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Large Rabbit Hutches

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Large Rabbit Hutches

Wide Variety of Large Rabbit Hutches

Aosom.com offers a variety of affordable indoor and outdoor rabbit hutches and cages for all your pet and breeding needs. Many of our large rabbit hutches feature an elevated main house with a nesting box and enclosed runs for two or more rabbits to rest and play. Many include a planting lattice for you to plant flowers, herbs  or vegetables. Many are multi-level, with ramps for easy access between the upper nesting area, and the runs on the lower levels. Others are elevated on tall legs to keep your rabbits and other small pets away from cold, damp, and other large pets and predators. All have lockable doors with sturdy wire mesh to keep your pets safe and secure at night. Many of our large rabbit hutches have plenty of space thanks to a duplex, two-level structure, with two additional big run boxes, giving your pets lots of room to roam. Multiple doors and additional ramps for your pet helps them easily get in and out of the hutch and have plenty of room to vigorously exercise.

Easy to Build and Easy to Use Versatile Rabbit Hutches


Many of our rabbit cages have pull-out trays for easier cleaning. Many of the same enclosures work well for rabbits as well as for guinea pigs, chinchillas or medium sized rodents and other small and medium-sized furry friends. Our large rabbit hutches with wheels mounted underneath make them easier to move between indoors and out, as well as different spaces. For example, an indoor wooden enclosure could be wheeled inside at night or for the winter season and then easily wheeled back out during the day or during warmer months.

Rabbit Breeding Hutches


If you plan to breed your rabbits, a good rule of thumb is to buy larger than you think you’ll need since rabbits tend to reproduce at a very high rates and in short intervals. “Hutch and run” hutches are a great option for breeders, especially for outdoor use. They include an enclosed indoor area for the animals to rest and sleep and a small, wired fencing outdoor area for the rabbits to exercise and get some sun in the fresh air.


Ventilated and Durable Large Rabbit Hutches


Our durable rabbit hutches are made of natural fir wood and colored with pet-safe paints or stains for a strong, long-lasting finish. The asphalt shingle roof of the hutch provides protection for your rabbits from inclement weather. The strong wire mesh fencing on the hutch and runs give easy access to fresh air and keeps the air in the hutch well-ventilated and healthy.


Easy to Clean Large Rabbit Hutches


Our large bunny hutches are easily accessible for cleaning, most featuring a hinged roof, wide front doors, and bottom slide-out pellet tray. Easy access for cleaning and good ventilation will keep your rabbits and other small pets happier and healthier for years. Also, rabbits, hamsters and other small rodents like to burrow, forage and nest. Therefore, you will want a cage floor that is deep enough to allow you to generously spread the bedding for burrowing.


Tips for Choosing Large Rabbit Hutches

The value of ample space in quality rabbit hutches cannot be stressed enough. The rabbit cage should be sizeable enough for burrowing, playing, and any additional toys and supplies. While young rabbits and other rodents rub together for warmth and comfort as youngsters, putting older ones together can result in conflict. So, if you intend to keep more than one, it is wise to have a different cage for each adult male. You may also want to consider cages that will enable you to upgrade the size by adding more levels or connecting other enclosures. On top of that, confirm that the cage has an easily accessible door to give you easy access whenever you need to clean, feed, interact or play with your rabbit. Moreover, look out for cages with handles and or wheels to make it a breeze to move the cage around when needed. Make sure it has at least one large run for your beloved pet to exercise. Make sure the hutch is designed with both the pet and human parent in mind. Make sure there is enough space for the rabbit or other pet to roam about, play, explore and sleep. Make sure the wire mesh is non-toxic powder-coated steel so it will last for years upon years will little wear and tear  from rusting and little rodent teeth. Make sure the habitat features a mesh with one inch spacing or less, allowing for for ventilation, easy cleaning, and an escape-proof enclosure. Many of the best habitats are two level hutches. The bottom floor provides ample space for the pet to hang out, burrow, sleep, and nest. The top elevated level often features a removable, easily-cleaned feeding tray, making it more convenient and mess-free to feed your pet. Even better, you get easy access to the interior of the enclosure courtesy of multiple doors and large easy-open top.  Make sure all the doors have secure safety latches for keeping your pet happy and safe from wandering, larger pets, or predators


Tips for Raising Rabbits


Make sure your pets have bedding made of shredded paper that is free of any ink and a variety of food like seeds, nuts and vegetables. Avoid sticking a ungloved fingers through the cage’s wire mesh. Although rabbits and other rodents will bond easily with their human companions, their poor eyesight makes distinguishing the owner from other intruders difficult for them. Ensure the cage has enough room for your rabbits to roam, forage, play, sleep, and nest. The space should also accommodate toys, bedding, tunnels, and other supplies. The size of your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster should determine the cage size. A larger pet will require a more spacious enclosure.


Affordable Hutches for Small Animals

Our large rabbit hutches aren't just for rabbits. They are great for hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, weasels, even small chickens. With easy to clean removable pellet trays, our Large Rabbit Hutches are great for any sized rodent or small mammal or bird. Sturdy and weather-resistant, our Large Rabbit Hutches will protect your furry friends for years to come.

Reliable Large Rabbit Hutches

Buy your large rabbit hutch from Aosom.com with absolute peace of mind. All of our pet products have a 30-day return guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. If you have any questions or issues with any of your rabbit hutch or other pet product, you can contact our customer service department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer free shipping for all our pet products to all forty-eight contiguous United States.

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