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Office Chairs

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The Importance of a Good Office Chair

Demanding work tasks with short deadlines, stress, long meetings...office workers face these issue day in and day out. Many office workers put in so many hours that they spend more time in the office than at home…!

Having the best possible office environment is essential for maintaining productivity and reducing stress, regardless of whether we are talking about a home office or one downtown. You need to be comfortable, but not comfortable enough to lose focus and doze off, and you need to ensure you are ergonomically positioning your body at your desk.

The Right Office Chair

Having an ergonomic office chair is a terrific way to make all that constant sitting easier for your posture. If you want to do this, you will need a posture-improving work furniture, and an ergonomic chair is the first place to start. Having an ergonomic desk chair is your first step on the road to avoiding plenty of nasty long-term side effects, including joint pain.

Even just sitting in the wrong position for a couple of hours each day will result in tremendous strain on your back and your shoulders leading to neck, back, and shoulder pain over time. Luckily, getting a new chair is one of the simplest and most effective solutions for this issue. Getting a model that suits your weight and height is essential — as well as one with the appropriate posture-improving features.

However, there are countless desk chairs to choose from, especially when buying online. And that is precisely why we have decided to provide you with the info you will need before browsing for the finest office chair on the market!

You need good support to endure long and industrious days and what better support could you have than a good office chair? A comfortable work chair is essential to a productive workday.

You must consider that the chair often makes the difference between an office or manager and the rest of the workers. So you have to wisely choose which office chair model to have so that the difference is noticeable without creating abysses between the two.

Our goal at Aosom is to help you choose the best office chair for your needs, so keep these tips in mind when choosing chairs for an office:

What makes a Good Modern Office Chair?

Workers and managers are subjected to continuous stress in the daily work environment. Working long hours can take its toll on the body and mind. To delay fatigue and maximize performance, you need the best ergonomic office chair you can find, that is neither too ugly or too expensive.  

There are several key points to consider when buying an office chair. We will start from the that you spend at least eight hours a day sitting in these chairs, sometimes even longer…!

1.   Comfort

Check if the chair has lumbar support, a headrest, or an armrest to ensure it will adapt to our body. These elements can indeed make the cost of the chair a little more expensive, but we assure you that it is an investment that you will not take long to see. The ideal office chair will surprises with its comfort within the first few minutes. Comfort is an essential aspect of office chair design, so you want quality materials. Quality materials ensure stability and durability, meaning you will get a longer lasting, more comfortable chair for your money.

2.   Strength

The chair must also be sturdy and stable. Experts recommend choosing an office chair with five legs. Thanks to this, we will avoid losing our balance and any related incident.

The chair must be large enough to be comfortable but support the person's body as much as possible. It is worth paying for a larger more resilient model which adapts to each worker’s body. The technical data information sheet of the office chairs indicates the maximum weight it can support. Do not exceed the weight limit under any circumstances as the chair will not support the weight and get damaged.

3.   Material/Build

When looking at the material of your chair, there are distinct factors that will affect your choice.

·       Webbed Chairs offer the comfort and durability of a more expensive fabric or leather chair, often at a much lower cost.  They are often much more lightweight, so are easier to move, store, unpack, etc.  They are a popular and economic choice for offices to buy in bulk.  

·       Fabric Chairs offer a touch of elegance and comfort to any workstation.  They are comfortable, durable and don’t retain uncomfortable amounts of body heat like some leather chairs.

·       "Gaming" Chairs are nominally designed and intended for use by e-sports players and “YouTubers” – people that are very active while sitting for long periods of time.  But why should they get the comfort and convenience your office chair lacks?  With smooth swiveling action and fun conveniences like cup holders, you can enjoy comfort AND style while you work! Plus they come in a wide variety of expressive colors and styles.

·       Leather Chairs are a classic for the executive office.  Stylish and luxurious, they can be a status symbol as well as a comfortable seat for long workdays.

4.   Style/Colors

The most common office chairs are classic monochromatic pieces, with standardized headrests, lumbar support (hopefully) and armrests.  But those are not your only choices.

Fashion and style has changed dramatically over the last fifty years, even reaching into the corporate office. You now have the choice of classic monochromatic options or more expressive modern options, adaptable to both your style and that of the company itself.

Choose Wisely!

The fact is that not all chairs are suitable for everyone. No matter how adjustable or ergonomic they are, there are always chairs that are too wide for small people or too high for short people.

Just as all chairs are not suitable for all people, any old office chair is not ideal for all types of jobs. A manager who works in front of a computer is different from a telemarketer who works on the phone all the time.

Knowing exactly what features you need in your office chair brings you one step closer to picking the perfect office chair for your needs. Now go to Aosom.com and find that perfect office chair for you!

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