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Executive Chairs

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Executive Chairs Buying Guide

Chairs for working and having a relax

You’ve been busy at your desk when the phone rings. You sit back for the conversation and realize your back is getting some much needed relief.  While the ergonomic seat has allowed you to comfortably work, leaning back lets you feel the full design and support of the chair. In this guide you will discover which features our executive offer that make sitting and working easier.


>>Flexible and Ergonomic Executive Chairs

>>Employ the right seat: The different types of office chairs

>>What to Consider When Buying a Chair?


Flexible and Ergonomic Executive Chairs

Working at a desk can make the hours fly by without noticing, and if you don’t have the right chair, this could lead to a sore back and body. Office chairs are designed to be more supportive for long-term use then your typical dining chair, but not all office chairs are created equal. Some are designed to support as your body moves and contorts with everyday office tasks, making it much easier to work for multiple hours. Movable arm rests and backs allow you to find the optimal position for comfortable productivity. Adjustable back and seat height allow you to find the optimal back-friendly position for you sitting style. Need to grab something from the printer? Not a problem. Our smooth rolling casters make mobility a breeze and won’t interrupt your workflow.

Employ the right seat: The different types of office chairs

From swivel to exectuve, desk chairs come in a variety of styles with their own set of benefits. Purchase comfy office chairs to colorful your life.

Swivel Chairs: Mobile and Classic

This essential desk chair is composed of a basic seat and metal frame, and features multiple options. You can choose between models with or without armrests, depending on if you want comfort or greater mobility. Using the safety gas pressure spring, the seat heights are adjustable.

Exective Chair: A Leader in Comfort

The executive chair is an enhanced version of the Swivel Chair, characterized by a high backrest, soft cusions, fully adjustable back, arms and height, and in more premium models an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort. Seats are typically rounded so that your knees can rest comfortably in the hollows. Some models have additional removable cushions for the head and lumbar regions. Armrests are typically padded and sometimes can be folded in and out of use. Backrests can be inclined or reclined between 90 and 165 degrees.

The standard height of executive chairs is between 43 and 50 inches, accommodating most seating heights. Their load limit is typically 285 lbs. Models are outfitted with real or synthetic leather, modern mesh composite, or fabric upholstery, and can be seamlessly integrated into most office decors. Popular colors are black, brown and neutrals, but a bright color can made a bold statement in a room.

Task Chair: For the exceptionally focused

Task chairs have less extravagant features than the other models and are designed for shorter-term or higher intensity work sessions like drafting, graphic design, or other duties where a seat should encourage maximum focus rather than comfort. Task chairs are smaller, sometimes come with simple armrests but frequently without, and provide just enough padding on the seat and back to provide comfort without encouraging daydreaming. Our task chairs come in a variety of styles, upholsteries and colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice on style even if you want to get some serious work done.

What to Consider When Buying a Chair?

You’ll likely spend many hours in your new executive chair. It plays an essential role in the ergonomics of your workplace. You want a chair that will protect your body from the damage caused by long periods of sitting. Before you buy, consider what features are the best fit for you.

Rolling Around

So that the office chair only moves when it should, there are castors with built in brakes to prevent unwanted movement when you’re getting work done. Castors made of hard durable plastic prevent the chair from scratching the floor beneath it.

Adjustable Armrests

Sometimes it feels good to perch your arms on something, other times you want to drop them completely and lean back in your chair. Adjustable armrests give you this option. Adjust the width, height and incline of the armrests to find the perfect shape that compliments your body.
Breathable Lumbar-Friendly Backrest
When it gets hot in the summer you can work up a sweat at your desk. Mesh chairs allow for maximum airflow to keep you cool and dry throughout the day. Height adjustable lumbar support adapts to the unique curve of your back and ensure maximum comfort and avoids long-term tension and pain to develop.

The Right Material

Pick the fabric, leather or synthetic option that best meets your needs, your style and your budget. All our upholstery choices are durable and will take years of use before showing any signs of wear. Synthetic and real leather are exceptionally easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Don't Let Sitting Slow you Down!

A good desk chair has a comfortable, ergonomic seat and allows you change position easily and naturally. This has long term benefits for your back and legs, as your hours working in the chair aren’t contributing to chronic soreness and discomfort. Durable materials such as leather, synthetic leather, polyester and cotton make the chair long-lasting and dependable. If we have to spend all the time at our desks, why not treat your body to best sitting experience possible?

  • For maximum comfort and taller people, executive chairs with high backrests, spacious and padded seats, and removable neck and head cushions are preferred.
  • Swivel chairs with adjustable armrests, rocker function and suspension makes it easier for those back problems to change positions without straining muscles.
  • For the seriously focused worker a task chair is a paired-down, pragmatic option that provides enough comfort but in a paired-down, streamlined way that promotes laser-focus.
  • For Heat-Sensitive People, mesh-backed chairs allow for breathability and temperature regulation throughout the workday.
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