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Pet Parents: New Trends and Products for Better Living

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Pets make our lives better- we should return the favor! Whether you’re a devoted dog dad (or mom), or more of a casual cat custodian, we have some great new products to upgrade you and your pet’s lives. We’ll also look at current trends in the world of pet parenting, including pet tech, pet services, and the great pet food debate. Check out this great infographic for a quick look at the hottest pet trends of 2019.

Outdoor Houses for Dogs and Cats

PawHut Wood Raised Outdoor Weatherproof Rustic Log Cabin Style Pet Dog House

PawHut 2-Story Indoor / Outdoor Elevated Wooden Cat House Shelter with Balcony Roof

PawHut 2-Level Elevated Waterproof Outdoor Wooden Treehouse Cat Shelter with Balcony

PawHut 67″ Large Wooden Cabin Style Elevated Outdoor Dog House with Porch

Technology for Pets

Pet tech is rapidly expanding as more pet parents feel the need to keep an eye on Fido throughout the day. From health and nutrition apps to treat dispensing two-way pet cams, our pets are riding the wave of the future. Heck, I would buy my dog an iPhone if he had thumbs to unlock it.

To read more about the hottest new trends in pet technology, click here.

Beds for Dogs

PawHut Orthopedic 52″ x 36″ Suede Padded Pet Dog Bed Memory Foam Bolster with Pillow – Army Green with Brown Liner

PawHut 36″ x 30″ Elevated Cooling Summer Dog Cot Pet Bed with Mesh Ventilation – Blue

PawHut 48″ x 46″ Elevated Folding Dog Cot Cooling Summer Pet Bed – Red

PawHut 48″ x 36″ Elevated Portable Dog Cot Cooling Pet Bed with UV Protection Canopy Shade

PawHut 48″ x 30″ Suede Padded Orthopedic Memory Foam Bolster Pet Dog Bed – Brown with Army Green Liner

Pawhut 16″ Indoor Electric Heated Round Dog Bed

Innovative Pet Services

Whatever your pet needs, there’s a service industry for it. Doggie daycare, in-home grooming, and veterinary house calls are just a few of the growing services offered to our furry friends in 2019. Whether you want gourmet pet food delivered, a monthly subscription service for toys and treats, or a personal dog walker, you can find exactly what you need to make your life easier and your pet’s life more interesting (and delicious).

Raised Bowls for Dogs

PawHut 23″ Elevated Durable Wooden Heavy Duty Dog Pet Bowl Feeding Station – White

PawHut 23″ Modern Decorative Dog Bone Wooden Heavy Duty Pet Food Bowl Elevated Feeding Station – Black

PawHut 19″ Height Adjustable Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Elevated Dog Feeding Bowls

PawHut 22″ Double Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Dog Food Bowl Elevated Pet Feeding Station

Genetic Testing for Dogs

If you’ve adopted a shelter or rescue dog, you probably wonder just what she is. Companies like Embark will send you a mail-in kit for genetic analysis so that you can finally find out once and for all what your pup’s parentage is. Genetic testing also looks for potential genetic conditions that can affect your dog, giving you and your vet a bigger picture of your dog’s health and wellness and helping you to create better health plans for your furry friend.

Interactive Play for Dogs

PawHut Backyard Competitive Dog Agility Training Kit Obstacle Course Equipment

PawHut 12″ x 47″ All-Purpose Collapsible PVC Pet Swimming Pool / Dog Bathing Tub – Red / Dark Blue

PawHut 16′ Durable Lightweight Pet Fitness Training Dog Agility Tunnel with Chute and Carrying Bag

PawHut Sturdy Dog Weaves Poles Pet Agility Training Dogs Obstacle Outdoor w/ Storage Bag

PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump Bar Agility Training Equipment with Carrying Case

PawHut Dog Agility Training Jump Ring / Hurdle Bar

Pet Insurance: Is it Worth it?

The short answer is, yes. Pet insurance is widely available, and monthly premiums generally run about $30- $50, depending on your pet’s age, medical history, and other factors. Pet insurance can cover up to 90% of vet visits, medications, and routine and emergency surgeries. If you have an accident-prone dog like mine, pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars a year. Whether your dog is into extreme sports like dock diving or you have a couch potato cat, pet insurance helps you keep them safe and healthy.

