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Home Appliances

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Aosom (“Awesome”) Home Appliances

Portable Air Conditioners
MULTIPLE MODES: Our portable AC units cool, dehumidify, ventilate, and sleep with three speed settings. Great for use in different types of weather and during different times of the day and night for better rest.

PORTABLE COMPACT DESIGN: Small but mighty, our mobile air conditioners fit into smaller areas with ease. The four swivel wheels on the base let it move around easily, so you can use this AC unit in any room needed, quickly and easily, without exertion or requiring multiple people to move it or set it up again. Our standard models are designed to cool an approximately 200 – 300 foot room very quickly.

24 HOUR TIMER & AUTO CUT OFF: The 24-hour timer allows you to set a specific cooling schedule. Helpful for sleep and saving electricity and money. Our air conditioners automatically cut off when the water overflow tank is full.

REMOTE CONTROLS & EASY CLEANING: Remote control units allow you to adjust the unit’s settings, even when you are across the room. Removable air filters, which are easy to clean, help keep the air in the room fresh and hygienic.

House Fans

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Our air conditioning fans feature cooling, humidifying and fan modes and they oscillate across a 60° radius to provide cooling to almost any size or shape of room.

SMART DESIGN: Air filter systems keeps the air circulating around fresh and clean for freshness and hygiene. Large, dual capacity cooling water tanks make it convenient for you to easily add water without bending over. Safety grills in front of the fan blades make these innovative, affordable fans safe around children and pets.

MULTIPLE SPEEDS AND MODES AND TWELVE-HOUR TIMER: The air conditioning easily switches between low, medium and high speeds and strong, gentle and sleep modes, which makes it easy to find the best setting for your personal comfort.  The 12-hour timer works can be set for hourly intervals, making it fantastic for nighttime cooling while you sleep comfortably.

LED SCREEN AND REMOTE: The control panel features a convenient LED display, with convenient speed power and setting controls. You can easily adjust your favorite cooling settings via the control panel or the via the handy remote.

Portable Clothes Washers

EASY TO OPERATE: Designed with multiple soft touch buttons to choose any washing program: water levels, timer, child lock function, etc.: functional and convenient! A high-capacity basin allows you to wash work clothes, heavy-duty towels, or large sheets.

MMULTIPLE WASHING MODES: There are up to eight available washing programs, depending on the model, including Normal, Cotton, Gentle, Speed, Spin, Whites, Heavy Soil, and Tub Clean .Our portable washing machine have at least three water temperatures and three water settings for different laundry loads.

TIMER/PAUSE FUNCTIONS: You can set a start time by pressing "Program" for 3 seconds to select when you want the washing machine to start. The "Start/Pause" button makes it easy to start or stop the washer and add clothes or detergents mid-cycle.

SAFE TO OPERATE AND EASY TO MONITOR: Designed with a child lock for safety, and a clear lid allows you to monitor the water level and washing process.

EASY TO RELOCATE: Our mini washing machines come with a convenient handle and swivel wheels for easy carrying and moving, and the compact design is ideal for small spaces such as apartments, RVs, and dorms rooms.

Portable Dryers

SEVEN DRYING MODES: Our laundry dryers have up to seven drying modes, including Extra, Smart, Mixed, and Air Dry, as well as timed modes for loads with different fabrics and weights.

LARGE CAPACITY: With up to 1300W of power and large, powerful drums, our electric clothes dryers will dry your clothes quickly and evenly.

MULTIPLE INSTALLATION MODES: You can mount this portable dryer on the wall (bracket is not included), place it on the ground, or stack it on a washer suitable for limited space like a small laundry room, apartment, or dorm. The attached carrying handle makes it portable and easier to move it where you need it.

QUALITY MATERIAL: The steel frame of this clothes dryer resists wear and tear, while the drum is made of stainless steel and is rust-resistant. The two-layer filter prevents lint buildup for better drying results.


MULTIPLE MODES AND SPEEDS: Our dehumidifiers can switch between low and high speeds and auto-dry and sleep modes. You can also set the humidity controls for day or nighttime settings.

LARGE TANK: Our portable dehumidifiers can remove over five gallons a day from areas exceeding 2500 square feet. This means that in an enclosed area, it can reduce the humidity by up to 80% in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees F.

TIMER: You can set our dehumidifier to a specific running time to save electricity and prevent over-use. It's great for sleeping at night, because its innovative design means it runs at less than 40 dB.

INTELLIGENT CONTROLS AND DESIGN: Our home dehumidifiers automatically shut off when the tank is full and won't overflow. Their ergonomic shape and swivel wheels on the bottom make it easily portable.

Electric Fireplaces and Fireplace Accessories

REALISTIC LED LOG FLAME EFFECTS: Use our electric fireplace heaters with the heat function or just an attractive visual fire display with adjustable brightness, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year round.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS AND REMOTE CONTROLS: Our fireplace heaters have a temperature range from approximately 62℉ to 82℉. The included remote allows you to easily control the fireplace’s power, timing, flame, and heating functions at a distance.

ADAPTIVE START & PERIODIC TIMING FUNCTION: Using the periodic timing function, you can easily control the heating time of our electric fireplace heaters, even when you sleep. Choose a temperature you need, set automatic heating for when the room temperature drops, and stop when is comfortable.

FIREPLACE SCREENS: Most kits include a firepit poker, brush, shovel and carbon tongs allowing you to easily move logs around and clean out the ashes safely. Four storage hooks are conveniently included for hanging the accessories.

FOLDABLE PANELS: The multi-panel spark fireguard ensures flexible placement for any fireplace shape, and easily folds for storage when not in use.

PROTECTIVE MESH: A sturdy metal mesh screen and steel frame protect your family by screening potentially flammable nearby objects from sparks, embers, and other flame by-products.

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