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Buying Guide: Outdoor and Garden

Make the most of your Outdoor Space

Don’t just look out the window and pine for the outdoors, make your outdoor areas your second home with our selection of Outdoor Furniture and Garden Supplies. Use our gardening equipment to make your backyard beautiful, trim the hedges, mow the lawn, plant some flowers and vegitables and create your own outdoor paradise. Then admire your work lounging on your deck, patio or balcony with a comfortable and stylish set of outdoor furniture. You can even cook and dine outdoors with our grills and dining sets. Let this guide be the first step in setting up your own natural wonder in your backyard.

Planting and Gardening

Let spring bring vibrant colors, and let fall and winter bring a bountiful harvest. You can set up your garden to provide happiness year-round with a variety of thriving plants, from the planter boxes, to the tools, to the greenhouses; we have everything you need to bring lots of life to your yard.

Plants: Flowers, Trees, Bushes

Basically, plants can be divided into two garden functions: ornamental and functional, depending on whether they create a visual landscape to enjoy or whether they can be harvested to fill your kitchen. With beautiful colors and fragrances, flowers increase the amount of joy you experience in the garden. A wide range of vegetables and fruits can be grown in the garden depending on your particular tastes and climate. In addition, large plants like hedges and trees provide structure, texture and privacy for your backyard space. You can give every plant a healthy head start by setting up a greenhouse. We have various sizes available including compact greenhouses if your space is limited.


Depending on the kind of garden you want, we have various styles and sizes of planter boxes to house them. Smaller planter boxes are perfect for bringing flowers up onto your deck or patio, or even to add some greenery to a balcony if you’re living the apartment life. Flower boxes give the roots plenty of room and support to grow and nourish healthy, happy plants, and a wide range of materials are available so you can find the perfect style that suits you. Flower stairs and trellises are available if you want to get even more decorative. If you’re looking to set up a serious vegetable garden, we have larger planter boxes you can inlay into the ground to create an extra rich garden bed to grow your crop.

Sun Protection in the Backyard

In order to maximize your comfort on the patio or in the garden, adequate sun protection is of central importance. Sun shades protect you from harmful UV rays and excessive heat, as well as add to your privacy.

Patio Umbrellas

As much as we love the sunshine, we don’t always want to spend time in it. Patio umbrellas are suitable as mobile or stationary shade providers. Some are included with a stand, while others require a customizable stand option to be added. Stands can be filled with sand, water, or already have a concrete base that provides necessary stability. Market umbrellas can cover a large portion of the patio, while smaller patio umbrellas can be added to an outdoor dining set to make a shady place to eat and drink.

Awnings and Shade Sails

Awning are a particular stable and convenient option for creating a large shaded area. They are securely fastened to the wall, and come oftentimes retract when not in use. Shade sales are another easy way to create a large shaded area on your patio, and can easily be installed by tying the ends to walls, trees, garages, or posts. Post kits are available to purchase when needed to install your shade sail.

Tents and Gazebos

Set up a large permant shady centerpiece for your backyard, or choose a portable model that can be moved to parks or fields for soccer games or events. Our tents in gazebos come in numerous sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. A simple-pop up tent is great for soccer season, while a metal-framed pergola gazebo is a chic addition to your year-round patio set-up.

Relax Outside with Outdoor Furniture

A backyard is your little slice of nature, but it’s also a great place for leisure, relaxation and entertaining. Enjoy your backyard with your friends and family with our collection of outdoor furniture and barbeques.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is designed to extend your home into you backyard by creating another room comfortable enough to spend your time. Whether it’s made of metal, wood or rattan, our outdoor furniture has the durable materials and construction needed to withstand the elements. There is outdoor furniture for every size patio or deck, in multiple styles to fit your taste. Our rattan sectionals come in a number of sizes and can be reconfigured to best suit your space. A sofa set creates a perfect social space in a snap, and our Adirondack chairs provide a rustic look for more intimate patio needs.

Outdoor Dining

There’s nothing like dining in the open air in the summer months, and we carry an assortment of outdoor dining furniture that will enhance your experience. Whether you’re looking for a small set to put on your balcony or a large wooden table to throw summer dinner parties, you’ll find a great dining set in our outdoor section. We also have a number of BBQ grills and outdoor cooking accessories available to help you cook up your meal.

Conclusion: Turn your Backyard into your own Private Paradise

Switch off from the stresses of daily life with the peaceful energy of the outdoors. Harvest vegetables in the garden, read a book in your swing chair, or fire up the grill and enjoy a meal outside. It’s important to feel as comfortable as possible in your outdoor space so you’ll spend more time reaping its benefits. We carry the products that help make that dream a reality.

  • When creating larger gardens, greenhouses can be used to start plants growing strong, and sheds can be used to keep all your tools close and organized.
  • For adding foliage to your deck or patio, planters and flower boxes are a great way to bring the greenery up close and personal. Larger planters can even hold small trees and shrubs to create a lush feel.
  • Patio umbrellas, shade sails, awning and gazebos keep you cool in the afternoon sun, and add some style as well.
  • To best enjoy the outdoors, invest in outdoor patio furniture that you’ll want to keep coming back to. A patio sofa set can instantly transform your backyard into a hub for cookouts and cocktail parties.
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