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Aosom Reviews
Aosom.com Review Guidelines
Aosom.com Guidelines for Awesome Reviews
We’re always looking for ways to improve the Aosom.com experience for our customers. Your honest products reviews let us do just that. You’re the experts with first-hand experience who have purchased from us – by giving you a platform to state your clear, concise and honest opinion, we know other buyers will be making better-informed decisions on what’s right for them as well as help us improve as a company.

1. Who can enter a review?
Only customers who have ordered the product being reviewed can leave a review on that product’s page.

2. How do you enter a review?
Customers who have ordered the product being reviewed can leave a review on that product’s pageby one of two methods:
a. Logging on to their Personal Aosom Account and finding the product order OR
b. Clicking on the “product review” link in the follow-up email sent after the delivery of the product.

3. What informations should you include for a useful review?
The review should include the customers experience with using the product, as well as useful features the product, and can also include opinions about our customer service and delivery.
Buyer reviews are made up of ratings and comments : A rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars is given by the buyer (1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest).

4. Are reviews monitored and can they be removed?
Reviews are monitored by Aosom.com. The buyer’s review is immediately published on the product page after being reviewed.
Reviews may be removed by Aosom.com in the following cases:
a. The review is used for advertising purposes: the review contains, for example, hyperlinks/telephone numbers/email addresses.
b. The content of the review is spam: for example, the content of a review is published several times or with different accounts.
c. The review is off-topic. For example, the reviewer has given a review of another product.
d. The buyer’s rating is inconsistent with the review: i.e. the number of stars given does not match the content of the review.
e. The review contains comments of a political, abusive, obscene, offensive, and/or sexually explicit nature.
f. The review is deemed to defamatory (allegation or attribution of a fact that affects a person’s character and reputation) or the review can be seen as a personal attack.
g. The content or information contained in the review is incorrect, false or otherwise untrue.
h. The content of the review is referring to or inferring to illegal activity or intent.
i. The content of the review is protected by third-party rights such as copyright, trademark or patent rights.
j. The review was published following an identity theft.
k. The review contains personal information or personal information about a third party (such as: payment card, social security number, etc.).
l. The review contains hate speech, discriminatory content, homophobia, xenophobia, racism or calls for violence.

Aosom may contact the author of the review at any time.