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Gaming Chairs

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Gaming Chairs: A Buying Guide That’s Worth a W00t

Did you know the first gaming chairs were designed by manufacturers of racing car seating? Since then, gaming chairs have always kept their futuristic look. But are they actually any good?

Anyone who has sat in one will tell you how comfortable they are. Read on as we help you choose the best gaming chair for your needs.

Is a Gaming Chair Really Worth It?

There are conflicting opinions about if gaming chairs are really worth the money. In fact, some of the best gaming chairs may be the big comfortable armchair you have in your living room. However, for the serious gamer, that just does not cut it.

A gaming chair is designed to give comfort as well as mobility. You need to have space around the arms and elbows, particularly if you are a PC gamer. When switching between controls, say a mouse and keyboard to steering wheel set up, you need to be able to adjust your position.

In the early days of gaming chairs, the build quality of many was in question. However, manufacturers have now risen to meet this with top-class equipment and materials. They are no longer just for gaming but are some of the best chairs you will ever sit in.

What to Consider

What makes a good gaming chair is hard to categorize. What one person finds essential, another may not. Therefore it pays to consider your options carefully.

Build Quality

Unless your online gaming limits itself to Animal Crossing, most gamers are going to be quite mobile. Swinging the chair around, writhing in frustration and other big reactions start to take their toll. This is not something you would be using to lounge on the patio.

As such, durability is key. Part of this will come down to the materials and how often you use it. However, as gaming chairs are quite expensive, you want to make the most from them and get the longest life you can.


You are going to be in that chair for a long time. Therefore, the best gaming chair needs to be comfortable. You don’t want metal rods sticking in your back or a lack of cushion on the seat.

Make sure it offers the right amount of back support. If you are of an above-average build, you may want to check the dimensions and see if it has adjustable armrests.


The main options when it comes to the perfect computer gaming chair are leather, mesh, and fabric. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Mesh gives an industrial, utilitarian look to the gaming chair. Some love this aesthetic, while others don’t. However, a mesh is a lightweight fabric that is breathable, meaning if staying cool is important to your gaming, go with it.

Leather adds a really classy look to your gaming setup. While it is easy to clean, of all of the materials it is probably the least durable. This is due to the fact that most gaming chairs are made from leather substitutes.

Finally, fabric is both comfortable and hard-wearing. Its only drawback is that it is not as easy to clean as leather, and may stain easily.

Style and Features

You are investing a lot in this chair and have probably done so with your room and setup. Therefore, you need to make sure the chair shows your personality. From futuristic racing dens to retro gaming shrines, the chair needs to reflect the type of gamer you are.

Do you want one with speakers in the headrest? Do you want holders for snacks and controllers? All of these need to be considered along with the look of your chair.

Vinsetto High Back Racing Gaming Chair

The Vinsetto is one of our highest-rated chairs based on customer reviews. Available in blue, black, and white, it has a functional look, but tons of support and attention is placed on comfort. With a PVC sponge nylon, it is easily washable.

Its range of motion is incredible. It has a snap-out footrest and can recline to 130 degrees. This is perfect for taking a rest during long gaming sessions.

If that is not enough relaxation for you, then lumbar support in the lower back has a USB interface for massage functions. Combined with the headrest, you can get some really great downtime between gaming.

For gameplay, a pneumatic lever can take you up or down as needed. 5 multi-direction swivel wheels allow you excellent mobility, to get the optimum position at your gaming desk. You can view this awesome computer gaming chair here.

Vinsetto Office and Sofa Swivel Chair

For all-out comfort, this is our top pick. It is almost close to an armchair you would have in the living room. However, this is much lighter and more mobile, making it perfect for gaming.

The reclining game chair sets back to 135 degrees. It has a large, retractable footrest with a sleek design the appears to be part of the main chair. This gives you the maximum curvature for all-out relaxation.

To enhance this, it has a linear backrest design with thick, mesh faux leather padding. This combines the easily washable surface of the leather with the breathable, cooling aspects of mesh.

Its swivel base allows a full 360-degree rotation. As it does not have wheels, it does tend to suit a console or controller gamer slightly more than a PC gamer. View this stylish gaming chair here.

HomeCom Heated Gaming Chair

For the ultimate in luxury, this gaming chair actually heats you from the seat and backrest. If heating was not enough, you then have six massage points with three vibrating options to choose from. All of this makes the perfect chair for the gamer who wants comfort.

Its design is a sleek, racing bucket-style affair. You can add detachable neck support and footrest for when you want to stretch out. A lumbar support pillow gives you an extra cushion in the small of your back.

Made from PU leather, the chair is easy to clean. If any criticism can be made of it, it’s that the heating and massage function need plugging in. If you already struggle with wires all over your game room, they could enhance the mess.

Movement is also a great feature of this chair. The backrest is adjustable from 90 to 135 degrees as are both the seat and armrest. You can view this great gaming chair here.

Vinsetto RGD LED Gaming Chair

This is our pick for the best gaming chair in terms of pure aesthetics. It has all the great built quality that comes with Vinsetto gaming chairs, but added appeal. This is provided by the addition of LED lights to add spark to your gaming session.

However, these are not just static lights. You have the ability to change the brightness, speed, but overall, the color. This means you can theme the lights to your gaming room or even the mood of the game you are playing.

The remote control can be used from up to 9ft away. It is powered by a USB, meaning you can hook it up to the computer itself or put it into a power supply with the help of an adaptor.

In addition to this visual treat, the chair is a sleek, racing-style design. With a reclining back and movable seat height, you can get yourself into position easily. Five 360 degree casters also increase mobility.

The material is a thick, durable faux leather that is easy to clean. Thick sponge padding comes with an added neck pillow and one for lumbar support. Light up your life with this chair by clicking here.

Vinsetto Big and Tall Office Chair

The next choice of chair is not for everyone, but for those who are larger in size or stature, it will be a surefire hit. It may not have the high back and look of other gaming chairs, but it does offer a lot of comfort and style for anyone who feels a standard chair will just not be durable enough.

The material is a unique, carbon fiber style. Sleek lines give it a luxury feel that is great for a gaming room or office. A gas lift makes it really easy to adjust the height.

With five swiveling wheels, you can get the perfect positioning at your workstation. The tilt of the chair can also adjust to get perfect angles. This unique piece can be found here.

Finding One That Is Right for You

In summary, it is hard to find a gaming chair that does not offer comfort. What is harder is finding one that is right for you. Make a list of your needs and cross-reference it with a budget to narrow the search down.

Your first stop should be our excellent choice at Aosom. From desks to chairs, we can help you create a top-class gaming room. Click here to see the whole range of gaming chairs.

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