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Trial Program Info
Trial Rewards Program Instructions and Requirements
1. Introduction

i). What is the Aosom Trial Rewards Program?

The Aosom Trial Reward Program is an exciting platform for our customers to try out new products, review them, and then receive a significant discount that is delivered as a partial refund after the review is approved. Reviews will cover quality, style, fit, fabric, usability, and construction. The new reviews help to improve our brand by providing detailed personal information for fellow customers to see and benefit from.

All customers will have a chance to receive this significant discount by participating.

ii). Getting Started

If you are selected to participate in our Trial Rewards Program, you must submit a review on an eligible item within 10 days of receiving it. Product reviews should include thoughts on the assembly, material, function, size, overall product quality, and include attached photos. Reviews that are thorough and meet our requirements will be accepted – and then become eligible for the product discount.

2. How It Works

i). Select your item for the Trial Rewards Program by clicking “Review and Save"", read the terms carefully and click ""Apply Now", if you agree. Next, follow the shopping cart checkout process and purchase the product.

The participant pays for the full price of the product. We will refund the discounted amount when the participant has submitted the full review report and it has been approved.

ii). Upon receiving the shipped product, you have 10 days to submit a finished review.

iii). Carefully follow all instructions for creating and uploading your review.

iv). We will review your submissions to make sure that it follows our requirements. When the participant has completed all the steps completely and thoroughly, the product discount will be applied in partial refund via the same payment method used to purchase the product.

v). In a scenario where a review does not meet the requirements, or fails to upload, you can submit it again.

Please note, once a review has been approved, your words, images, and videos will be used on our product review page. The participant’s username and other personal information remains hidden.

3. How to Apply

i). All customers with an account can apply to review products. Each product has only one trial opportunity per user.

ii). To select the item for the Trial Rewards Program, click ""Review and Save""

iii). Read the terms carefully and click ""Apply Now", if you agree, follow the shopping cart checkout for the order and purchase the product.

4. Review Submission

i). Once the product has been shipped, we will email a link to you to fill in the review report.

ii). Once you have received your item, and had a chance to unpack, assemble and familiarize yourself with it, you can start taking pictures and start writing a review!

iii). Click "Upload" to start uploading your review photos.

iv). Double check to make sure you have provided thorough answers to every field and then submit your review.

v). Wait for the review to be processed. If the review report does not upload properly, try resubmitting it again.

5. Product Discount Refund

i). When you submit the review report, we will receive it within 1-2 working days and email you the results of the review.

ii). If the quality of the review submitted does not meet the requirements, we will ask that the appropriate changes be made to finish the review. There is no limit to the resubmission process.

iii). If your trial report is approved, we will refund you the discount amount in 7 working days.

6. Review Quality Requirements
i). Contents

A quality review report will contain the reviewer's opinions and describe the pros and cons of the item they received. The reviewer should carefully consider the product in each of the categories and leave fair & well-rounded feedback that will be useful to other customers.

Review writing cheat sheet:

The following topics that must be included for a well-rounded review. The questions are just prompting you can use for inspiration.


How did your ordering experience go?

Shipment/ Packaging:

Did the shipment time meet your expectations? Did the items arrive in good condition?


Did your item require assembly and if so, how did that process go?


What are your thoughts on the color, design? Does the product look how you thought it would?


How did you feel about the product in everyday use and functionality? Do the features work like you thought they would?


Does the quality meet your expectations? Do you feel this product was a good value for the price?

ii). Photos

Please take your own photos to use in your review report. Do not use website photos or other customer's photos as it is forbidden to use any other photos but your own. Do your best to capture the most detail and find the best lighting as possible when taking your photos.

We recommend posting four photos, all with clear focus and with good lighting at appropriate distance to show the details of the product. We recommend the photos be as follows: 1. A full product shot 2. A detail shots of the items. 3. Shot of the item in use or how you incorporated it into your life. Take care that no personally identifiable objects or images are in the photo, like a driver’s license or credit card.

iii). Be Honest and Open

Feel free to be honest with your opinion. The primary objective of Trial Rewards Program is to let customers know what kind of product they are receiving when ordering with Aosom. Your positive feedback helps other customers, and your negative feedback helps improve our company.

7. System notification

You'll receive the following notifications via email :

-Upload report reminder

-Report results

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