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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Buying Guide: Furniture & Décor

Fill your four walls with style and comfort

Our homes are our refuge from the busy world or work and errands constantly demanding our time and energy. On our evenings and days off, we like to linger in our homes as much as we can to rest and recharge before the workdays beckon for us once again—a meandering breakfast, reading in your favorite chair in the living room, trying on your latest clothing purchases in your bedroom mirror. Our homes are our sanctuaries and should be outfitted with the products that reflect their importance in our lives. At Aosom you can find affordable products for every room in the home that live up to these high standards.

Make yourself Comfortable: Furniture for every space

In your home you should feel comfortable, so you may relax and enjoy your time. Your home décor should ensure you feel your best in every room. The right furniture can breathe life into your apartment or house. Your home is yours to style, and there are a lot of options to choose from. You can have a consistent style throughout, different themes from room to room, or an eclectic mix that makes every room fun and interesting. Larger furniture like sofas, chairs, dining tables and beds can all have a consistent style, while smaller items can be more varied to bring energy and variety to your space.

Living Room Furniture: The Heart of Relaxation

For many, the most important piece of furniture in their living room is the sofa. Whether it’s a space saving two-seater, or a spacious sectional to fit the whole family, here you can relax and put your feet up, whether you’re entertaining guests or cozying up with a book. If you often have overnight guests, fold out futon beds can convert to an extra sleeping space in a few easy steps. To liven up your living room, accent armchairs are a great addition. They turn those extra spaces in your room into functional seating, and an accent chair can create a statement as well. Coffee tables ensure you have everything you need within reach, often forming the center of the living room. Stylish coffee tables turns a functional piece into a stunning centerpiece, and come in a variety of styles to suit your unique taste. Solid wood coffee tables are popular, as well as glass topped coffee tables and lift top coffee tables that provide extra storage. TV stands keep all those cords and cables at bay, and let you present your entertainment center in a tidy and presentable way.

Bedroom Furniture: Your Own Private Retreat

Your bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see every morning. Reason enough to make it as cozy as possible. Bed frames come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood and metal, with or without headboards. Dressers and chests allow you to keep all your clothes and bed linens organized and stashed away, even when your closet space is limited. Line the tops of them with picture frames, lighting, or mirrors to use for last minute prepping. Tip: A tidy room helps your sleep better. So it’s better to keep your design simple. Instead, focus on a few pieces to highlight and plenty of organization aids to tame the mess.

Kitchen and Dining Furniture: Let Your Space Nourish You

Breakfast together in the morning, dinner parties with friends and cocktail hours, brunches with the family: people come together in the kitchen and dining rooms. Whether you want a country home look or a modern high gloss finish, you can let off steam and get creative in your kitchen, conjuring up great dishes to feed yourself and others. Kitchen carts and pantries are great solutions to apartment kitchen that might lack space and storage. A good dining table set is always a welcome addition if you can fit it. A big kitchen will end up serving as a homework station, home office and craft table as well. Show off your glassware and prized dishes in a buffet cabinet with glass display case. Add some lighting and create a perfect showcase that adds to the ambiance.

Home Office Furniture: A modern workplace at home

Whether you’re a freelancer or occasional home worker, a study within your four walls can be worth its weight in gold. Create a space were you can work in peace, make calls and do the filing. If you sit at a desk every day, an ergonomic office chair is the smart choice to preserve your back. The right desk makes all the difference, whether it’s a cheap computer workstation for a small space, or a corner desk with lots of built in shelves to house your files, books and design touches that brighten up your workday. Shelves and filing cabinets keep all your important materials in an orderly manner, and important files can be locked away in one of our secure filing cabinets.

Conclusion: The right furniture makes a world of difference

You don’t need to spend a fortune, with many cheap furniture alternatives available. Choose the furniture that makes you most comfortable in your home. Whether your style is modern, classic, eclectic or rustic, you’ll find a large selection of great pieces to your taste, and at cheaper prices. Here are some of the important information at a glance:

  • For a good night’s sleep, a bedroom shouldn’t be cluttered. Stick to a few pieces and invest in organization.
  • In the kitchen, kitchen islands and freestanding pantries are great additions to smaller kitchens that may lack storage.
  • Classic style relies more on wood finished items, modern furniture emphasizes clean lines, shapes and solid colors, and rustic style includes more decorative details.
  • Additional home décor such as throw pillows, textiles and lighting take your rooms to the next level and create a harmonious space to dwell in.
  • You do not need to spend a fortune to fit out your home with quality and stylish home decor. Buying popular brands like HomCom, Vinsetto, Kleankin and Monarch online at our discounted prices will work out much cheaper than buying at full retail from your local store.