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Dog Beds

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Dog Bed Buying Guide

Did you know that owning a dog can be good for your health? Time Magazine found that dog owners have lower blood pressure, and children who have canine companions experience a lower risk of asthma attacks.

One way we can thank our four-legged friends is by giving them a comfy and relaxing bed to sleep in at night. If you are searching for a new dog house (with or without an elevated frame) or dog bed, this ultimate guide will show you what’s new in the dog house market.

General Considerations When Shopping for a Dog Bed

Chihuahuas can weigh as little as two pounds while an English Mastiff can top 300 pounds. That being said, there’s no one-size-fits-all when shopping for the best dog bed.

Consider Size, Shape, and Weight

Variables to consider when skimming through any dog bed buying guide include your dog’s age, size, weight, and sleeping style, among others. As dog owners know all too well, each dog comes with a unique personality and habits.

Find a Bed that Meets Your Dog’s Needs

Does your pet like to track in mud? You might want to buy a bed that is easy to clean.

Is your canine a nervous pee-er? Finding a bed that helps your dog feel insulated from the outside world can help that pet sleep better.

Considerations for Older Dogs

Older dogs may benefit from orthopedic beds that don’t aggravate achy joints. And don’t forget — dogs love comfort. Canines sleep up to 80% of the day, so make sure those moments are comfortable and restful.

Call Us If You Have any Questions

As you read through this ultimate guide to dog beds, feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you have. We love helping customers find the right product.

What Are My Dog Bed Options?

There are several basic design options when it comes to dog beds. Each design comes with unique benefits.

Pillow Beds

Pillow beds (also known as “classic dog beds”) are basically large pillows that can be tossed in the corner of a room. Dogs love sinking down into these comfy and simple beds.

Bolster Beds

Bolster beds are basically a large pillow with three elevated sides that lend an enclosed feel. Dogs can lay down, stretch out, and feel secure in these simple bed designs.

Crate Pads

If you keep your dog in a crate, then your pet probably already has a matted bed. The simple pads are easy to remove and clean.

Dog Sofas

Doggie sofas are a great option for small and medium-size breeds. The beds are similar in design to human sofas but doggie-sized.

Domed Dog Beds

A hooded or domed dog bed offers some sort of cover. This design is great for smaller breeds who can “burrow” into their beds at night.


Several of our PawHut options are cots. The outdoor beds don’t require padding. Cots keep your pet cool during the summer months.

The mesh material used in cots is very breathable, and the design of cots elevates the bed to allow for natural air circulation. Cots come in all sizes.

Ultimate Guide to Dog Beds

Do dogs need beds? Their wild ancestors didn’t, but domesticated dogs have co-evolved with humans. Given the choice between a hard floor or a comfy bed, your dog will certainly choose the latter.

How much do dog beds cost? Our PawHut products are high quality and competitively priced. We work with PawHut because the company has a long track record of making durable and comfortable dog beds.

The average cost of our beds ranges from $50 to $150. Other retailers typically charge far higher rates for the same quality pet beds.

We frequently run flash sales that offer even more savings to our customers. Ask about our interest-free payments using Klarna.

PawHut Elevated Frame Bed

This cost-effective cot-style design elevates your pet by nine inches. The elevated design allows for airflow beneath the cot.

This helps your dog stay cool at night — a real benefit during the summer months. Breathable fabric further helps your pet stay comfortable.

If your pet stays outside, the canopy top will provide cooling shade that shields them during hot summer days. The mesh fabric is highly durable. Supporting the mesh is a powder-coated steel frame that can support up to 55 pounds.

The highly affordable bed, which is easy to break down and set up, comes with a travel bag.

PawHut Cot Camping Sleeper

This camping sleeper is the perfect companion for outdoor outings. It can also make for great indoor or outdoor use at home. Like the elevated frame bed, the camping sleeper elevates your pet nine inches off the ground so your dog stays cool even when it’s hot outside.

The compact design makes this sleeper ideal for travel. The bed can easily be folded away when not in use. The light yet durable design can support 55 pounds.

PawHut Elevated Dog Bed and Dog House Combo

What bed is best for dogs? Well, if you are looking for something that has a modern aesthetic, consider the PawHut bed and house combo.

The slick design is a great fit for the back porch or indoors. Hand-woven strips offer a sturdy and durable material.

Four sturdy legs hold the elevated and covered bed so your dog can nap in a cool, shaded environment. The splash-proof fabric cushion and thick padding will help your pet stay dry and comfortable.

PawHut Elevated Pet Bed with Black Mesh

This chic, minimalist dog bed is designed to be cool and comfortable. The elevated design can spare your four-legged friend from having to lie on hot concrete during the hot summer months.

Lightweight yet durable mesh fabric can support small to medium-sized dogs. If your dog has aching joints, a bed/pillow combo is a great way to relieve pressure on your dog’s neck, back, and joints. The sling fabric and detachable pillow are easy to clean.

PawHut Rattan Pet Bed with Cushion

This doggy bed is the perfect home for small and medium-sized breeds. The sloped roof will keep your pet dry in the event of a shower and shaded at all hours of the day. The open-air dog house is a great option for patios, interior spaces, and balconies.

The solid steel frame and hand-woven rattan material can hold up to the elements for years on end. The comfy bed is the perfect place for your pet to relax or sleep.

A soft cotton liner provides ultra comfort. This model comes in several colors.

PawHut Elevated Cooling Summer Dog Cot (Blue)

Looking for a light and durable bed for everyday use? This blue cot is easy to fold up for travel. The sturdy steel frame can hold up to 110 pounds while keeping your dog secure and relaxed. When not in use, simply fold away the cot for easy storage.

The blue cot keeps your furbaby a cool seven inches off the ground for optimal airflow during warm summer days. Sleek and modern, this bed is an all-around great value.

PawHut Elevated Pet Bed for Large Dogs

With a length of around 3.5 feet, this low-profile bed is a great fit for large dog breeds. Hot summer days won’t be a problem with the elevated bed frame design. Durable mesh fabric can be hosed off for easy cleaning.

The design incorporates a detachable Oxford fabric pillow that supports the neck, back, and joints. This design feature helps your dog enjoy a restful nap. The portable design allows you to bring the bed outdoors and back inside with ease.

PawHut Two-Story Wooden Dog House

Give your pets their own fun, two-tiered house. The design is the perfect combo for pet owners with multiple small dogs. The non-toxic fir wood can endure regular use with minimal need for maintenance.

Your pet has the option of lounging in the more enclosed bottom bunk, or they can enjoy a view from the top bunk. The bed’s design allows for natural cooling air circulation.

It is suitable for pets 10 pounds or smaller, and assembly is required.

Pamper Your Pup By Ordering Your Dog Bed Today

Whether you order an elevated frame or dog bed/dog house combo, you’ll be giving your four-legged friend a comfortable means of dozing off. Our orders come with free shipping.

At Aosom, we only work with the best and coolest new products by HomCom, Outsunny, and PawHut. We pair an easy online shopping experience with excellent customer service.

To order your dog home, click on any of our dog bed options.

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