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Buying Guide: The Best Dining Chairs For You

Whether it’s a candle-lit dinner or a lazy breakfast, immersing yourself in a modern dining chair creates a perfect mood for any meal. Before, chairs were casually used to make the dining table complete. Today, dining chairs are versatile to complete home décor while offering peaceful spaces to enjoy food, hold a meeting, or simply have a comfortable working area.

However, picking the suitable chairs means paying attention to various facets. So now, let’s dive and rummage into multiple factors that will help you choose indoor or outdoor dining chairs seamlessly.

Consider Dimensions

Most people tend to prioritise comfort, which is okay. But dimension is an overlooked factor when choosing a dining chair set. Before purchasing that cane dining chair, consider the space and the seat measurements.

If you’re living in a squeezed space, an upholstered armless chair would be the most ideal. However, avoid too small seats – less than 17 x 20 inches- as they won’t offer the needed comfort. But if you have space, you can try an armchair because it requires additional inches.

Pregnant women, kids, seniors, or people who have mobility issues need support. In this case, chairs with one or two arms should be your choice. You can also consider a chair that leaves a minimum of 12 inches between the table. It should also offer enough legroom.

Accentuate Your Style

With the festive season approaching, you have a great excuse to ensure your dining space looks spiced up. Aosom dining chairs give your room a refreshing look to make your guest talk about it in high tones. However, if you want a traditional style, go with a farmhouse seat like Windsor chair. The spindles legs and slatted back lend your room a stunning conventional panache.

For a contemporary style, Parsons chairs make a perfect option. The simple, sleek design combined with fully upholstered seats and solid back provide extra comfort. Have fun by pairing it with a rustic table to bridge the old and new.

Easy Maintenance

Having kids or pets at home means your furniture is bound to face wear and tear. Therefore, get a durable seat that can withstand the aggressiveness of children. Purchase chairs that are easy to clean and maintain their lustrous look for long.

Tufted leather or cotton blends materials are easy to clean. Although velvet and chenille are stunning, they can be hard to remove stains. Instead, use easy-to-clean slipcovers for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Pay attention to different Materials

The dining chairs can be fun statement pieces that speak your fashion language. Materials give the dining room a look it deserves. The furniture items come in different materials, including:


Wicker comes from pliable materials such as willow, reeds, bamboo, and rattan. This is a lightweight yet strong fabric that will last long when treated with care. They are also perfect for patio dining chairs—the wicker fabric pairs well with wood, metal, stone, and marble tables. More so, it can blend well with coastal and rustic interior designs.

Natural Wood

Give your dining room a stunningly natural and earthy look with natural wood chairs. They are versatile and available in different styles and shapes. Natural wood is sturdy to offer stability and durability. Natural wood pairs almost with everything, from metal to stone tables, to painted and marble. It’s perfect for mid-century, minimalist styles.


If you’re after durable and beautiful dining chairs, teak makes an ideal material. It also has gorgeous coloring to combine with other materials like marble and stone. Minimalist, modern, and rustic styles


Leather adds a subtle and sophistication to your dining space. A leather dining chair is habitually paired with metal legs for a sleek look. Different leather tones create different vibes.

For instance, saddle leather is soft and very versatile to add warmth to any space. It can hold up for a long when treated well. Tobacco leather gives your chairs a darker finish, suitable for dramatic areas. It pairs well with metal and wood dining tables.


Give your dining space a form vibe with upholstered dining chairs. The fabric influences your style and can elevate the look in material and texture. Upholstered velvet adds a sense of luxury. However, it’s not easy to clean, so it might not be ideal for a home with children. Velvet and marble go beautifully together for a luxurious vibe.

There is also an upholstered frame, which is popular for dining chairs. The materials also pair well with wood, stone, and concrete dining tables.


For people with a modern sensibility, then acrylic dining chairs are the most ideal. These super sleek seats are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for homes with pets and children. However, they may not last long as you would like. You can pair acrylic dining seats with which concrete or brass.


These dining seats are suitable for proper setup since they give a refined look. They’re generally kid-friendly because slipcovers are washable. Moreover, slipcovers are versatile to be used in any room at home- dining room, bedroom. And since they’re covered in a natural material, slipcovers pair pretty well with all types of tables. Besides, the material is perfect for traditional, rustic, and classic styles.


Are you looking for durability with an easy maintenance feature? Metal is your plug for dining chairs. The versatile seats are durable, pretty easy to clean, and stable. You can add the seat cushion for added comfort.

Stability Matters

Sliding or falling is the last thing you’d expect with a dining chair. Therefore, choosing sturdy dining chairs should be a priority. Wooden and metal dining chairs offer unmatched stability because traditional joinery lasts long.

Easy to Move

The dining seats can be used to offer extra sitting pieces. Thus, they should be light to move around but sturdy to withstand all movements.

With these helpful tips, choosing your dining chairs becomes a seamless process.

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