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outdoor chicken run

Steps of building a chicken run
I began by digging a 6" deep trench where the fence would go and 10" deep holes for the posts. The chicken wire would be buried 6" deep to stop digging predators from entering under the fence.
Next steep is building the back side of the fence. 3 posts with a top rail and a bottom rail that would sit on the ground.
With the back side sturdy, I built the other 3 sides and attached them to the back side. I left the post sitting in their holes to fill in after the chicken wire was attached. Then it was a simple task of stapling the wire to the fence.
I did leave a two foot section between posts to add a door. The door required some precise construction to not leave any gaps for chickens to escape or predators to enter. Underneath the door we buried a leftover piece of OSB from the coop construction.This was also buried 6" and came up a few inches flush with the back of the door.