Pet Gates and Stairs

PawHut 31″ x 81″ 4 Panel Freestanding Wooden Expandable Pet Gate with Door

PawHut 36″ x 80″ Wooden Freestanding 4 Panel Expandable Pet Gate – White

PawHut 3 Step Portable Pet Stairs Ramp Easy Climb Step with Storage Compartments

PawHut 19″ 2-in-1 Wooden Portable Folding Easy Climb Pet Stairs and Ramp

PawHut 3 Step Height Adjustable Portable Wooden Easy Climb Pet Stairs – Espresso Brown

PawHut 25″ 4-Step Multi-Level Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Pet Stairs – Grey

Pet Food: The Possibilities are Endless

Gone are the days of Kibbles and Bits and Friskies. More and more people are choosing to feed their pets specialized, human-grade diets, and for good reason- better food has been proven to help your pets live longer, healthier lives. This is really not that surprising- fresh food is more nutritional than highly processed food. Feeding your pets better doesn’t have to break the bank; you can make your own fresh dog food at home using meat, vegetables, and lentils, or try a natural pet food brand like FreshPet- their prepackaged pet foods are surprisingly cost-effective. Consult your veterinarian before making big changes to your pet’s diet to ensure they continue to get all the nutrients they need.

Cat Towers, Condos, and Scratchers 

PawHut 52″ Sisal Cat Scratcher Multi-Level Tree Interactive Playground Toy With Tunnel, Ramp, Perches

Pawhut 60” Multi-Scratcher Scratching Post Cat Tree – Beige

PawHut 40″ Modern Cat Tree Multi-Level Scratching Post with 2 Cube Cave Enclosures – Oak Wood and White

PawHut 57” Sisal Cat Scratcher Tree Tower Interactive Cat Toy With Perches, Cave, Ramp

Pawhut 51” Cat Tree Tower – Beige

PawHut 45″ Plush Sturdy Interactive Cat Condo Tower Scratching Post Activity Tree House – Beige / White

PawHut 2-Tier Cat Tree Tower Scratching Post Furniture with Mice Toy Sisal Ball Roller – Beige / Coffee Brown

PawHut Cat Tree Tunnel Scratching Post Activity Furniture Teeter Totter – Beige

HomCom 47″ Modern Contemporary Cat Tree Scratching Post – Oak Wood and White

CBD for Pets

One of the fastest growing trends for pet care in 2019 is the use of CBD treats, tinctures, and additives for pets. Essentially, CBD is derived from hemp plants; it’s a natural pain reliever and de-stressor. Available in a variety of forms, CBD can help relieve joint pain for older pets who suffer from arthritis, and help to calm pets who suffer from separation anxiety or other behavioral issues. Because the federal laws surrounding CBD are still a little murky, you’ll need to look for CBD pet supplies either online or at your locally owned pet supply stores. As with any new medication, consult your vet before starting your pet on a CBD supplement.

Beds for Cats

PawHut Foldable Teepee Puppy Dog Cat Bed Tents and Houses Pet Small Washable with Cushion

PawHut 24” Modern Wood Cat House and Side Table with Storage Shelf

PawHut 24″ Natural Braided Banana Leaf Elevated Cat Bed Basket with Cushion

PawHut Indoor Outdoor Heated Water-resistant A-Frame Pet Cat Shelter House with Zippered Roof

PawHut 28″ Hooded Rattan Wicker Elevated Cat Bed Basket with Cushion – Dark Brown

PawHut Heated Double Wide Outdoor Cat House – Black

Pet Friendly Spaces

Don’t want to leave home without your furry friends? Me neither. One of the best emerging trends in the pet industry is the growing number of pet friendly spaces. Hotels, restaurant patios, home and building supply stores, and even some workplaces are opening their doors to pets and the people who love them. With more people considering their pets as part of the family, it’s a natural move to allow pets in places that people frequent the most.

Litter Box Cabinets

PawHut 23″ Wooden Covered Mess Free Cat Litter Box End Table Hideaway Cabinet with Storage – Espresso Brown

PawHut 23″ Wooden Covered Mess Free Cat Litter Box End Table Hideaway Cabinet with Storage – White

PawHut Decorative Wooden Covered Cat House Side Table Mess Free Cat Pet Crate Litter Box End Table Hideaway Cabinet Enclosure – White

Be the Best Pet Parents You Can Be!

We love pets- that’s why we work hard to bring you new and innovative pet products every year. Don’t forget to shop our Dog Days of Summer pet sale now through August 25th!

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