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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
Enter now ☛☞see more ››
Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Extend your Growing Season All-Year-Round

When the first cold temperatures arrive and winter approaches, life gets more difficult for the plants, vegetables and flowers in your garden and yard. There is an option to keep your vegetation happy and growing, so affordable that it might surprise you: a greenhouse! There are a variety of Outsunny greenhouses that satisfy a wide swath of needs and budgets, including cheap kits and portable units. There is a common conception that greenhouses are only a tool used in larger growing operations and commercial farming, but simply is not true. 

Because people love to grow plants in their backyard, Aosom has a number of greenhouses for sale to give your plants a healthy, happy place to grow. We have greenhouse kits for small greenhouses, portable greenhouses, indoor greenhouses and mini greenhouses. We send you all the greenhouse supplies you need to create a stunning backyard greenhouse. We have lean to greenhouse kits, small greenhouse kits, kits for palram greenhouses and winter greenhouses. Our sturdy pvc greenhouses are sure to last for summers and winters to come.

Lots of room for everybody

We have greenhouses for sale in many sizes, up to 26 feet long, 10 feet wide and 6 ½ feet high. They are the most effective solution to have your garden 365 days a year. They are quality material products made robust and resistant, fashioned with galvanized steel frames and waterproof polyethylene fabric. They have large drop-down entrances, and most models have zippers for easy access and a tight seal, once closed. They have side windows, many with mosquito nets, to facilitate ventilation of the interior space.   

Keep the wind and rain out also has greenhouses of all sizes - even the smaller units have roll-up doors, windows with mosquito nets, and more. One feature included with almost all our units is an extra 10-20cm of fabric around the edges that can be used to further waterproof your greenhouse, by burying it in the ground.  Some have shelves to multiply the usable inside space and add more plants.

The little guys

One of the main differences between the units is the height. The larger units you can enter standing up, but the smaller units reach approximately 3-4ft high. Also, of smaller width and are designed so that you can reach and manipulate all the plants, vegetables, and fruits from outside. If you desire, you can enter on your knees. In this case we recommend buying out of our kneelers that have a comfy cushion available in our garden tools section.

Polyethylene and Polycorbonate

Most of our greenhouses at are polyethylene .but we also have polycarbonate paneled greenhouses . They are ideal for optimal ventilation with opening panels. They are made with aluminum alloy and corrosion resistant hardware to keep you gardening season after season. A bit less bendable than the fabic, the Polycorbonate panels make the structure more permanent and can be a better solution is portability is not as valuable to you.

More info

If you seek further information about greenhouses, please read our Greenhouse 101 blog, for lots more helpful knowledge. Size and material are the primary considerations in making a purchase. Think about are whether you want a large greenhouse, where you can move around freely while standing, or a small one that fits your special needs. Whatever your choice, you will have a closed and ideal space to protect your plants from intense cold, wind, frost, and bad weather.

All our greenhouses are manufactured with average weather conditions in mind, but it is important to note our product guarantee does not cover damage from extreme weather, abuse or incorrect assembly.

Just starting a hobby greenhouse is a great step toward become a better gardener. We have some of the best greenhouses on the market for people wanting to up their gardening game. Even a little greenhouse provides a great place for plants to get a healthy start growing before their moved to other parts of the garden. Greenhouse farming is simple and efficient, and you’ll love the results. Our greenhouse prices are low, so anyone can start their backyard growing project without a financial hurdle. Greenhouse construction is quick and easy, and you’ll have your patio greenhouse or small portable greenhouse up and running in no time. We sell many types of greenhouses, including indoor greenhouse kits, so you’re sure to find the right greenhouse for you. If you’re looking to take your gardening to the next level, look no further than a greenhouse from Outsunny.