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How to Find the Best Gaming Tables For Your Rec Room

Flat-screen TV… check! A comfy couch… check!  

What’s missing?   

The perfect gaming table!  

Gaming tables are a must-have for rec rooms. They’re enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The best part is that they become the basis for game-night traditions, providing a great way to reconnect with family and friends after the hustle and bustle of the week. But the challenge comes in finding the best gaming table for your home.  

Since game tables take up space, you need to consider many things before picking out the perfect table for your recreational area. For instance, does your rec room have enough space to hold a game table? Or is there a particular game that your loved ones prefer over the other? So let’s explore the things that you need to think about before choosing the best game tables for basements or rec rooms.  

Size Of Your Gaming Table 

When choosing a gaming table, make sure you first factor in the dimensions of your recreational room. Let’s take a look at your options.  

Up To 35 Inches 

A limited space should not prevent you from having a good time. If your living space is already crowded with large furniture pieces, we’d recommend a table that is around 35 inches. Your rec room is a place to relax; it is a spot where all your friends and loved ones come together to share laughs and unwind. If you end up buying in a larger table that obstructs the space, the recreation room will become an eyesore.  

Therefore, choose a smaller table, such as an electronic foldable basketball platform, a 33-inch foosball table, or a 35-inch card Mahjong table

Up To 55 Inches 

If your rec room can make the space for it, a relatively larger gaming table – around 55 inches, will bring joy on game nights. And to top it off, you can buy it in some exciting colors to tie in with the design elements, making it a part of the rec room’s décor. 

 A 55-inch pool table would make the rec room the place to be and your guests won’t be able to stop talking about it!  


The next factor to consider while choosing a gaming table is portability. Do you want a table that you can easily pack up and travel with, or are you looking for something that you and your friends will use at your home every free hour they get?  

To resolve this problem, reflect on your lifestyle. For example, are you the type of person who likes to entertain? Or are you someone who has a passion for game nights, regardless of their location? 

 In the latter case, we’d recommend choosing a portable gaming table. This way, you can easily take the best part of the game night everywhere you go. These can include an electronic foldable basketball platform or a pool table that you can easily pack up and keep in your car for the crew’s next gaming battle. 


The type of gaming table you get depends on what kind of bells and whistles you can afford. Let’s take a look at the ballpark prices for gaming tables.  

Under $100  

You don’t have to spend lavishly to get the perfect gaming table. There are so many options for just under $100! Remember, some of the most fun and exciting games are played on tables in this range. For example, you can get a multi-purpose gaming table and use it to play poker, Uno, or even chess. 

Under $150 

If you want the ultimate gaming experience, see if you can add to your budget a little. A better budget means you can get your hands on a gaming table that checks all the boxes. For example, if you are unwilling to compromise on a pool table, you can find different options in the price range of approximately $135 to $140.  


Ask yourself and your friends what kind of games you’d like to play together? Are there any particular games your family enjoys? Which competitions reawaken your competitive spirit?  

If you immediately know the answer, you’ll know which gaming table to buy!  

Best Gaming Table Features 

Once you’ve decided on your personal needs for the table, let’s explore the features you need to consider.  


Regardless of the table type, make sure that the gaming table is constructed with robust and durable materials.  After all, you deserve to get your money’s worth!  


The gaming table should serve the function it is created for. So, if you choose a pool table, make sure the design allows you to make angled shots comfortably, or if you’re getting a basketball shooting game, check if the platform includes an electrical scoring system to keep track of the winners.  

Authentic look 

If you’re buying a table for your rec room, the style is also essential. Choose a table that has an authentic look, a sturdy built, and a color range.   

Picking The Best Gaming Table – Additional Factors to Consider 

  • Take the time to understand the room’s design features. You don’t want the gaming table to be isolated from the other components in the room. To make the table an intentional part of your rec room’s design, think about the color story that will complement the room’s aesthetic. For instance, if the room is full of bright colors or needs a pop of color, go for a pool table that fits seamlessly with the interior. On the other hand, a neutral-colored card table or a black basketball shooting game is recommended if you need to tone down the colors.  
  • Think about your preferences for games. Is there a game that is part of your game night tradition? Is there a particular game you enjoy playing more? How many players do you invite on each game night? Based on this, you can choose a table that is fun and inclusive of the whole crew. 
  •  Decide your goals for the table. For example, are you purchasing the gaming table to enjoy time with your adult friends, or do you want the table to be a fun experience for both adults and children? Be sure to choose a table that is appealing to the people who will use it the most! 


There is a rich profusion of options for gaming tables for gaming enthusiasts. We hope this guide can help you pick the right gaming table to create memories that you can cherish forever!  

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