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Open Box Program
What is the Openbox Program?

This program enables us to offer our customers a way to buy unused customer returned product or product that required reboxing and can no longer be sold as new. These products will be sold at a discount below what our price would be on a brand-new unit.

“An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor cosmetic damage to the product possible. Instructions are included.”

In order for a product to be included in Aosom’s Openbox program it must meet ALL of the following condition criteria:

• Item has not been used. The item must show no signs of use (dirt, rust, assembly damage or wear). A few minor cosmetic scratches are acceptable (caused by materials shifting in transit, not from product use).

• Item is believed to be in perfect working condition. Due to time restraints we can’t assemble and/or test every unit, but we are confident the product is in good mechanical / working condition.

• Original packaging may have minor cosmetic damage, or the product may be reboxed. Box may have some minor damage due to removed labels or previous opening of box.

• Product assembly instructions / user manuals are included.

• All necessary parts must be present.

How does this help our customers?

This program makes our products available to customers at great discounts, enabling customers to afford product(s) they might have otherwise been unable to purchase.

What is our return and warranty policy on these products?

We offer the same return period on these products as we do with our new products. The Open Box warranty period is 90 days, with the following exceptions:

No exchanges

No discounts or parts cases to address minor cosmetic issues; this is why the product is being sold at a discount and offered under this condition

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