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Bathroom Vanities

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Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Bathroom vanities are a great way to keep your bathroom clutter free. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, to fit almost any bathroom décor. You can choose one that works with your existing decor, or use it to create a fresh, new look. The right vanity can elevate the style of your bathroom room and provide a stylish and handsome place to keep bath accessories like hairdryers, towels and soaps.

A bathroom vanity is an essential piece of furniture in your home. It serves several purposes. Some of the most important functions include holding toiletries and other items that you use daily, storing toilet paper, and even helping you wash and brush your teeth. The vanity can also be a good place to start re-decorating your home. You can go with a number of different types of vanity depending on the style and budget that you have - for instance, you can choose between metal, solid wood, or glass:

Metal bathroom vanities

Metal bathroom vanities are a stylish way to add a modern touch to your main bath or powder room. They are available in many styles, and they work well with a wide variety of bathroom settings. Some metal designs blend traditional and contemporary features, and you can mix and match colors and styles to create a unique look.

Many of these styles use a dark wood finish with mirrored metallic panels to provide a luxurious effect. Copper and bronze are also popular finishes. Other styles include brass and polished nickel.

These bathroom vanities are often paired with sleek vanity mirrors to complete the look. For a more modern style, consider purchasing a glass topped vanity with metal accents.

Solid wood bathroom vanity

A solid wood bathroom vanity is a wonderful addition to any bathroom. They are beautiful, durable, and offer a natural wood grain finish. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Many manufacturers use a variety of materials to create their bathroom vanities. Some of them use veneer and particle board, while others are made from real wood. It is important to understand the different types of materials used in your vanity, for durability, value and strength.

Particle board is usually the cheaper option. It is a type of wood veneer that is glued together in layers. The difference between particle board and solid wood is that particle board is more prone to water damage, as well as cracking and splintering.

Glass Bathroom Vanities

Glass bathroom vanities are an affordable, sophisticated option for a modern day home. They come in a variety of styles, from sleek, angular, hyper-modern to Victorian-inspired rococo designs, giving you the flexibility to create a look that works for you and your bathroom décor.

When considering what to buy, don't overlook tempered glass. It's one of the simplest ways to get a modern, contemporary look in your bathroom, and it's stronger and more sturdy than “natural” glass.

Tempered glass is made with a clear finish, so you don't have to worry about it fading over time. You can also get it in tinted colors or a mirror finish.

Choosing the right type of bathroom vanity

In many bathrooms, you can find a vanity that's hung on the wall. This type of vanity can be an eye-catching fixture, and it's not difficult to install. But you won't have as much storage space as you would if the unit was sitting on the floor. For a more functional solution, consider a pedestal sink. It will provide you with an extra level of function, and the height of the vanity will give you more elbow room.

The amount of storage you need is going to depend on how often you use your bathroom. If you have a lot of guests or use your bathroom regularly, you will probably need more storage space. On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom, you'll probably benefit from a more compact unit.

You'll have to decide whether you're looking for a vanity that's a pedestal, a wall-mount, or a freestanding unit. Each of these types of vanities offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

A pedestal sink provides minimal storage space, so you'll want to get one that has a cabinet base. These cabinets can help you keep your bathroom floor clutter-free and allow you to add much-needed storage. Another advantage to a pedestal sink is that it's easy to install.

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are hung securely on the wall. They're typically found in contemporary bathroom designs, and they create a clean, streamlined look. Some of these units are adjustable to suit your height.

Depending on the style you choose, you may also find a cabinet that can be used for other things. Often, vanities include a mirror and faucet, and some even have a medicine cabinet above the sink.

Bathrooms are notorious for being cluttered, so a vanity can help you make getting ready a breeze. Whether you are using the sink to brush your teeth, wash your face, or apply makeup, a vanity can be a perfect spot to keep it all in one place. And a vanity can help you conceal your hairdryer, lotions, and toilet paper, so you don't have to worry about them causing a clutter.

So when choosing a bathroom vanity, you want to make your choice based on three main themes: Style, material and intent:  What style do you want to evoke? A clean white, clinical finish?  Or warm earth tones? What material reflects your preferred style?  Glass? Brass?  Natural woods? Or does a nice particle board vanity fit your budget better.

You want to take all these options into consideration when deciding your ultimate intent for your design and décor for the room: do you want neat functionality, or impressive public style for visitors?  An easily tidied room, or one with all the modern bells and whistles?

Once you determine your design intention, other decisions like material or colors will fall into place.  Then you are ready to go to Aosom.com and find great deals on vanities that fit your room, your design AND your budget!  Start saving today!
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