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Bike Trailers Will Add More Miles to Your Summer

Buying a bike trailer is an amazing and affordable way to get more mileage out of your existing bicycle. To make matters better, most of the Outsunny bike trailers found at Aosom, can also double as a stroller or jogger to get your bi-pedal movement when you are on your bike or on foot!  Outfitting your sweet ride with the ability to haul passengers or gear, is a modest investment that can have some very worthwhile payoff. Whether you want to transports, kids, pets or gear, we have good options in tow.

Skip the Car and Still Bring the Kids

Don’t forget your faithful sidekick on all your summer adventures! Bring your tyke on your bike ride, of course. Skip the car and take your child along with you while you feel the cool wind on our face. Work off that “pandemic 15” and get on our bike to go to the park, the store, or the beach, this summer.

Plan a bike trip with other parents. Finding bodies of water is a tried and true recreation that will please all ages! Lakes, rivers, oceans, and ponds will do. If that is not an option where you live, try a park date. Raid the play structures or bring your own games and snacks along in the extra room in your trailer. Just make sure your kid can’t get to them too easily and eat them all before you get there.

Don’t Forget Fido!

Many pets love a good trip. Many humans do too. Why not join forces? Some dogs have the stamina and discipline to run along side a bike safely, but unfortunately, many do not. Or if they can, they might be able to handle a 20 mile round trip. A sweet pet trailer from Aosom keeps your pets safe and enjoying the ride while you peddle or push!

Expand Your Gear Capacity

No need to drive, purchase a rental a car, or pay for a cab. Take your picnic basket, camping gear, badminton set, volleyball net, and grill (not necessarily all together, mind you)! The cargo trailer is your friend when saddle bags or a back pack just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to bringing your gear with you on your next adventure. Happy adventuring!

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