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Accent Chairs

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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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What is an accent chair?

The term “accent” refers to a piece of furniture that is part of a decoration or a theme; it is playing part in a room design that goes beyond the pragmatic need for comfortable places to park your keester, and into the realm of the aesthetic. An accent chair is usually a chair of smaller size, meant for one person. Different than a recliner, it is usually one solid piece, and different than a dining chair, not built to a specific height and sold as a set to fit around a table. Hopefully not to add any confusion some accent chairs can also be called armchairs, which are simply, chairs with arms. So, some armchairs can be accent chairs, but not all accent chairs are armchairs.

Finding the perfect spot

A well selected accent chair can enhance almost any space. An accent chair can subtly adorn a bedroom corner or pair well with a vanity. Living rooms spaces, for example, adjacent to a sofa or loveseat, can make a perfect spot for an accent chair. Accent chairs are great for hosting because they are usually of smaller size and make for easier arranging to help customize your seating arrangement. A great way to keep your guests comfortably seated and at maximum ease. Family rooms and entertainment rooms can also benefit from additional moveable seating. The wide variety of types and styles makes it easy to find one that works with your room as it already is, or as you imagine it to be.


Accent styles run the full gambit of variation. For something more substantial, look for models that come with an ottoman. They can also come the “mini” side of the spectrum, like a hybrid, stool, ottoman, leisure chair. There are curved back chairs, rockers, and highbacked chairs, both armless and armed. Honestly, there are too many different styles, with always new ones on the way, so make sure you browse thoroughly to help get a good idea of what your options can be.

Types of materials

Accent chairs come in a wide variety of styles and types. There are armchairs and ones that come with an ottoman for a way to stretch the legs in resting comfort. The tufted chair is a style that usually uses diamond-shaped stitching and decorative buttons to achieve a distinguished and noble look that is very chic as well as classic. Faux leather, is a material that is durable and easy to clean, making it great for households with pets! Linen and cotton models offer lots of color choices and provide a soft and textured seat that looks great with many different types of rooms. Wooden framed chairs as well as metal framed can be found to match your aesthetic.

Thank you for checking out this buying guide. We appreciate our customers and are always looking to improve our customer experience and products. Good luck finding your perfect chair and if you are looking for a little inspiration, check out our blog with some simple design inspiration tips.