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Laundry Room Essentials

Laundry day is rarely anyone’s favorite day of the week.  But it can only be made better if you have the right equipment to do it faster and more efficiently.  

Unfortunately, people often overlook the importance of the right laundry hamper, ironing board, or convenient clothes steamer to make laundry day easier and less burdensome.  

Let’s find out the benefits of a quality laundry room essentials and where you can find them

Why Is an Affordable, Quality Ironing Board Important? 

It’s not uncommon for people to iron their clothes on just any old surface. The constant exposure to heat isn’t just bad for those surfaces, but also the clothes being ironed; not to mention, it can wreak havoc on your back if you are using a low table or chair. You really don’t want to be arched over a tiny end table or dining room chair trying to iron your clothes and have your back give out by the end of it. Not to mention the heat and moisture damage to furniture that isn’t designed for it.

Stability and sturdiness is also important. You can’t get any work done when you’re spending half your time keeping a small precarious table from tipping and shaking. This will slow down your ironing and you risk burning your clothes – or worse, burning yourself! 

People often neglect the importance of having a sturdy ironing board. They believe that any flat surface should suffice. Still, an ironing board is made for a specific purpose, and it will always beat an old wooden table for performance and wrinkle-free clothes. Getting a good ironing table is almost as important as the iron itself. It might seem simple to get any old ironing board, but with all the choices and different brands sprouting up, all with different quality, materials and warranties, getting an ironing board for your home might not be the easy decision you hoped. How do you find one that meets all your needs and preferences?

If you are looking for an ironing table for your home, Aosom has got you covered. We offer a wide selection of ironing boards with different heights, weights, and sizes to help you find the perfect ironing board for your house. So visit Aosom and get the perfect ironing table for you.

An ironing board, or ironing station, with storage shelves, is a great way to keep your clean clothes neat, tidy and organized.

Garment Steamers Help Keep You Cool and Confident

A big part of looking and feeling your best comes from having confidence and feeling good in your clothing. When you wear your favorite outfit, you feel great because know you look great! However, if your clothes are wrinkled, it’s another story entirely, taking your look from suave and stylish to unkempt, messy and disorganized. Not a great look for interviews or first dates!

But what are you supposed to do if your clothes aren’t ironing-safe, and you can’t get to the dry cleaner in time? No worries, there’s a solution. This is where your Aosom.com garment steamer comes in:

  • POWERFUL STEAMERS: Our commercial-grade garment steamers are rated up to 1350-watts and remove wrinkles and odors from clothes, linens, curtains, and upholstery quickly and effectively.
  • BUILT-IN IRONING BOARD, HANGERS & BRUSH: The built-in ironing board can be adjusted to any angle for vertical steaming and horizontal ironing while the built-in garment hanger and pants press clamp (with fabric brush) keeps garments in position, minimizing wrinkles and creases, and maximizing disinfecting and deodorizing.
  • CAPACITY & DURABILITY: The removable 2-liter tank heats up in under a minute and can supply steam for almost a full hour, if needed.
  • HANDY SETTINGS: Our steamers feature almost a dozen different temperature settings and a temperature-controlling governor switch, making it suitable and safe for all kinds of fabrics: silk, nylon, wool and more.
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT: Our electric clothes steamers feature double-layered steam hoses, a stay-cool handle and a sturdy brush to ensure your comfort and safety during use. A drainage port and control-release knob water to be easily discharged after use, for dry storage and mildew protection.

The Best Laundry Hamper for your Home

Whether you live alone, with a partner, or a whole passel of kids or extended family, dirty laundry the eternal enemy. Dirty clothes littering the floor creates unsightly messes, and sometimes smell. Tossing these clothes into a hamper will ease your trouble and keep your home neat and tidy.  

Laundry baskets can make your laundry days more pleasant. All you need is a sturdy yet presentable laundry hamper that can stand up to daily use.

A good laundry hamper should be strong and durable and the right size for your needs. Wet/Dry hampers are also a good idea.

Depending on size, some laundry hampers are ideal for large families, while others are suitable for single professionals. You should also consider the space that these hampers may take up in your house.

Hampers are handy and help you organize dirty laundry and keep it all in one place for when you are ready to wash them. When looking for an affordable, quality laundry hamper for your home, check out Aosom.com for a choice of great values when it comes to decorative hampers; it is always helpful to opt for a hamper that blends seamlessly with your room’s décor.

If you want to save space while keeping your laundry hidden, you may go for a pull-out or tilt-out hamper cabinet. These are a great option to match your bathroom or laundry room design and décor.

Make Laundry Day Easier with Hampers, Steamers & Ironing Boards from Aosom.com

Whether you’ve just moved into your first college dorm, apartment, or house, buying a laundry hamper can helps prevent piles of dirty clothes from overrunning your space. Steamers help keep your clothes tidy and germ-free. A quality ironing board or even better, an ironing station, will also help you to keep your laundry clean and organized and keep you looking your best!

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