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Relax with Summer Life In the Shade
Theres still plenty of warm sunny days in our future – take advantage of this time and refresh your patio! Find the right patio umbrellas, tables, chairs, and accents pieces to decorate your outdoor space into something that feels like home. Customize your order, receive free shipping, and browse customer reviews until you find what you are looking for. Aosom provides products with great prices and fantastic value.
How to choose a patio umbrella

Step 1. Choose the Right Design for You

It is important to choose the right umbrella design so that it works best for your needs. When deciding, consider the environment, space around the umbrella, and the furniture layout.

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Step 2. Determine Size and Shape

There are four common shapes of patio umbrella: octagonal, round, rectangular, and square. Your choice of umbrella shape is influenced by the size of the furniture to be covered, and its placement.

Canopy Shapes


Obviously, the shade of the umbrella needs to cover all the furniture which requires you to measure out the size of your patio table and chairs. Here, we recommend adding an extra 2-feet to make your patio umbrellas work better, even at sunrise and sunset.
Umbrella Canopy (Length in Feet) 8' 9' 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15'
Patio Furniture Size (Length in feet) 4' 5' 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 11'

Step 3. Disover Different Materials

Pole and frame
Canopy Fabrics

Step 4. Select an Appropriate Umbrella Stand or Base

Patio umbrellas need bases to hold them in place, especially in windy weather. When shopping, you will need to ensure to select a base that's compatible with your umbrella.

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Additional Features

Lift and Tilt Types

Lift types
Tilt types
The type of lift determines the way you open your patio umbrella. The most common lift types are push-up, pulley & pin, or crank driven lift systems.


1. Grab the umbrella's collar
2. Push the collar up to raise and open the canopy
3. Insert pin to secure it in place

Pulley and pin

1. Pull cord / rope to raise and open the canopy
2. Insert pin to secure it in place


1. Turn the crank to raise and open the canopy
2. Stop when the umbrella is fully opened
Some patio umbrella can be tilted to block the sun at different angles without having to move the position of the sunshade. There are three common variants of umbrella tilt mechanisms.


1. Turn the crank on the umbrella pole to adjust the tilt
2.Supports adjusting tilt in one direction


1. Push the button on the umbrella pole to adjust tilt
2. Supports adjusting tilt to approximately 45 degrees in two directions

Built-in lighting

Umbrella lighting is a great option for get-togethers at night. With an umbrella light, you can keep enjoying your time outside with friends or family well into the evening. Some umbrellas already come with umbrella light accessories, while others need to be purchased and installed separately. Different colors and shapes of umbrella lights can help you create a unique & stylish vibe. Many umbrella lights now use solar panels to recharge - sustainable and convenient!

360-degree rotation

In order to cover a larger area, some umbrellas have a 360° swivel function. The user does not need to move the base to change the shaded area of the umbrella.
How to Store and Clean

The right way to protect your umbrella

Correctly using, storing, and cleaning your umbrella will help protect it from the elements and provide shade for seasons to come.
In daily usage:
1. Do not be too aggressive/fast in opening your umbrella, do not force it open;
2. Do not close your umbrella too often when you do not need to;
3. You can occasionally use mild soap and water to gently clean the fabric. Specific cleaning method depends on the material you choose for your umbrella;
4. If you do not use your umbrella for a long time, or during bad weather, store it in a protective cover.
* You can place the umbrella upright in a clean and dry place, for example in your garage or basement.


Select cleaner & Mix with water
Dip the mixture & Rub the stain
Clean it & Dry with a towel
Sun-dried/air-dried & Put it away
*Disclaimer: The cleaning process needs to be done with care and you must be clear about the fabric/cleaner compatibility to avoid fabric damage. Do not use too much water, soap or detergent and ensure the cleaner is safe to use for that fabric type.
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Outsunny 7.5’ Outdoor Umbrella Mosquito Net

Overall Dimensions:Φ118" x 90.5"H
Zipper Length: 80.75" L
Bottom Tube Size: Φ3.25" x 351"H


- Netting keeps mosquitos, flies or other insects out
- Easy access with the handy zippered entrance
- Keep the screen in place with the water filled tube. Fit over most umbrellas with the clinch top and adjustable closure
- Please note: Parasol and base are not including.

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