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7 Aosom Benefits for Musical Instruments in a Child’s Life

What better way to introduce music early in a toddler or a child’s life than through a beautiful eye-catching toy instrument? Whether for play, hobby, or stimulating a musical spark, getting a musical instrument for the child in your life is always a great move.  

There are many ways that children stand to benefit from musical play. Here we discuss  

Source of Enjoyment and Emotional Well-being 

Hearing calming melodies in the toy instrument is soothing, which helps to improve the emotional wellbeing of a child. It calms the alpha waves of the brain to promote rest and reduce anxiety.  

On the other hand, playful engagement with a musical instrument stimulates movement and releases happy hormones. This accelerates a child’s ability to learn and retain information. 

Studies reveal that actively engaging with musical instruments such as keyboards has greater benefits in a child’s growth than if they were simply watching or listening. The act of free and uninhibited expression musically is highly therapeutic to a child.  

Gives a head start in Development 

For children, music gives them a head start in cognitive growth and development.  

An Aosom piano or guitar can give your little one a head-start in the following areas: 

  • Hand-eye coordination – touching the keys or strings with the fingers and following along with the eyes enhances coordination skills with repeated play. 
  • Sensory development – the variation of sound produced by the different keys in a toy piano, and the way keys respond to touch, contribute to sensory differentiation learning.  
  • Motor skills – the use of hands and fingers in playing with a toy help to build the strength and dexterity of fine motor skills, such as the ability to grasp. The gross motor skills are strengthened through movement and dance. 
  • Cognitive – kids develop better language ability and vocabulary acquisition, higher reading skills, and sound processing ability.  

Exposing a child to musical instruments early assists them in becoming well-rounded developmentally. It also helps them to interact and play well with other children by building their psycho-social aptitude. The ability to mindfully relate to others reinforces social intelligence. 

The novel learning experience of musical play sparks curiosity and discovery. Through music, kids are able to develop an inquisitive mind that seeks to learn from new interactive experiences. 


Kids can have an emotional outlet through musical play. Research shows that self-regulation can be attained through playing a musical instrument, especially in children. In case of anxiety, frustration, or any other pent-up emotions or energy, a child is able to safely and therapeutically release their energy and attention through music. With something as simple as a musical instrument, a kid finds a constructive way to self-regulate which contributes to their emotional wellbeing. 

Increased attention 

Musical instruments require full focus, meaning that kids who engage in musical play will develop their attention span in doing so. This can be a super helpful way to instill and train a child to become disciplined in their formative years. Getting easily distracted is common, especially in the younger years of a kid. They are eager to explore novel things and experiences. The engaging nature of a musical instrument with numerous things and features to learn (all in one toy) will keep a kid captivated for extended periods of time. A child can entertain themselves in a constructive way.  

Builds confidence and Self Esteem 

With time, learning a musical instrument will impart a sense of self-assurance and achievement, as they come to realize they have gained new skills. The confidence gained in this area is transferable to other areas in a child’s life as they grow. They can face new things in life with self-confidence.  This is a building block for self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-motivation. Simply put, introducing a musical instrument of interest in a child’s life, can reap immeasurable benefits that build upon each other. Music is a fun-filled activity that produces feel-good energy, causing kids to face their day with a more positive outlook on themselves and others. The psychological effect of competence in doing something by themselves is associated with feelings of satisfaction, enjoyment, and self-esteem. 

Develops creativity 

The ability of improvisation and self-direction can be gained by exploring and then discovering something new independently through a musical instrument. Incorporating musical toys and instruments in a child’s activities, such as the Aosom kid keyboard or guitar, has been shown to enhance development of both the right and left sides of the brain. This means a child is able to get a strong foundation of creative and logical abilities. The whimsical sing-songs and eccentric rhythms recorded in musical toy instruments provide a superbly interactive hobby for a kid to engage in, as they can listen to the recorded sounds and take part in creating new ones. 

Attains transferable Skills  

Every parent desires the very best for their kid. Additionally, every parent wants their kid to excel without much difficulties in life. What if there was a way to make this possible for a child? There are studies conceding that musicians are “better language learners”. The abilities kids gain through music can be used in other creative areas that call for improvisation and new discoveries. Additionally, studies indicate links between playing a musical instrument and enhanced learning of mathematics.  

Active lifestyle 

Learning to play music as a hobby helps keep children engaged physically. If constrained indoors because of bad weather or injury, a child is still able to get the benefits of play through music. Musical instruments can also help children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. This can enhance brain functions that are limited in dyslexic children. It can also sharpen the auditory sense. 

At Aosom, you can find a beautiful selection of musical instruments for both toddlers and kids geared to offer all the benefits mentioned above at a great price. It is important to give a toddler the liberty to experiment without constantly worrying about damage being done to the instrument. Fragile toys may hinder a child’s ability to tap into the many wonderful possibilities of their development. It requires a sturdy instrument that is able to withstand rough handling like banging, drumming, and beating The toddler and kid’s instrumental toys at Aosom give you peace of mind at an affordable price.  

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