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Bedroom Styles

The bedroom is one of the most intimate and important rooms in your house: a typical person will spend over a third of their lives dressing and sleeping their bedroom. If you are going to spend that much time in one room, you want a room that makes you comfortable and happy, a refuge from a busy world. Aosom is here to help: scroll and click to find inspiration for your bedroom - everything from beds to wall decor.
Bathroom room
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Bedtime on a Budget?

An average person sleeps for up to 8 hours a day - that means that most people will sleep over 230,000 hours in their lifetime, or over one third of their life! Healthy sleep is essential for every one, so you can get through your day with energy and pep. A good night's sleep requires a great bed, and we have some great affordable beds and bedroom accessories to help you sleep through the night and get through your busy day! Shop Bed >

Bed Buying Guide

Size: Dimensions: Advantages: Best for:
Twin Size L80 x W38 (inches) · More affordable
· Good fit for small apartments
· Easy to move
Full Size L80 x W54 (inches) · Not as expensive as queen
· More room to stretch out
· More choices
Singles / Couple (like sleeping cuddled)
Queen Size L80 x W60 (inches) · Ideal for couples / families
· Also see our pet stairs accessories
Couples / Families

Our Recommendation: Metal Bed Frames

Steel bed frames have an average weight capacity of 880 lbs (@ 400kg). Many steel bed frames also have room underneath the bed for storage. Shop Metal Bed Frames >

Our Most Popular Headboards -
Why you need a Headboard for your Bed:

- If you like reading, scrolling on your phone, or watching videos in bed, you need a headboard. It can supports your back and neck, minimizing risk of pain or injury.
- Many headboards have shelves or built in lights for convenience.
- It both prevents and covers dents, holes, marks and damage to the wall behind the bed.
- Last but not the least, attractive women generally don't want to date men without a bedframe or headboard. It is considered by many women (and parents) as a sign of emotional maturity and financial stability (along with not being a "professional" DJ or magician).
Shop Headboards >

Making Storage Easy

Dressers: Multi-drawer dressers wil always help you get all your clothes & accessories organised. Plus it gives you another surface to display pictures, or keep your pill organizer or water bottle handy. View more dressers >
Bedside tables: Keep everything you need convenient and available! Have your bedtime reading or headphones handy, and a place to keep your snack or drink nearby as well. View more bedside tables >

Vanity Tables & Vanity Sets

Vanity Tables and Vanity Sets your bedroom where you can apply your daily makeup or skin care regime and make yourself ready your best day. With plenty of storage, your vanity can hold all your most important essentials: makeup, toiletries, medicines, anything you need to keep safe but handy everyday. Also, they can serve a variety of purposes allowing you to work, read, whatever you need to do daily in your personal refuge: your bedroom. It's natural that different people have different needs for their bedroom, so we offer a wide variety of tables and organizers - click the links below to see more:
If beds are the most indispensible item in the bedroom,then closets can rank a close second! A bespoke closet can organize your clothes and shoes so you can always find what you need. Tip: If you need more storage, a wardrobe or coat hanger can hold even more clothes.

Decorate Your Way - Without Breaking the Bank

Don't have a big budget to decorate with? Not to worry! We have great deals on affordable furniture and home décor that fits any pocketbook!
Everything in Its Place Keep your important jewelry tidy and organized with our jewelry cabinets. Drawers and slots to keep everything sorted and untangled, with a handy mirror!
Jewely Cabinets >
Light up your Room Floor lamp can add a gentle light source to the room for reading or just to cheer up an otherwise dim room. We have styles for every room and budget!
Floor Lamps >
Hey, You Look Cute Today! Mirrors always upgrade the elegance and décor of a room. Plus you can check your look before your go out, so they are both decorative and practical!
More Mirrors >
Show Off your Style No one likes blank white walls in their home or apartment. You can dress up your walls inexpensively with our very affordable wall art!
Wall Art >


The bathroom is the smallest room in your home, but don't overlook it! After the living room and kitchen, it is probably the room most visited by guests, so make sure to decorate it with as much thought and effort as you would put into any other room. Fortunately, we have affordable fixtures and handy hampers to help you organize, decorate and tidy up this small but important room in your home.
Bedroom room
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Wall Cabinets and Lighted Mirrors to Amp Up your Bathroom

Since your bathroom is usually your smallest room, you need to mazimize space without breaking the bank. Our well-designed wall cabinets have ample room for bathroom essentials, such as daily routine skin care products, tooth brushes, etc., saving precious space. Our affordable bathroom cabinets have mirrors help quickly get through your morning routine, as well.
Tip: If there is not a lot of natural or overhead lighting in your bathroom, we also have great deals on lighted mirrors.
Wall Cabinets > Lighted mirror >

"Sink Into" Style and Elegance

The right sink is both attractive and practicla. Ceramic sinks are durable and easy to clean, but resin sinks are excelent for designers on a budget.

Maximizing Space

Adding a bathroom vanity cabinet is a handy way to keep cleaning supplies, towels and other necessities organized but out of the way. Our affordable water-resistant designs helps you keep your stored accessories high and dry. Bathroom Vanities >

Don't Waste an Inch

Got a lot of stuff in the bathroom, but not a lot of floor space? This is where our slide-out floor cabinets come in handy! These affordable storage units are narrow enough to place between many toilets and sinks. (Make sure to double check the dimensions of both the space and the slide out cabinet before ordering). Some have locking wheels to make re-organizing and cleaning easier than ever.

Laundry made Easy-Peasy!

A good laundry hamper makes laundry time so much easier! And so do affordable washer and dryer combos. Hampers get wet and dirty clothes off the floor and make it easy to transport them from the bedroom to the laundry room. In the laundry room you can find our affordable washer and dryer combinations: cheap in price, but not in quality. Laundry Hampers > Washing Machines and Dryers >
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