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Your Guide to Buying Playsets for Kids

What Are Playsets? 

Playsets are toys that come in a group or a set with a specific theme. They are often created to go with each other and are meant to be used collectively. Playsets include kits, accessories, separate parts, and scenery elements, among others. Themes involve professions like doctors, firefighters, handyman, gardener; part of the house like dining, dresser or kitchen; car parts or repair tools; establishments like a playground, supermarket or hospitals; and many more. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Playset 

Selecting the perfect playset may be worrisome, but don’t fret. This guide will help you in making the right choice! When it comes to buying one at Aosom, here are some of the excellent suggestions to consider: 

Area of use 

Playsets may be used either indoors, outdoors, or both. Some playsets are made to withstand the rains or scorching heat of the sun, while others are meant to be played inside the comforts of your home. Most of the playsets specify where they can be used but, if this information is not available before purchasing, check with the manufacturer.  


Outdoor playsets are often more durable than the smaller playsets created for indoor play. The outdoor playsets are either made of hardwood, metal, or stainless steel that can last for years when used correctly. Small toys are made of silicone, plastic, clay, and wood material free from phthalates, BPA, and other toxins, which could only last for a shorter time compared to the large, bigger playsets. 

Playsets with nuts and bolts used for putting the pieces together can be more stable than those that are only glued together. Make sure batteries are also monitored with their usage to ensure they are not leaking or heating. Check if these small parts are complete before letting kids use the playsets to avoid any untoward incidents like choking and tripping.  


Wooden playsets often need constant upkeep and care since they are more prone to deterioration than other materials. If not appropriately treated, wooden playset parts may rot or build up moisture when wet. White vinegar or apple cider may solve the problem for smaller playsets and staining could be a great solution for larger playsets. Also, watch out for cracks in the playset box or parts. Discard them if unrepairable to avoid splinters or being consumed orally by younger kids. 

Metal playsets may develop rust and start to corrode when wet and not properly dried up. Metal playsets are sensitive and may develop a chemical reaction to strong detergents or bleach. 

Plastic playsets are not hard to clean since they can be washed or wiped. Simply avoid alcohol on color-coated parts to avoid fading and removal of the paint.  


Some playsets are priced according to the age of the users. For 1-to-2-year old’s, it would be cheaper and also a good way to introduce playsets to their playtime compared to buying a full jungle gym or backyard playsets at a later age.  Larger playsets are available for parents or guardians who have no problem with higher-priced items and are of excellent quality with outstanding stability. Outdoor forts and playgrounds can go as high as $4,600, are suitable for multiple users, and last for years.  

Types of Playset Material 

Plastic playsets 

Plastic playsets don’t need to be made out of harmful compounds and smelly chemicals that can harm your little ones. Some playsets are made up of kid-friendly plastic materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS. Parents know PET or PVC but maybe haven’t heard of this tough plastic commonly used in making Lego blocks and musical instruments like clarinets and recorders. Check out our musical keyboard playset that is complete with a detachable microphone and matching stool. This electronic keyboard set has 37 tuned keys, record and playback features and an educational mode so kids can follow along with the red-light guide while playing!   

Wooden playsets 

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There are a lot of types of wood that are great for use in toys. But what really sets Spruce wood apart is its ability to bear the heavy load making it ideal for framing and playsets use. Experts find it hard to cut because of its thick liquid sap, but its strength lies in holding nails and other large parts together.  As a result, you may find our kitchen playset sturdy and complete with all the different kitchen necessities for your children to use their imagination. It also has a storage shelf, cabinet, and hanger for easier clean-up after play. 

Metal playsets 


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Metal playsets are perfect for heavy-duty use. This kiddie swing set has metal braces that are suitable for active play.  They are powder-coated with metal to avoid corrosion and damage. It can also be assembled easily with other parts, anchored to the ground and the pre-drilled beam for added balance. Make sure the metal parts are adequately and frequently oiled to avoid early rust development. 

Location of play 

Outdoor playsets 

For outdoor playsets, be sure to double-check the bolts, bolt caps, and eventual wear and tear. Even if they are correctly installed and put together properly, every playset still has its limits, especially when subjected to changing weather conditions. Our Outdoor Ninja Activity Set has a variety of exercises, including monkey bars, gym rings, ropes for climbing, and a swing! Sure to give your little ones hours of fun and enjoyment as well as develop kids’ muscles, strong bones, and balance. 

Indoor playsets 

For indoor playsets, we have the 5-in-1 kids set made of high-grade HDPE plastic that is safe and not easily distorted. This playset has 2 basketball hoops, climber, slide, football goal, and ring toss that can be used by young kids as early as 18 months. For added protection, this indoor playset has an anti-slip texture, buffer zone, and stoppers. The adjustable design can also cater to up to 5 years old and is safe to play with its widened seat and slide track. 

Go as Big or as Small as You Like 

If you have limited space at home but still want to gift a playset, you may opt for small interactive blocks with a variety of uses. Make sure the playset is made of safe material and easy to wash and wipe, similar to our stacking blocks set perfect for climbing and climbing. This 7-piece set can easily be stored away easily if not in use, with its compact structure allowing aged 1–3-year-old kids’ creativity and imagination to run wild. 

If you have space to spare, this climb and crawl tunnel set for kids is weather and fade-proof perfect for outdoor and indoor areas. Bigger pieces are age-appropriate and made of non-toxic materials to ensure safety. ASTM F963, CPSIA certified, is made of high-quality, durable HDPE and PP plastic, so you can rest assured of your children’s protection. It is easily assembled and made of different colors to foster creative play and imagination. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter what you choose, you will surely bring enjoyment to your kids while they learn and develop essential skills. With this buying guide, you may now confidently purchase playsets depending on your needs and desires.  

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