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Back to School: Take a Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming Sale

Welcome to our annual dorm room roundup!

Back to School Sale starts Monday, August 12th!

With another successful summer on the books, it’s time to start thinking about Back to School. This is the second fall that I’m not heading back to campus, and it feels a little weird. I love school! Something about the smell of old books and dusty classrooms really gets me going. The one thing I don’t miss is the homework- I happen to enjoy watching Netflix guilt-free. 

If you’re a returning college student, incoming freshman, or parent of a college kid, you know how important it is to be prepared. You might be suffering from varying degrees of nervousness and excitement. Not to fear! Our Back to School sale starts next Monday, and we’re giving you a sneak peek at some of the amazing products that are going to take your dorm room from drab to fab!

Before we get started, it’s time for a Pop Quiz!

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Now that we’ve found your fictional collegiate doppelganger, it’s time to find some products to make your dorm into a real home. Our back to school sale starts on Monday, August 12th. You’ll find these desks, chairs, accessories, and more up to 40% off through September 2nd! Let’s get started.

Let’s Go Back to School!


Your desk is the focal point of your room. This is where the magic happens! When you go back to school, you’ll need a place to organize your thoughts as well as your books. Desks that double as storage are perfect for smaller spaces like dorm rooms. These trendy desks from Monarch and HomCom are sure to look great in any dorm space.

Combining storage with sophistication, this L- Shaped desk from Monarch has all the bells and whistles. Perfect for the student who loves to stay organized, this desk features enough drawers, shelves, and surface space to keep you on track all year long.

A modern minimalist’s dream, this desk and bookshelf combo from HomCom fits into the smallest of dorm spaces while still being super functional. Available in white or black, this is the desk for those who love simplicity and functional design.

For those with an eye toward industrial design, this multi-level steel and wood computer desk from HomCom is a sure thing. Staying organized throughout the school year can be a challenge, but this structured desk will take the guesswork out of organizing your papers and books.

For a desk that’s both fashionable and functional, this two-toned multi-level desk from HomCom checks all the boxes. Complete with drawers, shelves, and multiple work surfaces, this is the ultimate desk for someone who likes to think, and work, outside the box.

If your style is a little more retro, you’ll love this 70’s inspired walnut finish desk from Monarch. Combining simplicity and elegance, this desk features a wide-open work surface, perfect for art projects, drafting, or keeping reference books within reach.

For the true minimalist, this clean and simple modern writing desk from HomCom can’t be beat. Featuring a simple woodgrain top and white steel legs, you’ll be free from distractions while you tackle that endless mountain of homework.


Let’s face it, you’re going to be spending a LOT of time sitting at your desk. Between studying, working on term papers, and Skyping with your parents, your chair will see some use. Better make it a comfortable one! We’ve got a great selection of office, executive, and gaming chairs to fit your unique style. Check out these best-sellers from HomCom, FicMax, and Monarch:

Take a seat in this ergonomic faux leather desk chair from Monarch! The curved back rest and padded seat will keep you comfortable, and the sleek black and silver design will keep you looking cool.

For the student who loves to game, this racing style gaming chair from HOMCOM is a perfect fit. With a retractable footrest, neck and lumbar pillows, and a fully reclining back, this is the chair you need if you plan to spend more time sitting at the computer than in your bed.

The ultimate in comfort, this padded, heated, and vibrating massage executive chair from HomCom is the only way to go. Your roommate might think you look like Dr. Evil in this posh chair, but you’ll be laughing while he’s at the chiropractor for spending too many hours in a regular ol’ chair.

Maybe you’re a simple man or woman, and you like simple things. This contemporary chair from Monarch offers the perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. Combining a classic look with modern black and silver design, this chair speaks to the minimalist in us all.

If your style is more modern and, dare we say, futuristic? You may just love this high back swivel chair from Vinsetto. Like something from George Jetson might have in his house, this chair makes a statement, and keeps propelling you into your own successful future.

But Katie, you may say, isn’t this the same chair, just in white? Yes it is, dear reader. I think this chair looks so good in both black and white, I needed to include both here in our Sneak Peek. Also, this chair looks like EVE from WALL-E, making it futuristic indeed.


One thing dorms are usually lacking is closet space. So where do you keep your clothes? A great solution is these lightweight wardrobe units, featuring plenty of drawers and space to keep your clothes organized and off the floor. Muted, neutral tones will look clean and modern in your dorm room, so you can focus on more important things- like your grades.

Look, we all hate folding laundry. Make it easier on yourself with this 5 drawer dresser from HomCom. The modern, lightweight design and extra-large drawers make this wardrobe a dorm room staple. Folding your clothes is cool! Wearing the same wrinkly shirt 5 days a week is not.

If you have a lot of clothes, opt for this vertical dresser that totally matches the 5 drawer version! Place them next to each other for a multi-level look, or stick this one inside your closet to hold all your shoes. Remember, an organized wardrobe means you can spend less time making an outfit, and more time snoozing your alarm!

For a simpler (and cheaper) wardrobe option, you can’t beat this 5 drawer stackable standing cabinet from HomCom. The modular design means you can arrange the cubes in any order you want, making it easy to keep your stuff organized even in smaller dorm spaces.


