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Dog Agility and Play Sets
Dog Agility Play Set By Do7-004
Dog Agility Play Set By D07-004

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Our dog training & agility sets are a great way to train your dogs’ agility. It also encourage more outdoor exercise for better physical health and longer lifespans.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE TRAINING DIFFICULTY: You can fully customize the height of hurdle bars and spacing of posts; easily adjusting the difficulty level of training from easy to hard, ideal for both beginners and professionals. The fully adjustable dog agility training equipment can be straightened out to a line or be configured in an offset pattern; providing different ways to exercise and train your dogs. PawHut’s dog agility training sets feature a variety of obstacle types, such as a high jumps, tunnels, agility weave poles, and fun jumping rings.

SAFE, SECURE AND SIMPLE TO USE: Quick to set up and dismantle at the park, on a field. Or in your own backyard so you’re always ready for training wherever you go. Most sets include ground stakes and rope for securing your obstacle course in place outdoors; So you and your furry friend can focus on training.

HELPS YOU BOND WITH YOUR PET: Give your dog an outlet for training and exercise with this pet agility equipment! The set can help build your pet’s confidence, aid in training and obedience,; And keep them physically and mentally challenged and entertain and stimulate them at the same time. It nurtures the relationship between you and your pet; All while helping your furry friend(s) get the daily exercise that they need.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Made with rugged molded plastic that is perfect for heavy-duty use with a space-saving design that’s easy to store. All the agility equipment is lightweight for quick and easy setup and is made of heavy-duty PVC and polyester fabric that resists tearing and ripping during exercise and training. With a durable Oxford bag provided, our dog agility sets are portable and easy to store. Use the playset on grass or any flat piece of ground – you can bring the dog agility course almost anywhere you go!

Pet Seesaws

Pet Seesaw from D03-001

SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Give your furry friend an agility seesaw that is sturdy and durable enough for daily exercise! The seesaw is made with natural fir wood that’s outdoor-friendly and easy to maintain.

SAFE & SUPPORTIVE: Keep your dog safe and secure with this dog agility set! Includes high traction pads and a saturated felt surface for added stability.

FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Your small, medium or large-sized dog can enjoy this agility equipment! Our seesaws are designed for pets up to approximately 100 lbs., making it suitable for most cat, dog, chicken and rabbit breeds.

Pet Pools

Pet Pool from  D01-031V04
Pet Pool from D01-031V04

NO INFLATION NECESSARY: Simply unfold the pool, fill with water (or sand or non-toxic balls!) and sit back and watch your pet enjoy hours of healthy fun.

ALL-PURPOSE DESIGN: This foldable pet swimming pool can be used in a variety of ways. Create a swimming pool for your extra small, small, medium, large or extra-large sized dog, an enrichment and training sandbox, or even a ball pit!

SAFE AND DURABLE: Safe and non-toxic PVC plastic with built-in thick high-strength compression wood board makes pool more durable and strong. The bottom is non-slip to help prevent pet injuries.

COOLING FUN: Give your furry friend the opportunity to cool off during those warm summer days as well as a place to play and have fun. Ideal for use in backyard patios, lawn or garden. Keep your beloved pet cool on hot days by giving your pet a place of their own to splash around and play with this foldable pet pool! Your dog or other pet can stay cool and comfortable on warm days in the backyard, patio, deck or almost anywhere you have a firm, flat surface!

FOLDABLE & EASY TO STORE: A built-in plug makes draining the water fast and simple. The dog swimming pool is foldable and portable, which means it’s easy to carry and store away when not in use or for traveling.

Cooling Pet Beds

Pet Beds from
Pet Beds from

EVERYDAY USE: Great for cats or dogs, comfy, elevated pet bed frames are great for indoor, outdoor, travel, camping, and other daily use.

COOLING COMFORT: Our sturdy ped beds lift your pets more than nine inches off the ground for coolness and comfort during warm summer days.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: Lightweight but strong with a sturdy steel frame with a breathable mesh cot, keeping your pet relaxed and secure.

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: Easy to disassemble after use and includes bag for storage and convenience, making it portable and perfect for any outdoor activities.

MODERN STYLE: Sleek and modern curved elevated pet bed design brings exciting new options for sleep and rest.

Outdoor Pet Play Pens

Cool Dog

LARGE AND SAFETY: Our outdoor play pens and kennels provide  room and space for your dogs, cats, rabbits and other pet to relax without feeling restricted. The metal dog playpen assures extra security and safety, with a tall enclosure and solid latch, keeping your pets safe from strangers and predators while having plenty of room to exercise.

EASY TO SETUP AND USE : Each play pen comes with simple assembly instructions, simply latching the prefabricated pieces together as instructed. Many sets have a rotating bowl holder and 2 bowls, so you can feed your pets without opening the door.

CANOPY TOP DESIGNS: Many of our playpens are covered with a wear-resistant oxford-material canopy, providing protection from sun, rain, or snow. That way you can safely house your pets in various non-extreme weather conditions.

DURABLE STEEL FRAME: Made of sturdy iron fencing, our play pens create a durable and solid play area for your pets.  With many sets including cable or twine with yard pegs, they are extra sturdy when properly secured. Also, there is little to no necessary maintenance with the playpens’ sturdy metal construction.

Pet Houses and Activity Centers

D02-027 dog_house from
D02-027 dog house from

ACTIVITY CENTERS: Our pet houses ample space to relax inside and many have stairs and balconies or decks to play on or just sunbathe outside.

RAISED FLOOR DESIGNS AND BIG WINDOWS: The elevated floor design keeps your pet dry and warm and protects them from dirt,  insects and moisture. Broad doors and windows provide healthy airflow.

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Provide your pet’s shelter with a fir wood frame, painted with a water-resistant coating as protection for light weather conditions. This 2-story dog shelter is sturdy enough for medium to large-sized dogs up to 55 lbs.

ALL-WEATHER CONSTRUCTION: Our wooden cat and dog houses have asphalt roof that helps protect against light weather conditions in the rain, snow, or wind. adds to their inventory of affordable pet supplies almost every week, and you can find them all right here!

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