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Outdoor Toys Buying Guide

Outdoor toys come in all shapes and sizes. What’s good about them is that you can get whatever you prefer, even if it’s for small yards or big ones. They make up the aura for the yard. Outdoor toys provide a variety of kinds depending on the customer’s preference. For example, there are outdoor toys that make kids more active. At the same time, there are subtle toys that would still expose children to the outdoors but would still ensure their safety. 

They also come in different designs, depending on the age and interests of the child. They have all sorts of variations that will surely attend to their interests.  

Aside from the design, shape, or size, there’s more information you should know before you splurge your money on an outdoor toy. There’s also the material of the product that you should consider, as well as its safety and its setup procedure. Purchasing the best and the right one for you takes a lot of thinking and comparing. With all the factors you have to consider, it can get a little confusing. So, to save you the hassle of it all, here’s a buying guide to help you out on your outdoor toy shopping spree journey at Aosom!  

Important Features  

  • Easy Setup 
  • Waterproof and Durable  
  • Aesthetically Attractive to Children  
  • Budget-friendly and worth the spend  
  • Safe and kid-friendly  

Easy Setup  

One of the most important things that we need to consider when purchasing an outdoor toy is how to set it up. It is challenging to buy an outdoor toy and then take hours and hours just to assemble it. Toys that are easier built not only save time but as well as a huge amount of energy. Go for outdoor toys that do not have complicated parts which are hard to figure out. 

An example of this would be inflatable outdoor toys which can be set up in 2 simple steps: place it where you want and inflate it using an air compressor or air pump. This would only take a few minutes of your time and doesn’t require tools to set it all up.  

For outside toys that are challenging to set up, like outdoor playhouses, always choose the ones with clear and direct instruction manuals that are easy to comprehend. A good thing is that Aosom provides playhouses complete with their features and reviews to know whether or not they are easy to install.  

Waterproof and Durable 

When we say durable, this means that the material will not change in shape, form, or size under any condition. It won’t be easily destroyed due to certain uncontrollable conditions. And since these types of toys are typically placed outside, they are exposed to different weather types; it is crucial to make sure that they are durable in both hot and cold seasons. Buying cheap outdoor toys that won’t last the change in seasons is a false economy because you’ll end up having to replace them the following year. High-quality materials go a long way, and you get the most of what you pay for.  

For example, when it comes to inflatable toys, you should get materials made of IP44-related polyester fabric. This type of material ensures that it will not quickly erode through the winter season but will remain durable and usable. Also, when buying inflatables, always check out the base of the toy. Inflatables must have a sturdy base for them to be stable when placed in all areas.  

Esthetically Attractive to Children  

Children should be able to feel genuine joy when they first see the toy. Purchasing outdoor toys with lively colors and designs would greatly increase a kid’s excitement right away. Depending on the age, different toy designs may be of their interest. Some would want really cute and childish-looking toys, while some would prefer toys that still look colorful but would do away with all the excessive toddler-style representation. It is also important to note that the look of the outdoor toy represents the aura or atmosphere of the place where it is settled. It determines the feel you want your children to get from playing with it. So, make sure to purchase something that provides you and your child an exciting and fun ambiance.  

Budget-Friendly and Worth the Spend  

Just like any type of purchase, we all want our purchases to be worth the expense. We don’t want to buy something and be filled with total regret later on. Regarding the pricing, it depends on your preferred budget whether you opt for something on the pricier side or not. However, regardless of your budget, you must get the most of what you pay for. Having said that, you should keep in mind that if the materials used for a particular toy do not justify its price, then it’s a sign that you should look for something else. If its price point does not assure durability and long-wear use, then you should probably cross it off your list  

When it comes to finding the right product with the right pricing, canvass is the key. Avoid buying in an instant because you might, regret it later on when you see the same product at a more affordable price. Instead, look for more, assess your options, and decide which best suits your budget and needs.  

Safe and Kid-Friendly  

In all things that we expose children to, we must always ensure that it is safe. It is not always ideal to just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Remember to quality check the type of outdoor product you want to buy. Be aware of its materials, if it’s toxic or just simply not suitable for kids.  

You also have to consider how the toy is built, if any edges may harm kids, or any other areas wherein danger is possible. For example, when buying a seesaw, keep in mind the age and height of your child since some seesaws can be too high up for little children. Another example would be swinging. Assess the hinges and make sure they aren’t loose, which may result in a malfunction and possibly cause dangerous events to happen.  

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