This one is pretty obvious- you’re gonna have to read a lot of books in college. Personally, I love books, but regardless of how you feel about them, you need someplace to store them. Those textbooks aren’t cheap, either, so make sure you take good care of them by keeping them safely on one of our bookcases. We’ve got a variety of designs to choose from, ranging from the basic bookcase to elaborate display shelves. Make a statement with a bookcase that matches your aesthetic!

Who says dorm rooms need to be basic? For storing more than books, this 5 tier open-sided bookcase from Monarch is sure to turn heads. The light wood grain finish will keep your space looking open and airy, and you can even put a plant on the top shelf!

Another design forward bookcase from Monarch, this dark finish 3 tier bookcase is perfect for keeping those text books organized and safely off the floor. Remember, you can only sell books at buyback if they’re in good condition, so it literally pays to take care of your books.

For the student who actually LIKES books, this 3 tier bookcase from Monarch is the ultimate option. Featuring three large open shelves and three mini shelves, you’ll have plenty of space for your text books as well as whatever you like to read for pleasure. Pro tip: The library has books you can check out for FREE!

This classic style bookcase from Monarch is probably the most practical for dorms. Featuring four adjustable shelves, closed back and sides, and a neutral color, this is the bookcase for the student who wants to keep it simple and focus on the books, not the bookcase. Form and function meet to provide you with a completely usable space to keep your books, no questions asked.

Pulling double duty as a bookshelf and a storage space, this contemporary ladder bookcase from Monarch gives you the best of both worlds. Ideal for small spaces, this combo features four vertical shelves and two drawers, and adds a touch of grown-up sophistication to your dorm- even if you still have One Direction posters on the wall.

For the Elle Woods in all of us, this super chic zig-zag open-concept design bookcase from Monarch will put your dorm room a cut above the rest. With 5 open shelves and a dark cappuccino finish, this is the bookcase to have if you have many leatherbound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany.


You’ve got stuff, and your stuff needs a place. Going back to school doesn’t mean you have to neglect your hobbies; whatever you’re into, you need a spot to keep your prized possessions safe and secure. Whether you’re organizing your financial aid paperwork or your collection of vintage Super Nintendo cartridges, you’ll be glad to have a space that’s all your own.

Listen, we all own sensitive things that we don’t want others to see; that’s why we’re offering this lock and key metal storage cabinet on our Back to School sale. The modern industrial design and sleek white finish make this a perfectly nondescript place to keep your dirty little secrets- even if that secret is just your dirty laundry.

Living in small spaces in the past, I’ve personally found that a rolling cart like this 2 drawer cart from Monarch is invaluable. Easy to relocate around your room for any occasion, this cart can easily hold a TV, printer, or other object that you need sometimes but maybe not all the time.

Practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, this vertical wall hanging storage basket set will prove indispensable for keeping track of all those things you need to grab before you walk out the door- keys, sunglasses, wallets, paperwork, portable chargers, etc.

For an industrial look, check out this concrete inspired wood and metal end table from Monarch. A large drawer lets you hide your treasures away, while the bottom shelf is perfect for displaying books, plants, or your beanie baby collection.

Love the log cabin look? Fulfill your rustic dreams with this asymmetrical end table from Monarch. Featuring a cut out open shelf and an enclosed cabinet, this unique piece doubles as storage and display. Its compact size makes it perfect for dorms!

This modern end table from Monarch will really make a statement in your room! Featuring an iconic black and gold design, this table with one large drawer will intrigue your visitors- and draw their eye away from that pile of laundry on your floor.


You’re going to be living in your dorm room for most of the year, so make it your home away from home! We’ve got throw pillows and blankets to help you cozy up to long study sessions, and decorative wall art to bring your space to life! Whatever your personal style, you’re sure to find something cool to spruce up your space.

You probably won’t have a couch in your dorm, so your bed will need to pull double duty as a comfy place to sit and relax. This funky tribal pattern throw pillow will help glam up your bed and make it cozy and inviting for those study sessions and Netflix binges.

Keep track of your grocery list, upcoming assignments, or inspirational quotes on this chic chalkboard wall hanging! This blackboard from Stratton will add a touch of rustic charm and remind you of the good ol’ days, when the hardest math you had to do was timed multiplication tables.

Here’s a piece of wall art that is both fun and educational. Featuring a map of the world overlayed with contrasting floral prints, this tapestry is youthful and chic, making it the perfect piece of decor for a college dorm room.

Brighten up your space with this vertical linen lamp from HomCom. This lamps works as a floor lamp or can sit on top of a desk or dresser. The linen shade creates a soft, warm glow, and the neutral colors will work with any palette.

Here comes the sun! This wall mirror from Stratton is both decorative and functional. With a central mirror and a big burst of gold metal spires, this mirror will brighten up any space, and give you a place to fix your hair and makeup when the communal bathroom is too crowded.

Who doesn’t love being cozy? This ultra soft ribbed throw blanket from Monarch is perfect for cuddling up on chilly fall days- which are right around the corner, by the way. Dark grey plush makes this blanket an easy accent to any room.

Remember, our Back to School Sale starts on Monday, August 12th. We’re so excited to join you on your educational journey! College is an amazing time filled with new experiences, friends, and information. The road to success is paved with hard work and good vibes. To all our students and parents, we wish you a great school year!

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