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Desk Chairs

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A Supportive Buying Guide For Desk and Office Chairs

According to a recent study, people spend as much as twelve hours in the average day in front of a screen. Much of this is time spent at desks, especially viewing computers.

With such a staggering amount spent with technology, it aims to reason that most of that is spent sitting down. Sitting down certainly doesn’t sound like a strenuous activity, but those hours add up.

When people are spending more time in their desk chair than anywhere else, the chair matters. Office chairs and ergonomic chairs have exploded in popularity for this reason.

But “desk chair” is an incredibly broad category! A desk chair could really refer to any chair. Office chairs, executive chairs, high-backed, low-backed, mid-backed – there’s no limit.

So when searching for a new desk chair, how can you know what to get? Read on for a quick buying guide for desk chairs.

Why a Desk Chair?

The first thing that one may consider is why they should bother with a desk chair at all. There are more than a few studies showing that standing desks are also growing in popularity.

Additionally, if it’s about comfort, why not settle for a stack of pillows? What could be more comfortable than slumping into a beanbag chair for eight hours?


Desk chairs are designed with comfort in mind. The designers know that the average customer will be spending a lengthy amount of time in these chairs.

Because of this, a desk chair is made to be sat in long-term. Being designed with comfort in mind helps to stop them from becoming uncomfortable within a few hours of use.

When you intend to be in a chair for so many hours a day, the last thing you want is discomfort. Too small a seat, too narrow a back, too rough of armrests – all of these can make a chair worthless.

A proper desk chair will remain comfortable for hours on end, many days a week. Without a comfortable chair, you’ll be unmotivated and far from at your peak. A comfortable chair is an effective one!

Ergonomics Support

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to look too far into desk chairs without discussing ergonomics. That’s because ergonomic support is one of the most vital features of a desk chair.

To put it simply, ergonomics is the focus on efficiency and productivity. Ergonomic support plays into comfort, but also into health and posture. Healthy, comfortable employees are the most efficient and productive.

Because of this, chairs designed with ergonomic support tend to be more comfortable. They also tend to be better for your posture and long-term health.

Ergonomics are vital to make sure that you’re not slowly wearing yourself down in your chair. Make sure that whatever you buy has a focus on ergonomic support.

Aesthetic Appeal

Desk chairs tend to be simpler than many other chairs. Recently, gaming chairs have become commonplace, especially amongst the gaming community. These chairs are often flashy and colorful, designed to have an unignorable appearance.

In contrast, desk chairs are usually meant to fit into an office space without disrupting the general aesthetic. Many are more neutral in design, meant to complement the décor.

Depending on the back size, this also means they’re often smaller. While high-back chairs will be larger, many desk chairs come in more inoffensive shapes.

Colors are often more muted. Oftentimes, desk chairs will be in a single color, with black being highly common. This keeps them neutral and easier to blend in with the general space.

Different Styles of Desk Chair

Desk chairs don’t come in any one specific type. Instead, you’ll have a choice of a wide plethora of choices for your office.

Different styles come with different bonuses. High-back and low-back chairs aren’t only for aesthetic preferences, for example. Here are a few of the most common desk chair styles you can expect to find.

High-Back Desk Chair

A high-back desk chair is exactly what it sounds like – a chair with a high back. Office chairs in this style are often what comes to mind when one thinks of a desk chair.

A high back means it’s easier to lay back. Proper support helps with ergonomics to help keep your back from hurting.

Unfortunately, it won’t do much if you hunch forward, but having a high back to lean on is still a great boost. Taller people are likely to want to opt for a high-back desk chair.

Low-Back Desk Chair

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the low-back desk chair. It may be strange to think on why someone would prefer to have a smaller back to their chair.

A smaller back can help discourage slouching, which is just as bad for your posture as hunching. This can help break some bad posture habits and stop others from forming.

Shorter people often lean towards low-back desk chairs. They’re also great for smaller offices that may not have the space for a large chair.

Executive Desk Chair

From the name alone, you likely have a mental image of a grand leather chair at the back of a CEO’s office. Executive desk chairs are a great way for your office to broadcast that you’re in charge.

Executive chairs are tall-backed office chairs that strike a powerful image. Typically made from high-quality materials and often black, executive chairs are more than just appearance.

The back is often as tall, if not taller, than most high-back desk chairs. This provides all the ergonomic support without adding any drawbacks. Ultimately, executive desk chairs are more stylish, dominant versions of high-back desk chairs.

Strong Contenders

Now that we know a bit about some of the common types of desk chairs, let’s look at some examples. Once you know what style suits your need, your search is considerably narrower.


High-back chairs are great for back posture, taller individuals, and for offices with a decent bit of room.

An excellent option to start with is our Vinsetto High-Back. This sturdy chair was built with ergonomics in mind first and foremost. Users will enjoy the sponge padding build into the high back, headrest, and armrest.

The Vinsetto High-Back’s all-black professional aesthetic is wonderful for any office. Capable of supporting up to 400 pounds with a heavy-duty base, nearly any user will find this chair comfortable and sizeable. With adjustable height and full rotation, this versatile high-back is a perfect example.


Low-back office chairs are excellent for lumbar support and fit well in workplaces that may not have as much room as others.

Sticking with Vinsetto brings us the Vinsetto ergonomic studio drafting chair. This chair is an excellent option for those that want to opt for a low-back office chair for their workplace.

The neutral grey coloration helps the drafting chair to fit in with nearly any workplace. A padded seat and back help to ensure that the comfortable support lasts.

Without armrests, this drafting chair also fits any workplace regardless of size. The adjustable height and small profile can help it fit in any room, even under some desks. Drafting tables especially will find this chair a perfect match.

Executive Option

Executive desk chairs are wonderful options for advanced luxury and striking an unforgettable figure. Ergonomic support for these deluxe chairs is top-notch.

HomCom’s Reclining executive home office chair is a great example of an executive chair. The faux leather exterior is tough enough to avoid wear but soft enough to remain comfortable. This exterior can also come in a neutral black or brown, or a striking red.

An extendable footrest serves as a strong addition to the luxurious comfort of this professional throne. Overall, this is one of the best samples for an executive office chair available.

Desk Chairs on Deck

Desk chairs are an incredibly common and thoroughly used item in every office. With such a wide selection of choices, something’s waiting for everyone.

Ultimately, your best office chairs will fulfill the needs that you specifically have. It may take some shopping and experimentation to find what’s right for you.

This buying guide has given some excellent guidelines and tips for how to select a desk chair. That said, this information is by no means exhaustive.

Our catalog carries desk chairs of multiple different types that weren’t as common as those listed above. Midback chairs, for example, are an excellent middle ground for those that may be stuck choosing.

Check through our catalog for plenty of excellent choices for desk chairs and office chairs. Regardless of whatever needs you may have, we’re certain to carry your next office staple.

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