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Massage Furniture

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Buying Guide: Massage Chair

A new relaxing lifestyle

After a long day it’s good to come home and relax. Your reward is already waiting for you with HomCom’s Massage Chair. Lean back, relax and turn your room into your own personal spa that tackles tension with a targeted ergonomic massage experience that’s unmatched. In this guide you can learn more about the different massage chair models and their specific features so you can find the right one for you.


>>Comfortable and Stylish: These are classic recliners with added massage function

>>Choose your comfort with Knead, tap and rolling massage techniques

>>Choose from these Additional Functions

>>Cover and Frame: Highest Quality Materials

>>In conclusion: Massage Chairs, Relation at the Push of a Button

Comfortable and Stylish: These are classic recliners with added massage function

In a massage chair you can be pampered head to toe. You control the level of vibration and strength of the small mechanical rollers inside the powered armchair using an easy to use remote control. Determine the strength, intensity and duration of your massage to find your ultimate level of relaxation. These recliners are ergonomically built and padded to have an extra-deep, luxurious seat. Fold back the high backrest to come to a comfortable lying position. Some models have an integrated adjustable footrest, with others have a separate foot stool to rest your legs. Transport rollers on the bottom of the chair make moving it a breeze.

Choose your comfort with Knead, tap and rolling massage techniques

Our massage chairs offer the choice between gentle kneading and stronger massage movements with various programmable options. Find out which massage techniques are available and their specialized relaxation effects.

Roll or Stretch Massage

With the roller or stretch massage, massage rollers in the armchair run evening up and down the entire back along the spinal column—like the classic stroke in massage practice. By rolling up and down vertically, your spine is stretched and relieved. This takes pressure off your individual vertebral disks.

Kneading Massage

With kneading massage, the message mechanism moves both vertically and horizontally. Pressure from the rhythmic and down of the massage balls relieved the tension from knots in your back and prevents the development of chronic muscle pain and discomfort. It also strengthens tissue and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

Tapping Massage

The tapping massage function imitates the gentle tapping of a masseuse with the insides of the hands. The back is “tapped” from the neck to tailbone. This stimulation loosens your muscles and tissues and relieves tension on individual muscle groups.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese variant of acupuncture based in traditional Chinese medicine. The pressure point massage stimulates energy channels in your body and releases blockages that activate self-healing processes in your body.

Note:If used frequently, massage chairs help you relieve stress, which can counteract sleep disorders and make you feel fitter and more comfortable. If you have chronic pain or disc problems, you should still consult with a doctor.

Choose from these Additional Functions

In addition to the standard massage for the back and shoulders, many of our chairs have a number of special programs to help you relax even better.

Relieve Tension: Targeted treatment

Models with a smart back scan function specifically massage areas of your body that need special attention. The sensor program detects and pinpoints the position of tension in the back so it can treated with the right massage technique.

Staying Relaxed: Relief for Stiff Necks

A neck massage can be a great relief if you suffer from a stiff neck due to incorrect posture or from prolonged hours at a computer. Armchairs with a massage function in the neck pillow loosen tense muscles and bring much needed relief. An ergonomically shaped headrest keeps your head and neck in a comfortable position during the massage.

Relax in Mid-air: Put an End to Tired Legs

Some massage chairs have air cushion in the seat and leg rest so that your tired legs can quickly be revitalized. With air pressure massage, these chambers fill with air and apply gentle pressure on the buttocks, thighs and calves. This helps reduce swelling and improve blood circulation in your legs.

Put your Feet Up: Relaxation Down to Your Little Toe

Our massage chairs with integrated foot reflex zone massage relax your swollen feet after long walks or a day full of errands. In our footstools or built in recliner functions, special modules are attached to massage the soles of your feet and stimulate healing blood circulation.

Warm Up Comfortably: Better Blood Circulation for Cold Feet

Armchairs with a warming function in the foot area keep your feet warm, a great relief when the weather turns chilly. In warm temperatures, the massage effect is even stronger. You can regulate the heat to your specifications with the included remote.

Tip: To save electricity, massage chairs with a timer function will automatically switch-off based on your settings.

Cover and Frame: Highest Quality Materials

In addition to the breathable polyester foam padding, the armchair upholstery and base also determine the comfort and effectiveness of your massage chair. Classic colors such as black, brown and white are timeless and blend into a variety of home décor. Here is an overview of the materials we use to craft these chairs.

Real Leather Upholstery: Elegant and Durable

Armchair covers made of pure leather offer a soft surface with a unique natural pattern of the leather’s grain. This all natural material also adapts to your body temperature!

Synthetic Leather Upholstery: Robust and Inexpensive

As an inexpensive and vegan alternative to real leather, armchair covers made of synthetically produced imitation leather are ideal. Artificial leather looks very similar to the original and rivals it’s durability.

Tip: You can easily remove larger stains with a little water and mild detergent. Avoid direct sunlight and heating vents, as they will fade the color and make artificial leather brittle.

The Base: Wood or Metal

In our armchairs with stools, the frame catches the eye as a visible and stylish base, as is the case with most functional armchairs. A massage chair with chrome feet goes well with modern interiors. If you like a classic or rustic look, armchair frames made of light-stained or natural wood may be the right choice for you.

Tip: You can polish chrome frames to a shine with glass cleaning or cleaning alcohol. To prevent wood frames from drying out, occasionally apply wood treatment oils.

In conclusion: Massage Chairs, Relation at the Push of a Button

With a massage you take you relaxing at home to next level. Relieve tension and stress with the various settings and features built into our massage functions.

  • Armchairs with a roller or stretch massage function stroke your spine with rotating balls and relax your back. This motion relieves your intervertebral discs.
  • Massage chairs with a kneading function massage you vertically and horizontally. The alternating strong pressure from the massage balls relaxes your muscles in depth and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.
  • With the remote control you can change the massage program effortlessly to suit your needs.
  • Models with an extendable footrest can save space when not in use. The integrated footrest extends when you recline in the chair to start your relaxing massage.
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