a welcoming twist to the traditional console table, many people use these to create dry bars. Depending on the design you can really get creative here: a wine bottle rack underneath or a display of bottles and glasses can make this option super eye-catching. You can even store glasses in the cubbies if your console table has them!

Many console tables are conveniently equipped with wheels, which means you can bring the bar along if the party moves outside or to a different room in the house. There’s also the option of securing the bar table to the wall, which might be a good idea if it’s extra weighed down with glasses and bottles.

Buffet Table

Buffet tables make a great addition to your kitchen, dining room or living room. They can serve as a buffet line piece for when you have dinner guests, and their additional storage makes a great option for stashing your special China, silver, or glassware. Many homes have these as a simple accent piece, adorned with lamps, vases, or other decorative items.

Buffet tables are traditionally long and rectangular and lean toward the narrower side, so as to be tucked away neatly in a corner or along the wall of the room. They’re generally constructed with wood, though they can be crafted with metal and other materials.

Entryway Table

Entryway tables are console tables that are placed in the entryway of the home, serving as both functional and decorative pieces. They’re traditionally rectangular and quite narrow but can come in any shape or size you like, depending on your taste and space. They’re in a great location for framed pictures, flowers, or a mail caddy and key bowl.

Entryway tables can also provide extra storage and often have drawers, cubbies, or shelves below the surface. This is one reason they’re so popular; many people benefit from the additional organization in a typically busy area of the home.

Which Console Table is Right for You?

Now that you know about the different types of console tables, which one would be right for your space? Based on the above information, some recommendations are listed here:

Sofa Table

If you love displaying candles, flowers, or other decorative items behind your couch, a sofa table would be a great choice. Their additional storage can be super convenient for items like magazines, remotes, or other small things you want tucked away neatly. Also, if your couch is by a window, a sofa table is great for showing your decorative style off to the neighborhood!

Bar Table

If you’re a regular entertainer, love the look of colorful bottles or sparkling glasses, or just want easier access to your evening cocktail, a bar console table could be perfect for you. They’re super versatile, the storage options are widely varied, and they can even come with wheels for a mobile happy hour! It’s also possible to attach them to the wall for safety, but that’s up to you.

Buffet Table

If you’re looking for a stylish option for your China, glassware, or silver storage, a buffet table could be great in your space. They’re multi-functional, going from a buffet line to a storage space, or a simple accent to decorate with your favorite items. Buffet tables can brighten up a room or blend into the background and fit nicely against a wall or tucked into the corner of any room you like.

Entryway Table

If you’re a busy family that wants to add some organization and style to your entryway, the entryway table is the way to go. Choose from purely decorative options to display your family portrait or flower vases — or go with one that enhances your storage with its drawers, shelves, or cubbies. Entryway tables will transform your home’s entryway into a welcoming, cozy space!

Buyer’s Guidelines:

  1. Be sure to measure your space before shopping for your console table.
  2. Find a console table that will match your color scheme.
  3. Decide whether you want your console table to be purely decoration, or if you need additional storage.
  4. Try to find sturdy, stable pieces that will stand up to expected wear and tear.


Decorating your living space can be tons of fun. Finding the perfect accent piece to finish a room is a very satisfying experience, allowing you to sit back and admire all your hard work!

Whether you’re shopping for a bar, buffet, sofa table or entryway table, hopefully this has helped you figure out which option works best for your home. Now go find your new console table at and have a great time decorating!

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