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Dog Strollers

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Dog Stroller Buying Guide

Have you seen any confusing new strollers popping up in your neighborhood lately? Are you wondering where all these new babies are coming from?

These small passengers might not be what they seem. More and more people have taken to buying dog strollers for their canine companions. While it might seem odd to walk your dog in a trailer, there are actually lots of reasons for it. It’s convenient, it’s safe, and it’s comfortable for both you and your pet.

If you like to stay up to date on all the hottest dog accessories, keep reading. We’ll answer all of your questions about the craze of dogs in strollers, and why you should consider it for your pup.

Are Dogs in Strollers a Good Idea?

It may seem strange to put your pet in a stroller. Most people are used to using traditional pet carriers or leashes to transport their dogs.

However, a dog stroller can offer you more advantages than you might think. For example, a dog stroller can be especially helpful when you are traveling with your pet. While most dogs are great at walking on a leash, they can sometimes be put on edge by a new environment.

If your dog is prone to running off and smelling everything, you might want to use a stroller to make sure your buddy doesn’t get lost in a strange environment.

If you are taking a long walk with your dog, you might also want to use a stroller in case they get tired.

Dogs are famous for having tons of energy, but they do get tired sometimes! With a dog stroller, you don’t have to cut your walk short when your pet gets lazy.

Dog strollers can also help you deal with mobility issues that make it difficult to walk your dog.

If you have a physical health condition that makes it difficult to take your dog out, you can use a stroller to minimize the amount of time that you spend holding a leash.

Where Can I Take My Dog in a Stroller?

The better question is: where can’t you take your dog in a stroller? Most places that allow dogs are easily accessible with a stroller.

You can take your dog on a walk through your neighborhood, on a low-impact hike, or out to the dog park or the groomers.

There is no limit to the fun that you and your dog can have when you take them out in a stroller. In fact, some places are easier to go with your dog this way.

For example, many pets hate going to the vet. Unfortunately, you still have to take them and hope that they forgive you after they receive ample treats and head pats. A lot of dogs end up associating their pet carriers with fear and anxiety because they know it as the thing that takes them to the vet.

When you use your dog stroller to take your dog everywhere, they won’t fear it; they’ll look forward to it!

That way, your dog won’t know the difference when you put them in a stroller to take them to the vet. They will enjoy a carefree ride to the vet’s office, which will make the whole experience easier for both you and your pet.

Will My Dog Get Enough Exercise?

You might be wondering: how will my dog get enough exercise if I use a dog stroller? That is an excellent question, and we have a couple of answers.

Dog strollers are a great option for dogs that are not as mobile as they once were. If you are caring for senior dogs or injured dogs, a dog stroller will make the world much more accessible to them.

However, you can also use a dog stroller to transport your healthy young dog.

A stroller should not be a replacement for their exercise. Dogs need to run around and play in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. However, that exercise doesn’t have to take place during your walks. Dogs love being outside even if they aren’t running around on a leash.

You can easily use your dog stroller to bring your dog to a safe, enclosed dog park.

That way, you don’t have to deal with any leash struggles on the way there, and you can make sure that your buddy still gets their exercise.

Will My Dog Enjoy a Stroller?

Every dog is different, but most dogs are likely to find a dog stroller enjoyable. At the very least, your dog is almost sure to find a stroller less stressful than a traditional pet carrier.

Dog strollers are comfortable and more spacious than traditional pet carriers. Plus, once your dog learns to associate their stroller with going on trips outside, they’re sure to get excited at the sight of it.

You can help your dog get comfortable with your new stroller by giving them treats for going on a ride in it. Your pet may be nervous at first, but most dogs are great at getting accustomed to new things.

If your dog is prone to anxiety about going outside, they may even vastly prefer the stroller to a typical leash or carrier. From inside their stroller, your dog can feel protected but also have a clear view of everything going on around them.

Will My Neighbors Think I’m Crazy?

If your neighbors think you’re strange for walking your dog in a dog stroller, they probably just don’t know about all the great benefits a dog stroller can offer! You can always take that opportunity to enlighten them.

Plus, one of your neighbors probably walks their child on a leash. That seems to be all the rage these days.

Do Dog Strollers Keep My Dog Safer?

There are lots of situations in which a dog stroller will keep your pet safer. If you live in a hot area, a stroller can protect your dog’s precious paws from heat damage.

If you live in an area where the street is not well cared for, you can use a dog stroller to protect your pet from stepping on anything dangerous.

Both of these tips are especially important if you live in an urban environment.

Raising a dog in the city comes with many unique challenges, and keeping them safe on walks is one of them. If you’ve ever been on a subway in New York City or Philadelphia, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Keep your pet’s paws safe while you transport them wherever you want to go. Plus, you can use your dog stroller to keep them safe in case of unexpected rain!

How Do I Know When My Senior Dog Needs a Stroller?

It can be easy to miss the signs of pain in aging dogs. We all wish our pets could talk to us, but unfortunately, we have to do a lot of translating to understand what they need.

If your dog starts moving more slowly or hesitating to go outside, that’s a big sign that he might be starting to lose mobility. Dogs enter into old age at around 7 years old. If your dog is around that age, you should start paying special attention to how they move.

If your dog seems to have trouble figuring out how to back up or change directions, that is a sign that they may be developing arthritis in their back legs.

If your dog yelps or whimpers while climbing stairs, that is another sign that your pet is beginning to have mobility problems.

As soon as you spot any of these signs, you should invest in a dog stroller for your pet. There’s no harm in getting one too early, but it can be harmful to make the switch too late.

Can Any Dog Use a Stroller?

If you have a big fluffy friend like a mastiff or a german shepherd, don’t worry. There are dog strollers to fit your pet’s large and cuddly size. While it might seem silly to get a stroller for a large dog, they actually might need one more than the average small dog.

Large dogs are more prone to developing joint pain in old age, due to the pressure their weight puts on their ligaments and bones.

When in doubt, ask your veterinarian to make a recommendation about strollers for your dog.

Find the Right Dog Stroller Today

Now you know all about dog strollers and why more pet owners use them than ever before. Take the next step and make your walks a breeze!

You and your dog are both sure to love the convenience and safety of a dog stroller. Find the best one today!

Get all your questions about doggy welfare answered on our blog. Learn more about how to care for your pets and give them the royal treatment that they deserve.

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