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Find the Perfect Mirror for your Home or Office Décor

Shopping for the perfect mirror to brighten up your space? Aosom has a wide selection of mirrors in all kinds of sizes and styles. Not only does a wall mirror open up a room by reflecting the space back on itself, but mirrors of all kinds can help bounce light around a room to brighten it up. They can also make great statement pieces if you’re not the type to invest in artwork for your walls. If anything, mirrors are practical assets to any living room, bathroom, or bedroom! Check out Aosom’s mirror collection and find the best mirror for you.

What is the Aosom Mirror collection?

"Solar" Mirror
“Solar” Mirror

The Aosom mirror collection is home to a wide variety of mirrors, suited for all kinds of styles, spaces and size requirements. Whether you’re in search of a stylish wall mirror for your living room, a mirror for your dresser, or a dresser with a mirror, we’ve got it! Need a vanity mirror? We’ve got plenty. We even have dressing mirrors for kids! The Aosom collection also features handheld mirrors, decorative mirrors, large and small mirrors, circle mirrors and mirrors that double as wall decor. If your space doesn’t have a full-body mirror, it might be worth the investment for you to purchase a full length wall mirror or a standing mirror.

Best Mirrors & Mirror Features

Mirror with storage area from

Finding the best mirror depends on what you plan to do with it, where you plan to put it, and the space you’re designing. These are both more sleek pieces, but we do feature some traditional oval standing mirrors and vanity options in both modern and traditional styles, as well as vanity mirrors with lights. If you’re looking for a whole vanity set, we have those too! We even have colorful vanity tables and dressing mirrors for kids, so they can get ready just like Mom!

If you’re dressing up a bedroom with a wall mirror, you might try out an oval or round mirror, or a rectangular one with a cool frame. This style could also benefit a living room that needs some personality or add to a funky bathroom. Our customers rate our Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Cabinet at a full five stars, just like our Full-Length Dressing Mirror, both from the HOMCOM collection. Be careful to consider color, shape, and size when you purchase your new mirror, to make sure they fit in and accentuate the space.

When you choose a mirror for your home, purpose, and size should be your first considerations. Not only will this help narrow down your many choices, but it’ll ensure you’re purchasing the mirror that will best serve you and your space! We have a number of small mirrors, designed with safe framing for children, but our general collection starts in the mid-size range. Whether you’re shopping for a new makeup mirror or a statement piece to deck out your living room, our medium-sized mirrors are your best bet. If you want a dressing mirror, however, we offer full body freestanding mirrors and full-length wall-mount mirrors.

It’s also important to consider style when you’re shopping for mirrors. Color, shape and style are also important factors. Most of our mirrors are framed with traditional colors like white, cream, black, grey and a variety of natural woods and finished metals. Our mirrors also vary in shape depending on their purposes, and the frames are diverse, with some funky pieces, traditional wooden frames and some sleek modern mirrors. Whatever you need, we’ve got it!

Tips for Buying a Mirror

Kleankin Mirror from
Kleankin Mirror from
  1. Make sure the size of the product will fit into and suit the space in which it is to be installed. It may be helpful to know the weight capacity of your walls and, if you’re a renter, the approved methods of hanging décor.
  2. For your information, vanities, vanity mirrors, makeup mirrors and bathroom mirrors are all used for similar purposes, specifically beauty and hygiene uses. We use these terms interchangeably here based on the mirror’s title on our website.
  3. If you’re decorating a larger room, it may be helpful to purchase multiple mirrors to help reflect light throughout the space. However, be sure not to place mirrors directly across from each other, so as to avoid creating an ‘endless tunnel’ effect.

Why Should You Buy a Mirror From Aosom?

Child’s Free Standing Mirror, from

We offer highly rated mirrors at Aosom, including our Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Cabinet and our Full-Length Dressing Mirror. These modern and functional full-body mirrors are suited for any space and don’t involve any installation!

We also sell a variety of mirror styles, sizes and shapes. No matter the vibe of your space, we carry modern options, traditional styles, and all kinds of shapes–oval, round, square or rectangular. You can even get a medicine cabinet with a mirror that mounts on your door!

Last but not least, we offer child-safe mirrors, so even your little ones can prance around looking at their outfit while they get dressed. We’ve got the whole family covered, along with all their preferences.

Regardless of your budget or style, Aosom is bound to have a mirror to fit your space and deck it out to the nines! What are you choosing for your next wall décor piece–wood, metal, black paint? We’ve got it all. If you have any product or design questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team and get the answers you deserve.

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