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Kitchen Islands

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Buying Guide: Kitchen Carts

A kitchen expansion on wheels

You’re having guests over for dinner, and there are a lot things cooking at once. In times like these the kitchen cart becomes your best friend. Kitchen carts solve your space problems, storage problems and serving problems all at once. Added counter space to work on, storage cupboards to keep your dishes, pots and appliances, and wheels that allow you take things out to dining room to help serve. In this guide you’ll learn which models you can choose from and what to pay attention to when selecting the perfect the kitchen cart for your home.


>>Kitchen Carts are your Mobile Kitchen Helpers

>>The Different Models

>>Features to Look For

>>Conclusion: Kitchen Carts - Flexible, Functional and Attractive

Kitchen Carts are your Mobile Kitchen Helpers

Kitchen carts are practical and decorative addition to you kitchen and dining areas. They add much needed extra counter space and storage when preparing food. Different models come with storage modules like drawers, cabinets, wine racks, baskets and compartments. They keep your kitchen tidy and organized, and are designed to adapt to your interior design styles. When entertaining, you can use the kitchen cart as a serving trolley and easily transport dishes, cutlery, drinks or food to dining table.

The Different Models

As a side table for your kitchen, a mobile serving kitchen cart, or a bar on wheels- kitchen carts are versatile and offer a wide range of useful functions.

Kitchen Cart Storage

Kitchen carts equipped with drawers and shelves take on the function of a compact kitchen block that can be flexibly positioned to compliment your kitchen furniture, or pulled into action when cooking a meal. A granite or wood block top, sometimes with additional folding extensions, provides a clean and durable counter space for chopping, slicing, mixing or marinating. All kitchen carts offer some form of storage below, allowing for further flexibility and more space for your kitchen and dining essentials.

Niche Trolleys

Narrow kitchen carts can be stored in small spaces in the kitchen, perfect for smaller apartment units, and rolled out if necessary. Baskets or shelves can easily accessed and pulled out, a perfect addition to small kitchens that might lack storage space. And like all kitchen trolleys, they can be used to serve when a function demands it.

Serving Trolley

The serving trolley shines when you have invited guests for dinner or cocktails. You can bring out food, drinks or dinnerware with the trolley and save time and effort so you can enjoy your company. No need to make repeated trips to the kitchen and back. Serving trolleys offer you a lot of open space that you can use when grilling outdoors. Take everything out for a barbeque in one trip, and keep it there nice and organized for the grill master. Serving Trolleys are designed to be pleasing to the eye, so you won’t mind showing it off to your guests.

Features to Look For

So that you’ll find the right kitchen cart for you, pay attention to the following points when making your selection:


Wooden kitchen carts are decorative and go with most interior design. They look classic and stately with a table top made of marble or woodblock. Models with baskets and frames made of metal wire are robust and good for organization.


Slim, taller models fit well in narrow kitchen niches, wide kitchen blocks can be set up freely in the room, possibly as a divider in some kitchens. Foldable kitchen carts take up hardly any space when not in use, which is particularly useful in especially small apartments.

Storage Space

If the kitchen cart is to serve primarily as additional shelves, drawers and wine racks for you kitchen, kitchen carts with removable boxes and cupboard compartments with doors make it easy to keep things organized and easy to access. Napkins, towels, cutlery and other utensils can remain in dust-free closed storage spaces. Features such as metal brackets for wine glasses, wine racks, or baskets for produce make the kitchen cart even more functional. A removable tray with a rim is great for serving.

Conclusion: Kitchen Carts - Flexible, Functional and Attractive

Kitchen Carts are furniture that can be positioned anywhere and utilized in multiple ways, providing additional storage space, work space, and serving options. Roll them where you need and otherwise store them where they’ll be most helpful to you in the kitchen. The range of models extends from cabinet-like trolleys with drawers, wine racks and cupboard compartments to serving trolleys with plenty of space, glass holders and removable trays. Out kitchen carts are not only function, but designed to complement the style of your kitchen.

  • If your living space is classic, kitchen carts made of beech wood, pine or other natural woods with marble tops and stainless steel features are a good choice. Costs of these models vary depending on the quality of the wood and features included.
  • In country-style kitchens, natural wood kitchen carts, vintage designs with decorative elements fit in harmoniously.
  • For a modern outfitted kitchen, metal kitchen carts or wooden trolleys with stainless steel elements compliment the look nicely. Dark browns and black are popular colors for this style, with steel handles and straight lines.
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