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cat tree condo

Covering materials
People should be aware that cats in most cases do not care much their covering material of a cat tree condo. They are more interested if it has more extras like perches, hammocks, condos, tunnels or cradles, and if the item is tall enough to satisfy their urges to climb and play. However, sometimes cats will not use a cat condo that is not covered with carpet. Usually, most cat condos are covered with faux fur, faux fleece or carpet. The first two materials are artificial, they are durable to withstand cat scratching. Sometimes cat owners are very picky about the covering material and think these two materials are not soft enough for their pets. But they are easy to clean, and the items with fur or fleece are cheaper.?On the other hand, the carpet is softer, thicker and heavier than faux fur and faux fleece and comes in more colors. When felines scratch on carpet, it pulls the whole length of the piece, and the carpet looks bad very quickly.