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Beds, Bedframes and Headboards

You’ve been busy at work and you decide to lay down on your bed for a bit. You lay back and realize your back is getting some much needed relief.  A comfortable bed and mattress are crucial for getting enough rest and relieving daily stress – both are important for physical and mental health!

Have a heavenly new mattress and box spring, just need a new bedframe to go with it? Check out the selection of bedframes and even fold out beds for guests at Aosom.com

Need to spruce up the old bedframe? Check out the selection of convenient and stylish headboards at Aosom.com to dress up any steel or wooden bedframe and give it that last finishing touch with a sense of style.

Dressers and Chest of Drawers

A dresser should enhance the look and feel of a bedroom; it should fit your personal belongings in a convenient and pragmatic way. Staying organized is one great way to lower stress. Though often easier said than done, we set ourselves up for success with a little planning, which includes having the right infrastructure in our bedrooms!

Your bedroom is where you should feel comfortable and relaxed . Having the right sized dresser is a big part of that. Aosom.com is a fantastic marketplace to find dressers that are inexpensive, well-made, and stylish. A great value for you and your family.  

Accent End Tables and Nightstands

The nightstand is a spot for your favorite a book, a friendly place for a cool glass of water, and a shelf for your radio/alarm clock, along with other items you need or want to keep close at hand, such as medication or eyeglasses. Bedside tables and nightstands come in various types of material, but wood and metal are the most common.

Height matters. Measure the top of your mattress and aim to find a bedside table that is more or less, the same height. What kind of life would you have if you couldn’t easily reach to check how many likes your new profile photo got at 3am (we’re joking) or take a revitalizing sip of water before heading back to dreamland?

Questions you might want to consider: Do you want your table to match your bed and duvet or comforter color? Do you want to have a drawer or other storage options? Consider the color in comparison with your bed, walls, and other accents. If you are not sure what you are going for, it is easier to get a black, white, or grey table.

Multipurposed table! Nightstands can be the perfect end table to pair with a couch or chair in the living room or family room.

Vanity Tables and Mirrors

Shopping for the perfect mirror to brighten up your space? Aosom has a wide selection of mirrors in all kinds of sizes and styles. Not only does a wall mirror open up a room by reflecting the space back on itself, but mirrors of all kinds can help bounce light around a room to brighten it up. They can also make great statement pieces if you’re not the type to invest in artwork for your walls. If anything, mirrors are practical assets to any living room, bathroom, or bedroom! Check out Aosom’s mirrors and vanity tables and find the best set up  for you.

The Aosom mirror collection is home to a wide variety of mirrors, suited for all kinds of styles, spaces and size requirements. Whether you’re in search of a stylish wall mirror for your living room, a mirror for your dresser or a dresser with a mirror, we’ve got it! Need a vanity mirror? We’ve got plenty. We even have dressing mirrors for kids! Aosom.com also features handheld mirrors, decorative mirrors, large and small mirrors, circle mirrors and mirrors that double as wall decor. If your space doesn’t have a full body mirror, it might be worth the investment for you to purchase a full length wall mirror or a standing mirror.

Finding the best mirror depends on what you plan to do with it, where you plan to put it, and the space you’re designing. Our customers rate our Full Length Mirror with Jewelry Cabinet at a full five stars, just like our Full Length Dressing Mirror, both from the HOMCOM collection. These are classically-styled pieces, with modern updates and touches. Wo carry a wide variety of options in both modern and traditional styles, as well as vanity mirrors with lights. If you’re looking for a whole vanity set, we have those too!  Keep your cosmetics and beauty supplies organized. The vanity includes a shelf that offers plenty of space to store perfumes, lotions, makeup brushes, and more. Add a touch of elegance and style to your space with this dressing table. A vanity table designed with a neutral black color offers a sleek piece for your bedroom and more. The table is made with black metal and smoked glass for a modern design. Rotate the mirror to look at different angles of your face as you get ready. The mirror is attached to the table for added convenience. We even have colorful vanity tables and dressing mirrors for kids, so they can get ready just like a grownup!

Jewelry Cases and Cabinets

Aosom and HOMCOM jewelry cabinets are a lovely way to organize your jewelry. Constructed so they are affordable and high quality, they offer a great way to keep your necklaces, earring, rings, toe rings, and bracelets all separated and organized. Find the right color to match your bedroom or bathroom. Some models can hang on the back of a door as a great space saving and space making strategy. Cabinets have different sections and shelfs to help divide and organize. Hooks are built in so you can hang pieces in the order that is most helpful to you. Some models have a mirror and built-in lighting so you can easily compare and prepare for your day or a fun evening out!

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